Thursday, 8 July 2010

Download: Wedding Arch Recolours

So in preparing for Olivia's wedding, I realised none of the wedding arch colours available to me were going to work. Instead of posting a WCIF, I figured I'd finally sit down and try to work out this recolouring thing. I find it kind of fiddly and annoying but a simple colour change didn't turn out to be that difficult for me.

Attempt #1 was fine, but totally the wrong shade of green.

Attempt #2, however, is much closer to the shade I was after and will be the one I use for the wedding.

Attempt #3 is just a red recolour I did just for the hell of it.

Seeing I made them and am quite proud of myself, I might as well share! You can download them for yourself here.


  1. Oh, I love those! Thanks for sharing them! :)

  2. Thanks, guys! I hope people can find use for them in their games.

  3. Those are definitely adorable! Ah the things we do for our sims.

  4. Thanks! I did the wedding yesterday and I have to say, I was very glad I did the recolour for it. Everything matched!

  5. Love them! Actually, I think I'll probably use the lighter shade of green for Piper's wedding - I think I'm planning green and yellow for her, since it's a late spring/early summer wedding :)

  6. Ooh, that sounds pretty...and really far away, lol!