Saturday, 26 June 2010


Round 27: Summer 2026

Arianna Weaver is 71, Liam is 63, Jonas Lachance is 48, Tatiana is 43, Dominic is 16, Audrey is 14, Edward is 11 and Brendan is 3.
(Malcolm is 16, Julia and Hope are both 15 and Charlie and Jack are both 14)

Narrated by Dominic Lachance

Audrey's friend Jack just started dating Julia Gray and I think Audrey would like to believe this means he's not interested in her any more.

He still seems pretty interested to me. I'm supposed to keep an eye on Charlie and Audrey while they're over here and Jack barely takes his eyes off Audrey, even when Julia's standing right in front of him.

I mean, Audrey herself has said that when they all go out in a group together, Jack often ignores Julia in favour of her.

Audrey's life is easier if Jack doesn't like her "that way", so I guess she's in denial about it. I'm trying to stay out of it. I don't want to make things worse for anyone.

I'm having my own problems with Hope anyway. I work from 8-4 every Saturday and Sunday and every time I go to find her after work, she's with Malcolm.

I haven't actually seen them do anything, like flirt or kiss but I didn't start dating Hope so she could hang around with Malcolm all the time.

And I just don't trust him anyway.

I tried to talk to Hope about it and she didn't take it very well.

I wasn't asking her to stop hanging out with Malcolm all together but she started yelling at me about it anyway.

I was trying to stay calm but Hope was making me really angry. I started wondering if she was really worth it and in the end, I decided she wasn't. She can hang out with Malcolm all she likes now.

Now is the time when all my classmates are applying for university but I've been thinking and I don't know if it's really for me. I was a bit worried about what they'd say but I finally had to sit Mum and Dad down and tell them I wasn't planning on going.

Mum's a teacher and Dad's really big on studying and all that kind of thing, so I think they'd both rather that I go. They weren't thrilled when I told them.

I've got plans for what I want to do instead though. I want to work with cars so I'm going to try to get a job in an auto shop and work my way up from there.

Both my parents have always been into that kind of thing as a hobby, so they "get" it.

Audrey is kind of into that kind of thing too, and watching Brendan with his blocks, he might be heading the same way.

Edward's a bit of a black sheep. He likes basketball and has no interest in cars, or electronics, or anything of the sort.

If I can't find work at a garage, Dad has offered to get me working at his arcade.

I don't know how much help he really needs, considering he and Jesse have things under control.

But playing pinball when things get slow wouldn't be a bad way to spend a work day.

I can tell Mum and Dad are still a little worried about my choice but they're being supportive of it, at least. I guess I can always go back to college later, if I change my mind.

I'm still not sure what I'm going to do for a place to live. I don't mind living at home. Tending to the crops with Grandma is actually kind of fun. But my friends who are going to college will be living away from their parents and I'd really appreciate the same independence, if I can get some money together to find somewhere to live.

Brendan spam -his big brother and sister are kind of overshadowing him right now!

  • Title is from Beetlebum by Blur.
  • Jack had the want to go steady with Julia and with Sophie Gottlieb. So I just figured it was his funeral and went ahead and let him. They have no chemistry. I do not see this lasting very long! Anyway, I'll deal with that whole mess a little more in the Benton update. I wanted to give Dominic some screen time this round, because he's got a bit going on too.
  • Hope and Dominic never roll wants for each other, even platonic ones. He doesn't roll wants for anyone in particular but Hope's panel is still filled with wants for Malcolm.
  • Dominic has Knowledge secondary and he's got the want to go to college but he didn't get in. He only earned 2 scholarships and my Sims need at least four. He doesn't have the fear of not going though, so I figure it's not especially important to him. I've got an auto-mechanic career I'm going to put him in.
  • I think I'll probably end up moving Dominic in with Amar and Jacob. There's a spare bedroom at their place and Tatiana and Jonas might feel better about letting him move out if they know he's with Jacob.


  1. Awww! Brendan Spam appreciated! Hee hee, this round is more like the drama round! I mean seriously, Audrey/Jack/Charlie love triangle, Malcolm/Dominic/Hope love triangle, Adrienne/Nick baby drama (speaking of which, this was the first update (excluding the school one) that Nick or Adrienne didn't manage to sneak into, lol :P )you are just on fire!

    I hope that Dominic can figure everything out, I really like him :P And I'm sure that Audrey will come to terms with this... eventually. :)

  2. I adore Brendan! All the kids are actually quite adorable! I can't believe that they are old enough to be talking university!! I can see how his parents would be disappointed in the one hand (being into academics), but at the same time, I can see how they'd want to support their son in pursuing his interest (auto). I have the auto career in my game, I think it'd fit him good, but man the pay is l-o-w, so unless you changed it, he'll definitely be scrapping by!

    I love the idea of him living with Jacob! That could be a lot of fun, and I can see Tatiana being ok with that.

    I can't believe how much Jack looks at Audrey! Poor Julia, she definitely deserves someone who will at least look at her! I wonder if Jack and Audrey will end up together in the long run. It is kind of sweet how he seems to only have "eyes" for her.

    The teens do have a lot going on, didn't see much of Tatiana or Jonas (who I can't believe is going to be 50 in a blink of an eye!), not to mention poor Liam, he didn't get a single shot other than the family photo. :p Those teens, always demanding all the spotlight!

