Thursday, 3 June 2010

Ghost of a friend

Round 27: Autumn 2025
Narrated by Amar Hamilton

I've been working as a DJ at a few clubs around town lately. It's not really what I want to do forever but it's fun and it's an awesome way to meet girls.

There are always women crowding around my booth. It's such an ego boost to have all these girls fawning all over you.

After I finish my set, I hardly even have to do anything to pick up!

They're all over me with no effort from me whatsoever.

One of the girls even managed to get me a job as a video editor. I'll miss DJing but this job lets me work even shorter hours, which gives me way more free time.

I choose to devote most of that free time to girls.

Jacob gets annoyed with the stream of women coming in and out of the house all the time, so I made sure to take full advantage while he was away.

He and Claudia have been together for five years, so they went away to Three Lakes for their anniversary.

I can't think of anything more boring that staring at tree rings and sleeping in a tent all weekend, personally.

But Claudia's really into all that stuff so if Jacob's not, I guess he'd better get used to it.

But Jacob says he likes it too and that there's plenty of stuff to do there that's actually fun. I'd rather go to the beach.

I've got no money for that right now though, so I just prepared to enjoy the weekend with the house to myself. I was supposed to be working but I called and told them I had some stomach bug and they totally bought it!

I like Jacob and everything but it was fun to pretend I had my own place for a few days.

I don't know when I'm going to be able to afford my own place. I'm selling paintings for $500 or $600 now and it's all going in the bank but I really want to use it to open up my own photography business.

I've been having trouble finding subjects to practise on though. Turns out that women don't really like it when you take pictures of them when they're not looking.

So I've been taking photos of subjects that don't care, like trees and boring stuff like that. It's nowhere near as much fun.

My ears perked up when I heard Jacob and Claudia talking about her sister's wedding. I could do the photos! I'd do a great job too and I'd do it at friends' rates. I thought it couldn't hurt to ask her if she'd put in a good word for me with them.

Claudia wasn't too excited about doing that. She said if I wanted to do their pictures, I'd have to ask them myself. hostile! Still! I cheated on her six years ago!

There was no convincing her though, so I had to go over to Finn and Victoria's place and do my own dirty work.

They were both a little surprised that I was asking. Nobody but Jacob really knows about my burgeoning photography career.

Neither of them were really keen but I finally got Finn to start taking me seriously when I mentioned that they'd save a ton of money if they got me to do their photos. Finn's the kind of guy who's always worried about finances, so I knew how to spin my offer so it would appeal to him.
Victoria was scowling at me the whole time but she agreed to let me do the photos, in the end, as long as she can see some of the stuff I've done already. Finn just wanted me to promise not to hit on any of the guests.

Well, duh. I don't even think there'll be many girls there I'd be interested in anyway. And besides, I am capable of controlling myself!

  • Title is from Ghost of a Friend by Supergrass.
  • Amar was extremely successful with the girls this session but he surprisingly is actually capable of controlling himself! He wasn't really spinning up that many romantic wants this round. It was quite the sight to see - Amar with no woohoo wants in his panel. The girls were falling all over themselves to get to him (seriously - they were queued up trying to flirt with him!) and although he was lapping it all up, most of his wants were centred around buying a community lot, taking photos and painting masterpieces.
  • I've downloaded a photography career for Amar and I'm looking around for something I can use as a studio for him. I'm thinking he can sell all those portraits I hang in my Sims' houses. I seem to remember trying to sell photos before and they didn't seem to cost very much though, so I'll probably have him sell his paintings there too. I'm kind of excited about having a real photographer!
  • Claudia rolled a baby want. I was waiting for that one. I'm surprised Jacob didn't roll it first, seeing his primary aspiration is Family and it's only Claudia's secondary. But that she rolled it first fits better with my image of both of them, so I'm quite happy.


  1. Omg! Do I hear the pitter-patter of tiny little Victoria-Jacob babies? Yes!!!!!! Lol, Amar is sooo Romance.

    "Still, I only cheated on her six years ago!" Hee hee. I imagine it must be really awkward to have Jacob dating Claudia and living with Amar.... :P

  2. Amar is hilarious! Typical romance sim lol......I think it would be cool if he sold the pictures.....but they really don't sell for very much......good think he can paint too! I want my Kayla Knowles to open up a studio after she graduates

  3. The photography career should be interesting for Amar, or either the artist career track as well. A studio sounds perfect for him and strange, some non-romance wants for him.

