Monday, 24 May 2010

You say it's your birthday, Summer 2025

It's a new year in Sullivan, and that means the Lane twins are on their way!

Eliot and Cordy are now the proud parents of Simon Edward...

...and Matthew Paul!

Also this summer, Henry Romilly is turning 60, while his three grandsons are also celebrating their birthdays.

First up is Justin, who seems to favour the Romilly side of his family very strongly.

Twin brother Xavier looks like he might have a little bit more Moretti in him.

Their cousin, Declan, is still looking a lot like his dad Finn, with Victoria's nose.

Henry's grandsons will be joined at pre-school by the Carmody twins, Austin...

...and Lauren.

Connor Novak will finally enter high school this year! He's been doing some reading about intelligence agencies and has decided he'd like to be the head of the SCIA one day.

Sophie Gottlieb is already keen to start dating but for now, she's going to continue to develop her cooking skills and focus on making lots of friends at school.

Camilla Sitko is keen to follow in her grandfather's footsteps as a business owner but wants to go one better and own not one, but two top-level businesses!

Twin sister Lila Sitko has decided being financially successful is important to her as well. As far as how she's going to earn this money, she doesn't know but she hopes to one day amass $100,000!

Adrienne Novak has arrived at college at long last. No word from her on a major yet; she's too busy scoping out possible love interests for the meantime.

Just as Adrienne is beginning college, her cousin Aaron Novak is graduating. He now holds a degree in Biology and finished with a GPA of 3.8.

His family were naturally extremely proud.

Aaron and his boyfriend Calvin Clarke are pretty proud of themselves too.

Aaron is now back in Sullivan, living with Calvin and his best friend Maia. He's found a job at Sullivan District High School as the supervisor of the Yearbook Club.

Aaron did very well at university but Calvin did even better, graduating with a perfect 4.0 and a degree in Political Science.

Twin brother Troy did not do quite as well as his brother - he just scraped by with a 2.9! His degree is in history.

The fact that Troy graduated at all is reason enough for celebration, so Kendal is thrilled for both of her sons.

Troy's girlfriend, Josie, is also pleased he managed to pull himself together enough to graduate.

Calvin, as mentioned, is living with Aaron and Maia and is now working as a Team Mascot but is hoping for a promotion soon. Very soon.

Typically, Troy has a degree but no idea what he wants to do with it, if anything, so he's driving taxis for the mean time. Hey, it's a pay cheque! Seeing he's now rooming with Nick, he'll need that money to pay half the rent.

Speaking of Nick, to the surprise of absolutely no one, he also graduated with a 4.0 and a degree in literature.

Nick's whole crazy big extended family came to campus for the occasion.

As well as living with Troy, Nick has joined the military as a Drill Instructor, hence the need to cut his hair shorter than it's ever been!

Am I the only one who thinks Lila looks kind of like Jessica Alba? I can't really see it when she's smiling, but there's a resemblance when Lila has a neutral expression.

  • First of all, I'd like to apologise in advance if my replies to your comments are either very late or very short for a while! I'm experiencing some severe dizziness, on and off, and sitting up makes it worse. I'm hoping the doctor can help me out today and hopefully I'll be on the mend soon.
  • If you haven't yet noticed, I put up this round's play schedule and linked to it in the side bar. I really like looking at other people's schedules and I figured I'm probably not the only one. There are no dates or anything, as my updates are pretty frequent and I don't post them on any sort of set schedule - it's just the play order so you'll know what to expect next.
  • Anyway, onto birthday discussion! I'm really happy Cordy had two boys. I see her as the mother of all boys, for some reason. Genetics wise, Matthew has the same colouring as Timothy - brown hair and dark blue eyes. Simon, however, has dark blue eyes and blonde hair, which would have come from Debbie (and the random blonde gene floating around the Novak family that also gave Lia and Maia their blonde hair).
  • Is there no end to Declan's utter adorability? I was kind of sad to age Declan up because he was such a cute toddler but I think he's even cuter as a child! I did add some freckles, which often helps up the cute factor but he's absolutely adorable without them too.
  • I love my new teens - such a good looking bunch! Connor is Knowledge/Popularity, Sophie is Pleasure/Romance (uh-oh!), Camilla is Popularity/Fortune and Lila is Fortune/Knowledge.
  • Maia, Aaron and Calvin are living in a unit next to Lia and Gordon now, so Maia is close to her sister. She really needed to get out of her parents' house but when I moved her out, she had a whole $1000 to her name, so she's rooming with Aaron and Calvin for a while. Troy and Nick are living in the town houses next door.
  • I'm kind of in mourning for Nick's hair but he wouldn't be allowed to have hair that long in the military, so I couldn't leave it. :( I changed Jesse's hair too. I actually really like it on him but I'm still getting used to that too!