  3. Tessa, I thought we all might like to see some extra Brendan! He's a cutie.

    Sigh, I know, there's so much drama this round. I don't think there'll be too much more drama from Hope and Dominic though. They're pretty done with each other now. There'll be more Jack/Audrey/Charlie though and the next proper update will be Uni, so Adrienne will be in that. And then Sylvia will be in the Benton update right after that.

    I will say that this isn't the only update Nick and Adrienne haven't been in though. They managed to keep their business out of the Kirby update and Finn and Victoria's wedding, LOL! They have definitely been the stars this round though!

    I think Dominic is on the right track. He's a sensible sort, college or not. I'm hoping there can be some kind of resolution for Audrey's little love triangle too. Or love octagon, I think I called it the other day. Audrey's dating Charlie, Jack likes Audrey, Sophie and Julia both like Jack and Connor likes Sophie. So I guess it's a love hexagon right now!

    Maisie, the Lachances are a good looking family, definitely but they've grown up so fast! I was thinking "isn't Jonas too young to have a kid almost in college?" and then I realised what you did, that Jonas is almost 50! Time flies!

    I'm going to check the auto career and see what the pay levels are like - thanks for the tip. I don't mind low, as long as it seems relatively realistic.

    I think I'm definitely going to move him in with Jacob. It might be funny to watch Jacob trying to watch out for his nephew with Amar around trying to corrupt him!

    Yeah and I didn't even set up a single one of those Jack pictures. I have a ton more of him grinning at Audrey like a fool too. I'm going to see how they all go before I decide who'll be with who in the end. Audrey and both the Benton boys have at least two bolts with just about every other teen!

    LOL, now you know why I'm keen to get Dominic out of the house! It is insanely difficult to focus on 8 different Sims without one or two falling by the wayside. Especially when you've got teen drama hogging all the limelight!

  4. There really hasn't been shortage of drama this round in Sullivan! I just hope this whole situation with Audrey and the Benton boys (and whoever else is involved) doesn't end up too badly.

    I was glad to see more of Dominic this time. Even if it wasn't such good news for him. I think the auto mechanics career will suit him well. I have to check it to see the salary. I had a sim on it once and at least on the first level the salary was really low.

  5. Sometimes I wish I had some more drama in SimsVille, it would make things a little bit more interesting, but then again, this may be a little bit too much for just one round.

    I'm hoping with Audrey here, that Jack has lost his intrest in her, and is getting on with his life, but from what I've seen, I don't think that's the case.
    I'm glad Dominic is finding his way in life, and that his parents are supporing him in his decision, even though they don't find it easy.

    I'm sorry to ask, but the freckels Hope has, are they a skintone or make-up, or what are they? I've been looking for some good freckels that are not skintones, but I don't seem to be able to find them...

  6. Aww, I want to give Jack a big hug. Watching the girl you like with your brother. Yikes.

    It should be interesting to see to see how the mechanic career would work.

  7. Sari, I'd like to find a happy resolution for this Audrey situation but I'm just going to have to see what happens with them, I think.

    I still haven't checked the salary levels out but I think I'll have to now! I don't see Dominic as the type to be chasing after the big salaries but I want him to at least make a living wage!

    Tanja, all this drama is keeping this blogger on her toes, that's for sure!

    And no, it doesn't seem like Jack is over Audrey, does it? Dominic is doing well, at least, even post break-up with Hope.

    Hope's freckles are two different masks layered over each other. There are four different ones and most of my freckled Sims are using these. You can get them here:

    Apple Valley, poor Jack! It looks like he's handling this pretty well but we don't yet know what he's thinking.

    I'm looking forward to playing a mechanic. I think I tried the career once in a previous hood and never got very far with it.

  8. Poor Jack indeed!

    Meanwhile, Dominic and Hope! It's cute to see him come into his own. For some reason, it struck me as funny that he had to sit his parents down for a talk.

  9. Lunar, I've played Jack and Charlie now (although the update isn't written yet) and I still don't know what's happening with them and Audrey. It was a rather...interesting play session though, in terms of wants and things like that. ;)

    Jonas is Knowledge/Family and Tatiana is Family/Knowledge, so they were both quite keen for Dominic to go to college. Lots of "Dominic earns a scholarship" wants. So they probably needed to sit down before he told them he wasn't going to college after all!

  10. Alright I'm going to start catching up. I don't know if I will tonight but I'll probably get through a few entries.

    First off, thanks for the Brendan spam. He is too cute! I love how cute toddlers look when playing in the dog food.

    I don't know where you are yet with the whole love hexagon but I hope you can get it all figured out soon. I voted for Audrey to be with someone different entirely just so there won't be too many hurt feelings. Especially between the brothers. And I'm glad Dominic isn't too hung up over the break up with Hope. I like Hope but he's too sweet for her lol.

  11. Danielle, I love Brendan, he's so adorable. All the Lachances were super cute toddlers, although I actually think Edward is cuter as a child.

    I've still not figured out the Charlie/Audrey/Jack situation! I've got an idea of where it might go now but nothing is concrete. They're all still so young.

    Regarding Hope and Dominic...exactly. Dominic is way too sweet for a girl like Hope!