Sunday, 13 June 2010

You say it's your birthday, Spring 2025

Three months to go for Claudio and Virginia Jacobson! Now that the weather's warmer, Virginia is a tad more uncomfortable and a lot more crabby!

Ione was a little crabby herself during her first trimester but she's feeling considerably more pleasant now that she's finished with all the morning sickness. Evan, meanwhile, is getting nervous. Come autumn, Evan and Ione will welcome their second set of twins!

With the help of Corrinna, a volunteer from the women's room, Adrienne Novak is preparing to give her baby up for adoption. Nothing will be concrete until the baby is born and a paternity test can be done but Adrienne is pretty sure adoption is the way she'll go.

Adrienne is worried about handing her baby over to be raised by someone else but at only 18, she knows she's not ready for the job herself.

Spring in odd years is tax time in Sullivan, so everyone is now a little bit poorer!

The richest families are again, unchanged:
1. Benton 1 (total worth $1,092,552)
2. Royce-Nihill 1 (total worth $669,172)
3. Draper 1 (total worth $610,641)

and the poorest are as follows:
1. Benton-Draper-Kirby 1 (total worth $1224)
2. Clarke-Moretti 1 (total worth $6814)
3. Clarke-Novak 1 (total worth $10,225)

  • So as predicted by just about all of you, as well as me, Ione and Evan are having more twins!
  • Adrienne's situation has forced me to come up with a whole load of adoption procedures for Sullivan, which I previously hadn't considered. I may never have to use them again but I really do enjoy coming up with rules! I say nothing is concrete for Adrienne, because there are so many cases in RL of the bio-mum pulling out of the adoption after the baby is born. So Adrienne gets that chance too. I doubt she'll take it but I'm leaving the option open.
  • A paternity test will be required because if the baby was Nick's, he'd want to raise it. I would have let him, if he was the father, which we know he isn't, so the adoption will go ahead as planned. I was doing some internet research on whether paternity tests are usually required and it seems to depend on where you are and whether any potential father is interested in raising the child. So I figure I can do whatever I like here.
  • Before going to its real family, I'll send the baby to a foster home where it will live until the real family complete their home study. I don't know if group homes exist here in Australia any more, so having the baby fostered out for a while is more realistic to me. It also means I don't have to build an orphanage. :D I haven't yet decided on closed adoption vs. open adoption. There are story advantages to both so whether or not Adrienne will be a part of the baby's life from the beginning, later on or ever, is still up in the air.


  1. Darn it, no babies this time! Hopefully next time around :P I knew it! She's having twins! I just did a happy dance, and my dad stared at me :P Lol, I take this way too seriously! I'm kind of glad Adrienne's going to do the adoption route... I wonder if she's going to tell the father though, that could be interesting... I think it should be up to the family who adopts the baby to decide whether or not to do open or closed adoption. They might not want her to influence their family badly and such... but I guess I'll just have to wait and see! Yay, drama!

  2. Ah twins, a move in their future I take it? It is pretty sweet that they'll have another two, and now to see if its more boys or girls in there to even it out some.

    Do you have someone in mind to adopt? To do foster care? Do you have a set amount of time you'll allow them to be in a foster home?

  3. Thanks for reading!

    Tessa, no, no babies this time but Virginia and Adrienne are due this coming summer.

    I don't think Adrienne will tell the father. In my mind, she doesn't even know his last name (if anyone is curious though, his name is Sabastian Sartor). But I might not be completely finished with him yet, regardless. I'll see what I feel like doing next time I play Adrienne.

    Maisie, heh, yes, Evan and Ione will definitely have to move! It'll be their third house in 6 years. If they were real people, I'd be feeling much sympathy for them right now but Sims fortunately don't care!

    The adoptive family has been decided, as has the foster family. Home studies take between 3-6 months, so the baby will be with its foster family for at least that amount of time. It will be very well taken care of. :)

  4. I think it's for the best Adrienne choose for adoption. It's like you said, she's not Victoria Kirby with a steady relationship and all that. But I think it's going to be hard on her. I hope she will think about it a little more next time she sleeps with some one!