  1. Oh my goodness! I love love love love love all the people in this birthday post! Cordy and Elliot twins = <3 Camilla and Lila look amazing, so does Connor! And yes,Lila does remind me of Jessica Alba. Austin and Lauren look adorable, as does Declan! I really loved that last family picture of Nick and all of his siblings, it was adorable!
    And lastly, to conclude my superlongcommentrant thingy, get better! I hope that the doctor can help you!

  2. Declan is absolutely adorable! I said that when he became a toddler and I'll probably say it again when he becomes a teenager. Lila Sitko is absolutely beautiful but I'm not seeing the Jessica Alba thing. And I just realized how identical Calvin and Troy are. I think Troy's eyes are a little bit closer and blue but otherwise, they look the same. I think that's the closest I've ever seen twins born in game.

  3. Tessa, I think this is one of my favourite birthday posts ever - so many gorgeous Sims! I was kind of surprised by Lila and Camilla. I wasn't expecting either of them to be great beauties. I don't require my Sims to beautiful, just human looking, but it's always a nice surprise when they turn out pretty!

    I think the family pic for Nick might have been the first time Anthony and Veronica met Mitchell outside of school. And it was definitely the first time they'd met Austin and Lauren.

    And thanks for the well wishes. The doctor gave me something for it and she says I have fluid behind my eardrum, which is throwing off my balance. I haven't been dizzy yet today though, so that's been nice!

    rome_raven, Declan is too cute, isn't he? It'll be interesting to see how he turns out as a teen.

    My sister can't see the Jessica Alba thing either but I'm happy Tessa can see it and it's not just me! It so often is!

    And yes, Calvin and Troy have always been very alike but I only just realised it too. Calvin has Kendal's eyes (shape and colour) but Troy is pretty much a clone of his dad Samson. As for identical twins in game, I initially thought Camilla and Lila were close to identical but now that they've aged up to teen, they don't look as alike as they once did.

  4. Great update! I can't wait to see what trouble this new batch of teens get into.

    And talked about Jessica Alba having a twin in simland. Lila really does favor her, a lot!

    I hope you feel better soon. I know what it feels like to be dizzy. I had dizzy spells from age 2.5 up until I was 14. Then they turned into migraines. I'll take the head pain over the spinning head any day. But now it seems like my dizzyness wants to come back. I really hope it doesn't.

    What normally works for me is being in a totally dark room, with a bucket ('cause you might need it), and plenty of water and dry toast.

  5. Wow, lots of birthdays! I can definitely see Cordy as being a mom of all boys. :)

    I think I had noticed before that Troy and Calvin look a lot alike, but it still surprised me just how much they resemble each other in their graduation caps. I've never had twins be that close to identical, mine are always obviously fraternal.

    I love Nick's family picture! I'll bet it was a little weird for him going from being an only child for so long to big brother to a bunch of little brothers and sisters all at once. But I'm sure all those kids think their big brother is the coolest guy around, so he has his own little fan club. ;) I'll miss his hair, but he still looks cute even with a short cut. :)

    I do see the Jessica Alba resemblance. I think it's her full lips and wide eyes.

    And I hope you feel better!

  6. Good gracious! It was a lot of birthdays this round!

    The twins have such strong names, I love it!

    For some reason I notice the gap teeth on some of your kids more than I do others. No clue why, I saw Declan's straight away, but it took a moment to see that all the kids had gaps.

    The graduation photos are amazing, you always take the best photos. Do you do photography in RL as well?

    Does Josie always look so...booby, or is it the shirt...or pose?

