Friday, 28 May 2010

Prove yourself

Round 27: Summer 2025
Last update: Nick/Troy
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Nick Moretti and Troy Clarke are both 22.
(Josie and Maia are both 23, Adrienne is 18)

Narrated by Nick Moretti

After we graduated, neither Troy or I were even close to being in a position to get our own place, so we decided we'd room together for a while.

We get along well, so it's working out for us. I never knew Troy was so neat though! You probably wouldn't guess it to look at him but he's the one who does most of the chores around here.

Maia lives in the building next to ours, so I still see her all the time. I'm glad we've managed to remain friends. Josie and I tried to stay friends, but we sort of ended up being civil acquaintances instead.

Maia's still weighing up her career options. She has considerably less options without a university degree and that fact really didn't hit her until she got back home.

I'm resisting the urge to say "I told you so". I don't want to be like that but this was what I was worried would happen.

I joined the military right out of college but Troy wasn't sure what he wanted to do, so he took a job driving taxis.

He's kind of like Maia in that he hasn't got many plans for the future but I think Josie is more bothered by that than Troy is.

Josie's sort of similar to me, in that she's known what she's wanted to do with her life since she was 12. It's hard to understand to mindset of someone who's never given their career any thought at all.

I don't say much to him about it; as long as he's paying his half of the rent, it's probably not my place. Josie, on the other hand, thinks it's exactly her place.

Troy says she wants him to get a job with possibilities for promotion, which his current job doesn't really have.

She's taken to scanning the newspaper for him because Troy doesn't really know where to start.

Josie's being pretty patient with him, considering he shoots down every suggestion she offers.

I think what Troy would really like to do is sit on his ass at home playing video games all day.

Which, come to think of it, was kind of what my stepdad Jesse used to do before he started working with my uncle.

I suggested it to Troy and he actually got kind of excited about it! It's still a matter of waiting until a position becomes available, which he's had no luck with so far, but he's looking every day.

It's made Josie happy too. She's thrilled to see Troy with some direction, finally.

Now that Troy thinks he's got his whole life sorted out, he's starting in on mine. He's been on my case lately because I haven't been on a date since I broke up with Maia.

It's a little annoying but he's probably right. It's been almost a year now and it's probably time to get back out there.

I do want to meet someone. I've noticed girls but I'm always too shy to go and talk to them. I never know what to say, so I just keep walking.

When I met Adrienne though, she kind of took charge right away.

I sometimes have trouble figuring out if girls are interested or just being friendly. Adrienne made it pretty clear she was interested.

She was very forward. She made me a little nervous at first, to be honest. She wanted to take me back to her dorm, right then!

I told her I thought we'd be better off getting to know each other a bit better first. Adrienne seemed to find that kind of funny, for some reason, but we swapped details anyway.

A couple of days later, Adrienne came over while Troy was at work. I wasn't expecting her but I was excited she wanted to see me again.

The fact that she'd come to me must have given me a confidence boost because I ended up asking her out on a date that night.

We had dinner at a cafe not far from my unit. I was way more nervous than I was before my first dates with Josie or Maia. I knew both of them pretty well already but before we met at the club, I only vaguely knew Adrienne from school.

But the conversation flowed pretty easily, mainly because Adrienne was pretty good at filling my awkward silences.

Adrienne must have had a good time too, because she said she definitely wanted to see me again when we said goodbye.

Adrienne and I have been dating for a few weeks now and we've been seeing a lot of each other. Things are going great for us but she's wearing me out a little! Adrienne is really into the whole bars and clubs thing, which is not really my scene. Even if it was, I have really early mornings! I'm hoping the bar obsession is just due to the novelty of it all. Last year, she was still getting kicked out of all of those places.

  • Title is from Prove Yourself by Radiohead.
  • The gamer career makes total sense for Troy. Now it's just a matter of waiting for it to pop up on the computer! It seems to roll up all the time for the many, many Sims I have who don't want to work in gaming. Figures the one time I want it, it's not rolling up! I'm really excited for him to get started though. I thought I was going to have the same problem with him that I have with Maia.
  • Nick and Adrienne ended up ACR-ing on the couch when she came over, so she got her way eventually. Adrienne is a Romance Sim and I don't think she'd place much value in the whole idea of virginity. The only reason she was still a virgin in the first place was lack of opportunity.
  • And poor Nick, the boy was desperate! I loaded the lot and his wants panel was filled with romantic wants - Woohoo in Bed, Fall in Love, Flirt, Kiss, Slow Dance. Check, check, check, check, check! He was having quite the drought. I wasn't really helping because he tried to booty call someone and I cancelled out the action before they could get busy. I'm a cruel mistress. But I have plans for Nick and he was interrupting them, lol!
  • Chemistry weirdness but Nick and Josie's attraction score has gone up. I don't think I've changed their turn ons (and if I have, at the very least, Nick's don't match Josie anyway) but it used to be 31 and now it's 67. That's a mighty big jump, no? They were never enemies after they broke up, so it wasn't that. It's a bit of a puzzle.


  1. Ha! Adrienne's really out there! Although, Nick seems pretty ready to do it! I'm in agony over his beautiful hair being cut off! Maybe I'll hold a funeral for it or something... hmmm... possibility? Lol, I can totally see Troy in the gamer career :)

  2. I knew she would find someone but I never thought it would be Nick. LOL They make a cute couple. I wonder how long they will last.

    I hope Troy is able to get his career going soon. I hate it when the job I want for a sim takes forever to roll up.

  3. Thanks for commenting, guys!

    Tessa, Adrienne was pretty keen to get started on the romance side of things as soon as I aged her up. Nick was a little lonely, so he seemed quite happy to help her out in that regard!

