Sunday, 16 May 2010

You say it's your birthday, Spring 2024

Just a short birthdays post today.

The birth of Eliot and Cordy's twins is fast approaching! They've got the nurseries prepared already and Cordy's feeling fantastic, so all they can do is sit back and wait!

  • I'm already building up a name bank for the twins because I found it so hard to name Timothy! I think I was racking my brain for at least half an hour!


  1. Yay! I can't wait for their babies! I'm trembling with anticipation :P

  2. Tessa, There are three more proper updates and one primary school update until I get around to birthdays. :) But I've been looking forward to playing all three families, so hopefully, the time will fly!

  3. She has such a small bump, hard to believe it's so close to the twins' birth! I'm so used to the huge belly on the H&M meshes :P

  4. I know what you mean about having dificulties to find names! Sometimes is think of names, even before my sims are pregnant, and when there actually comes a baby, I completely forgot about the name, and have to start thinking again!

    Eliot and Cordy look so happy, I can't wait to see the twins.

  5. I think Gracie Lane would be super sweet. ;) Or Scottie Lane... Timothy and Scottie... aww. Katherine Lane, or Elizabeth Lane are also sweet.

    I hear ya on picking names though, I have some couples names picked out in advance, like Hazel and Jude, I have a handful, and they won't use them all. And others, I'm left drumming my fingers.

    Cordy is awfully lucky that you like that outfit, and didn't make her huge with twins! ;)

  6. Sari, I know! I'll have to change her into one of those H&M meshes when I pop in for her to give birth. It'll be past the point of believability that she could be that small and have twins in there!

    Tanja, yeah, for me, it's their surname. I seem to find it hard to match it up with names. I think I put too much thought into my Sims' names now, because I don't remember having this problem when I named Cordy and Luc!

    Maisie, LOL, I'll add Scott and Grace to the bank. If I choose Grace, she can go by Gracie when she's younger. That is cute!

    The fact that I like that outfit and wanted to see it a bit more is the only reason Cordy's still wearing it! I usually make the Sims pregnant with twins wear larger meshes. I forgot with Ione but I remembered with Abigail and Lia.

  7. Ugh, I'm running dry on Sim names lately too! Too many babies, too many ACR birth control fails, lol!

    I love Cordy's maternity outfit! Too cute!

  8. Laura, tell me about it! I had to name 4 babies this round and 5 last round!

    Cordy's outfit is from Alice Fashion, a site I think I forgot to link to in my CC post, so I'll remedy that now!

  9. I'm glad to hear Cordy's doing well. Three more families? I can't bear it ;-)

    A lot of times I use online baby name sites and look things up by ethnicity or meaning.

  10. I use a randomnames file on the ROS program when I cannot think of any names.

    Maybe you can have a poll with your readers? With boy and girl names as to not spoil the gender?

  11. Francesca, oh, I use online baby name sites all the time and I still fuss about it! I'm just too picky, that's all!

    Laurel, yeah, I've got a random names file too. It's like I said though, I'm too picky! All the names in my file are names that I want to use on Sims but occasionally, I don't want to use any of them on certain Sims so I still come up short.

    I've decided on names for the Lane twins now though, for all possible gender combinations, so no poll, at least not this time! ;)