    Nick cut off his beautiful curls
    :( I want to cry, he's my sim crush and finally he's legal :D Sooo drreammmyyy.

    I can see the Alba thing a bit, mostly the eyes and lips.

    I'm glad the doctor figured out everything. The first thing I thought was pregnancy :P

  7. First of all, I'm glad you're feeling better. Hopefully the dizziness has gone away for good.

    So many birthdays, I don't even know where to begin. Everyone looks gorgeous! I can definitely see Jessica Alba in Lila, maybe it's those full lips and big brown eyes.

    You did a good job naming the twins. Short last names can be such a pain and I remember you said you had trouble naming Timothy when he was born.

  8. Riverdale, new teens are always my favourite thing about birthdays! We bloggers seem to be a rarity among Simmers because most of us seem to really like teens.

    And I don't envy you with your migraines. With my dizziness, I didn't get much nausea, thankfully - just when I sat up very briefly, thank goodness. My stomach settled down once I laid down again.

    Shana, I think I unconsciously was using Troy and Calvin's hair to tell the difference between them, so how alike they looked in their graduation caps was a surprise. But I remember I used to have difficulty telling them apart when they were kids when Troy's hair was shorter and Calvin's was longer. When I see their old pics now, I have to check their profiles to see who had which haircut!

    It was very weird for Nick to suddenly have 5 siblings within 4 years. But he's a sweetheart and little siblings all adore him!

    Apple Valley, a ton this year, not so many next summer, which I'm already a little sad about!

    I'm actually the same with the gap. When I go looking for it, I can see that it's the same for all Sims but on some kids I barely notice it and on others (like Declan!), it's a stand-out feature.

    Thanks for the compliment but no, I don't do any photography in RL. I'm just quick with Freezer Clock and/or the pause button! Josie's boobiness is the shirt she's wearing. Patience is usually boobier than she is but she's being rather modest right now!

    Heh, I knew someone else would be traumatised by the absence of Nick's curls! He's still really cute though, thankfully!

    And don't even say pregnancy! Not ready for that in the slightest!

    Sari, the dizziness is still keeping away, which I hope continues!

    I didn't seem to have as much trouble with the twins as I did with Timothy, oddly! Maybe because I thought about it a bit earlier this time. When Simon and Matthew came to me, I wondered why I hadn't thought of either of those names when Timothy was born!

  9. Wow, what a huge birthday post! Everyone looks amazing! I hope my sims are as good looking as yours when I get to this point lol.

    Really looking forward to seeing the Lane twins as toddlers next year. And Declan (I actually typed Finn at first lol) looks so cute. And the Carmody twins look like a good mix. I'd have to look again but maybe they are all Jesse with Abigail's coloring. And the Sitko twins look really cute. I do see Jessica Alba in Lila. And I never realized how alike Troy and Calvin looked until you did the grad pics. It took me a second to realize that you didn't post Calvin's pic twice lol. But Troy's eye color and shape are different. And noooo! No more curls for Nick :( lol. I remember we were talking about that on my blog and of course I didn't know you were talking about Nick. But he's still cute. And I have to say that it's so weird when I go through the hair in my game and I think, oh that's Nick's hair, oh that's Abigail's hair, that's Sophie's hair, etc lol.

    And I almost forgot to comment on Jesse's new look. He cleans up nice! I love the pic of the huge extended family.

    And hope all the dizziness is all cleared up now!

  10. Danielle, yeah, this post was huge but next year it's a tiny one! Only 4 birthdays, which is pretty unusual for a summer birthday post.

    I think you might be right about the Carmody twins, at least with Austin. I actually aged them to adult when I first aged them to toddler (because they looked so strange and I needed to see if they required surgery!) and Austin looks a lot like Jesse. I would have expect Lauren to look a lot like Anna though but there's something different about her. I think she has Abigail's eyes.

    I think it's pretty impressive that Troy and Calvin still look so much alike after the extensive plastic surgery they've both had! It was really hard to fix their jaws and I'm still not happy with Calvin's.

    LOL, I do the same thing in my game when I go through my hair! Once I use it on my own Sims though, it becomes "theirs".

    And I'm feeling a lot better now, thank you!