    LOL, I still miss Nick's hair too but I'm getting used to him having it short. I never even had it this short when he was little, so it's quite different for him!

    Riverdale, yeah, Nick and Adrienne are a surprising pair, aren't they? I'm already pretty sure how this is going to play out though, so I won't say any more!

    I'm thinking if the Gamer career doesn't pop up for Troy next round, maybe I'll cheat him in. I wouldn't normally but he has full enthusiasm for Games and he's got connections through Nick, so it might make sense that he could get a job in that career by going through a back door, so to speak.

  4. Wow, Adrienne snatched up a cutie. Without his curls he looks so much older, but his new haircut is growing on me. WCIF?

    Troy and Josie are an interesting couple, Josie is very take charge. I wonder if they will last since their ambitions are different.

  5. LOL @ Riverdale, "I wonder how long they will last." :) Well, since she said it first, I won't feel too bad noticing all the multitudes of red flags being thrown up here - she's a newly deflowered romance Sim in *college*, lol! But this is an intriguing little hook up. I'll be interested to see where it goes.

    And on that note, she never really seemed like a romance Sim to me, but then, she also never had the opportunity to explore it, did she? So I'm glad Nick seems to be cautious here. Maybe they'll have some fun together for a while.

    OMG, Troy's shirt is just perfect, lol! I totally see him in the gaming career.

    And Josie, lol! Could she lay off the boy for a minute? He just graduated, like five minutes ago!!! I was just cracking up at those pictures of him on the couch while she's looking for a job for him. Silly Josie, you gotta let your man find his own job! ;)

    I hope that doesn't get too irritating for him.

  6. Apple Valley, Nick's hair is by AlfredAskew at MTS.

    So lazy with making the HTML links lately!

    Josie is a very take-charge kind of girl. Normally, it doesn't bother Troy, although it obviously sort of did here. Hopefully, she'll leave him be now that she knows he's looking. He needs kind of a kick in the bum sometimes. Of all the couples in my game though, I don't know if any are as in love as Troy and Josie. The amount of wants they roll up for each other is unbelievable.

    Laura, there are definitely plenty of red flags with Adrienne and Nick! Like I said, I'm pretty sure I know how this'll turn out but the odds are against them, aren't they?

    And no, Adrienne's never really had the opportunity to act too much like a Romance Sim. Nick was her first everything. It's been a while since I sent a Sim to college having never been kissed - I think the last one was probably Betsy or James! Lia got more action, chaste as it was, in high school than Adrienne ever did!

    As for Josie, no, no, she can't. LOL. She didn't really understand Troy's complete absence of ambition. He's a little more motivated now, thanks to Nick's suggestion, so that might ease the tension. He still won't be working in the career by the time I play Josie next though, so we'll see how she reacts to that.

  7. The gaming career is a perfect choice for Troy! Hopefully Josie can finally relax and get off his back. I can totally see why she would be bothered so much about his lack of ambition though. People (sims) who know what they want to do with their lives often get slightly annoyed with people who just go with the flow.

    Wow, I'm as surprised about Adrienne and Nick as everyone else. They just seem so different and although he's only 4 years older than her, it feels like they're in completely different places in their lives.

  8. Oh, who'd he try and booty call? I'm kinda curious!

    Also, Adrienne? Well that's perfect. Somehow it makes perfect sense. It's also very cute that she was the one who approached him and got her way, lol.

  9. Sari, I couldn't really picture Troy doing anything else, except maybe the Slacker career. But that has levels that don't suit him at all too, so I'm hoping I can get him into the Gamer career instead.

    Josie really has a lot of other things she should be focusing on right now, like maybe med school! So now that she knows Troy is looking for something specific, she might lay off.

    I get the same feeling as you about Nick and Adrienne. They are very different people, though they're still enjoying each other's company right now. I don't know if she can stay faithful to Nick and I think that might be the major issue here. Or maybe I'm wrong and it won't be. Romance Sims have surprised me before, like Max Nihill!

    Lunar, well, Nick was never going to approach Adrienne! He's not the kind to go up to a near stranger and start talking.

    As for Nick's booty call, I'll never tell! No, actually, I will tell but there was a reason I didn't mention her name this time. ;) Eventually though, I promise you'll all find out.

  10. LOL I cracked up when I saw Troy's shirt. How fitting ;).

    And whoa! Didn't see that coming re: Nick & Adrienne! Can't wait to see what happens here. I think I'll throw things if Nick's heart gets broken again LOL. And I can't wait to find out who the mystery booty call was.

    And I loved the pics of Josie and Troy while she was looking for a job for him. That's good that those 2 are so in love because I wouldn't want them to end up like Nick and Maia. But at least Troy got motivated when he got his kick in the pants... Maia, not so much.

  11. Danielle, yeah, I love that shirt for Troy. I've got another slacker-themed shirt for Troy lined up for when I get sick of this one.

    I won't spoil anything but the next update (university) is pretty heavy on Nick and Adrienne, so you'll find out then if you need to start throwing anything or not!

    Troy and Josie's attraction is insanely high, considering neither of them have the Massive Attraction Romance benefit - it's the highest natural chemistry in my game. They beat Jace and Magdalena, the previous title-holders, by about 9 points. So I guess they're fairly tolerant of each other's faults because they know they're not likely to find a better match.

    I figured Troy would be more likely to respond to a kick in the pants than Maia. He's a Family Sim and if he wants to support a family one day, he's going to need a decent salary. Although Josie will be raking in the big bucks as a doctor, so that might not be much of a problem!