    Oooh twins!! That's nice!! But it's going to be so hard on them with already a set of twins in the house, luckily they waited untill the boys were older!

  5. Whoa, twins again! My crop of Herendez men were like that-1st pregnancy-singleton boy, second pregnancy-twin boys, tried one more time for a girl-third pregnancy-twin boys. They stopped then ^_^

    I'm excited to see your adoption and foster system play out.

  6. Oh my goodness, twins! Again! LOL You know, Jamie got pregnant again after having Aaron and Adrian, and it was twins, but she ended up lossing the pregnancy. (I was so happy! ROFL)

    I know here in PA if the father is known even if he wants no part with the child, he must also sign his rights away for adoption.

  7. Tanja, hopefully, Adrienne has learnt her lesson but I guess we'll see. I do think adoption is the right decision for her.

    I'm so glad I didn't let Evan and Ione try for a baby last round! She had the want then but this round would have been much more hectic for them had I allowed it!

    Apple Valley, oh, man, that is NOT going to happen with the Morettis! Ione is going back on birth control, more boys or not. She's a neat Sim, so thankfully, she's allowed to use it as per my new rules. :)

    I'm excited to get going with this adoption thing. :D

    Riverdale, yup, twins again! Heh, I can understand being happy when a Sim in that situation miscarries. When Cara miscarried before she and Caleb got married, I was almost happy. It was such a bad time for them to have a baby!

    From what I read, there are similar laws in other places around the world. If the baby was Nick's, Adrienne would have to convince him to sign away his rights which he wouldn't do. He'd want to raise the baby himself if Adrienne didn't want to. Seeing the father is Sabastian though and in my head, she doesn't have a way to contact him or know his last name, she can proceed as she wants to.

  8. Yay more twins! I hope they are girls but either way will be fine. They make cute babies.

    And I'm with everyone, can't wait to see how the adoption plays out and to see who the foster family and adoptive families will be :).

  9. More twins! Well, at least the boys are older so they won't have twin toddlers AND twin infants. ;) Maybe they'll get two girls this time!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing how you handle the adoption process in Sullivan and also to finding out who will adopt the baby. I love coming up with new rules and processes for my hood too, so it'll be fun seeing everything you incorporate into yours. :)

  10. Danielle, I'm kind of hoping to get at least one girl! The under-5s in my hood are kind of boy-heavy right now, so I could use a girl. But having four boys could be fun/crazy too.

    I almost told you when you'd find out who the foster family were but then I realised you could check the play schedule and possibly spoil it!

    Shana, I have my fingers crossed for girls! And yeah, twin babies and twin toddlers. Georgette and Vivienne were toddlers while Pascal and Leontine were still babies and then I had four toddlers for a while. That was insane!

    I'm so excited about this now that I have all major players decided. I'm hoping it will all work out quite well. :D

  11. Oooh! I think I just figured out who the adoptive family is going to be! Hee hee, I can't wait for their update to see if I got it right now.... I have no idea about the foster family though... I'm super excited now! But the family is so darn far away! Argh, the agony!

  12. Tessa, heh, I'm looking forward to finding out if you're right! Make sure to gloat in the Comments if you are! LOL.

  13. Adrienne always looks so miserable in these preggy pictures, lol! Hopefully the adoption will go smoothly and she can pick up again more *carefully* with the rest of her life ;)

    I love that you're doing adoption though! Especially since you're planning to keep the baby in the hood still. I don't think I ever thought of it that way! It might make the idea of giving the baby away a little more appealing if I knew it would end up with one of my other families :)

    OMG, more twins!

  14. Laura, LOL, I know, the poor girl! I started to wonder if her face was just stuck that way but she broke out of it on her own, so I think she's just bummed!

    I'm really excited to do this adoption. It's not something I've done in my hood before and it gives me a chance to make up MOAR RULES!!!!1 which I can't seem to get enough of.