  4. Thanks for reading, guys!

    Tessa, well, I doubt we'll be seeing any babies from Victoria and Jacob. Finn probably wouldn't like that much. ;) Claudia and Jacob though...well, eventually. I don't think it'll happen for a while. Almost definitely not this round or the next (I'm leaving open the possibility of an oops).

    I think Amar living with Jacob is most awkward for Claudia. I can't imagine Amar feeling awkward about anything.

    Mizzgin03, Amar is fun to play, though I think he might be going soft on me! :)

    It'll be interesting to see what you do with Kayla's studio. If she gets hers going before Amar, I may steal some ideas! ;)

    Apple Valley, I considered the Artist career too but I want him to stay as a photographer and if he's in the artist career, he'll have to switch to something else eventually.

    Could Amar be ready to settle down, at the tender age of 24? LOL. It'll be interesting to see what his wants are like next round.

  5. Amar with non-romantic wants! That's new LOL. I think the photography career will be good for him and I can't wait to see the studio.

    Claudia and Jacob are so sweet. No wonder she rolled a baby want. I imagine she could also get a baby fever from babysitting Declan and Caitlin.

  6. Sari, I think it's something I'm going to have to build. I don't think I've ever seen something like what I'd want for a photography studio for download.

    Claudia and Jacob are so much more settled now than they were 2 years ago. They still roll those stupid "Fall in Love" wants for their exes but I ignore those now. I have Sims who've been married for years who roll those, so I mainly focus on whether they roll other romantic wants for other people. Thankfully, they both stopped that a while ago.

    I think Claudia's probably had unofficial baby fever since Declan was born. She's only just recognising it as a realistic possibility for herself now though.

  7. Oh man, I think I'm falling for Amar too, just as a nice little foil to Nick, lol. Geeze! He's like a test to how many different angled shots you can get of sims making out on the bed. All of those shots made me laugh; they were well done. I love his little grin as he pounces, lol.

    And then Finn and Victoria being propositioned by Amar, LOL! Better write the "no flirting" thing into his contract.

  8. Lunar, LOL, the pounce! That poor girl. She rolled a want to get engaged to Amar and I thought "Oh, honey, no. Bad idea!" She's a Family Sim.

    I think there are a few other Amar fans, so you're not alone. He's a little more likeable now that all of his sleeping around is out in the open, instead of behind some poor girl's back.

    If Amar is serious about this photography thing, he'll be good at the wedding but I'd be writing that into his contract as well, lol!

  9. LOL I almost forgot about Amar! It seems like so long. Maybe all the people around him that are paired up is started to have an effect on him. For him, it seems way too early to want to settle down. I'm very interested in seeing how you do his studio because I have a sim who'd most likely have her own studio too one day. I could see Amar wanting to open a studio so he could paint his subjects nude LOL.

    And that's great that Claudia and Jacob are still moving steadily along. It doesn't even seem like they've been together for 5 years already.

  10. Danielle, yeah, I don't know! It's funny how Romance Sims lose interest sometimes. I've never had it happen with one so young though! Maybe Amar is just in a rut right now. And LOL, I bet Amar would love working with nude models but I don't know how many takers he'd get!

    Claudia and Jacob's time together has really flown by! I always think of them as a newish couple but I guess they don't really qualify any more!

  11. Aww I just love Amar, I love Claudia and Victoria's expressions for him. Have fun with the photography career, I downloaded it for Emma, and built her a studio to take pictures and sell them... and then she went completely opposite of my plans for her.

  12. Maisie, I didn't even need to use an overlay on Victoria or Claudia for those expressions. It was surprising because game play wise, Victoria, Claudia and Finn actually like Amar quite a bit. But realistically, they wouldn't, so I play make believe. ;)

    Heh, Emma threw somewhat of a spanner in the works for you, eh? Sims will do that sometimes!

  13. Glad to see Amar has grown up to be a world-class playboy! He couldn't have grown up to be anything else, lol! You had me scared, in one of those first pictures, the girl looks like she has the same hairstyle as Adrienne!

    Oh, but look how cute Jacob and Claudia are turning out! :) Five years is a long time in a young relationship, and I'm glad they're still happy.

  14. Laura, was there ever any doubt? I don't know if Amar knows how to be anything else! He's a little nicer about it now than he was in college though. At least the girls all know what's what and he's not promising them anything!

    And that was Adrienne's hair style that she wore when she was a teen so I can see why you'd do a double take! Adrienne's in no position to go cruising for guys right now.

    I love Jacob and Claudia together now. I wasn't sure they'd work but I think they might be in it for the long haul now. He hasn't rolled any romantic wants for Maia or Patience in forever (except that stupid Fall in Love want, which I ignore unless it pops up when they're not on a date).