Saturday, 12 June 2010

Keep walking

Round 27: Winter 2027

Maia Novak is 23 and Aaron Novak and Calvin Clarke are both 22.
(Lia is 28 and Nick is 22)

Narrated by Maia Novak

I think winter definitely has to be my favourite season. I am just loving all the snow we're getting, even so late in the season.

It's such a great excuse to be a kid again, even for someone who's usually a little serious, like Calvin.
The snow makes it hard to find any decent insects but Aaron and I are still trying.

We usually end up running inside away from the bees, but that happens in the summer too.

Calvin and Aaron invited me to move in with them when they graduated from college. I was so relieved to get out of my parents' house, so I accepted right away. There's no way I'd have been able to afford my own place with my pay cheque.

I felt a little bit like a third wheel at first, living with a couple but it's actually been pretty great. They keep most of the romantic stuff in the bedroom, so there's not really much awkwardness.

It's almost like living with Mum again, with Calvin around. Aaron and I are both fairly hopeless in the kitchen but Calvin is an awesome cook.

My sister Lia lives right next door with Gordon and my nieces. It's nice having her so close again. We haven't lived so near each other since before Lia left for college.

Normally, we get along but Lia gets a little maternal on me on occasion, which drives me nuts. I'm 23, I'm old enough to take care of myself now!

I try not to get too mad at her, because I know she just worries about me. And I like having her visit, especially when she brings Georgina and Annabel with her. I love being able to see my nieces so often.

Not that I'm ready for my own babies any time soon! I'm content to take care of our cat. Aaron was the one who bought Ulysses so it's kind of his cat. But I used to work nights up until a few months ago, so Ulysses and I sort of bonded. He was good company for me.

I keep telling Aaron we should breed Ulysses so we can have kittens. How cute would that be?

Aaron thinks I'm crazy and he's probably right. I know. We don't have room for kittens. I still want some though.

On the guy front, things aren't exactly exciting. Calvin keeps telling me I should be getting out there and meeting people. I guess I should but I just haven't really felt like it.

It's not like I haven't tried to make myself interested. I thought maybe something might happen with Conrad, a guy I met at work. I know Mum was hoping something would. But I just don't really feel anything for him. He's a friend, nothing more.

At Calvin's urging, I said yes when Louis asked me out and we went and had dinner together.

Louis was sweet, cute, funny and smart but again, there just wasn't a spark there.

At least on my end, anyway. Louis clearly wanted to take things further after dinner and I had to quickly head him off. He seemed a little surprised.

It would probably help if I'd stop comparing every guy to Nick but I can't help it. Deep down, I still have feelings for him, even though I know we're not right for each other as a couple.

It's just hard to remind myself of that sometimes but I have to.

I'm really just trying to be there for Nick as a friend right now. He's been really quiet lately and has been so down since he broke up with Adrienne.

They weren't together that long but finding out she cheated on him and that she was pregnant was a lot for Nick to take in. It makes me so angry every time he talks about it. Nick's a good guy; he doesn't deserve to be treated like that.

Nick's too nice for his own good sometimes. Nobody, Nick included, really thinks this baby is his. But lately, he's been saying that a part of him wishes it was. I know what he's thinking. If it was his, he'd raise it. Alone, if he had to. I know he would.

That's when I have to try to talk sense into him. Does he really want to be tied to Adrienne and all that sort of drama for his whole life? The baby is likely not his and it's better that way. Then Adrienne can be nothing more to Nick than a bad memory.

  • Title is from Keep Walking by The Mess Hall.
  • Aaron and Maia both have 28/30 insects. I'm determined to get one of my Sims to collect them all! I think Wade is the closest - he has 29/30. That's as far as Raffaella ever got.
  • I so wanted to have a Georgina and Annabel cameo but there's something weird happening with my apartments. If I have my Sims knock on the door of their neighbour's place, the door opens but the furniture doesn't appear like normal. All the rooms are empty. So I couldn't have Maia visit Lia and I couldn't figure out a way to get the twins over to Maia's place either. Disappointing.
  • Maia has the most persistent want for a kitten that I've ever seen. I rarely lock that, because I don't breed my Sims' pets all that often and usually it rolls away, especially if they already have a pet. But not Maia. She rolls up the want for a kitten every single morning!
  • Maia still hasn't rolled a single romantic want, generic or specific. It's crazy. She's Popularity/Pleasure! Pleasure Sims are usually nuts for dates. Anyway, I've got plans for Maia but I'm not going to force her to date anyone if she doesn't want to. She's still very young. She is still in love with Nick though. That red heart seems to take a while to go away. Nick had a red heart for Josie the whole time he was with Maia. I just noticed today that it had disappeared at some point.
  • Just when I think Nick can't get any cuter...he currently has the wants to Fall in Love and Have a Baby, which I decided to interpret as him wishing Adrienne's baby was his, as much as he knows he's not really ready for fatherhood. And as much as being tied to Adrienne forever would be bad news for him. Poor Nick.


  1. Oh my goodness do I ever love Nick! How sweet is he? Do u have plans for him down the line? Things with Adrienne went so wrong.

    I like that Maia wants a kitten. I think she would make a perfect cat lady pining over Nick. ;)

    Sucks on your apartmnt lt not cooperating. I'm having this issue with Annies lot. Her neighbor opens the door but she never moves like she's stuck and her furniture doesn't appear right just shadows. It was fine so I think I bjorked it. If you figure a fix do share please.

  2. *Swoons* Nick! Why do you have to be pixelated! I would totally date him if he was real... lol, that was awkward... anyways, I feel for him, he's so sweet. Maybe he and Maia will get back together? That would be sweet :)

    Lol at Maisie's comment about Maia becoming a cat lady and pining over Nick. That would be soooo hilarious!

    Hope you get the bug fixed, I hate when that happens! All of my apartment lots seem to be bugged... it annoys the heck out of me!

  3. Nick is so sweet, maybe a bit too nice for his own good. I kind of wish he and Maia would get back together even though they're not right for each other. That doesn't make sense at all...

    The apartments seem to be a real bug/glitch magnet. I hope you get the problem fixed.

  4. Thanks for your comments, guys!

    Maisie, who couldn't love Nick? And yes, I do have plans for him in the future. He and his intended girl have both already tried to act on it but I've been making them wait until it's a good time for them, story wise. Hopefully, the wait will be worth it for them in the end. They'll appreciate each other more!

    Ha, Maia as a cat lady! My plans for Maia are much vaguer than Nick's. I have someone in mind for her but neither of them have acted on it yet, so I'm not sure if or when it'll happen. Maybe I'll let her have a kitten in the mean time. ;)

    I'll let you know if I find out a fix but it seems to be happening with all my apartments, on and off. It's weird.

    Tessa, LOL, well, maybe it's awkward but it made me laugh! Nick is very sweet. I wondered if this post might make people want Maia and Nick back together and I guess I was right!

    If I didn't love playing apartments so much, I'd probably toss the whole thing and just put all my Sims in houses. But apartments are perfect for Sims at this age, who aren't quite ready for home ownership yet.

    Sari, Nick's nature could definitely lead people to take advantage of him, so it doesn't always work in his favour. Nick and Maia are better off as friends but I figure she's having trouble letting go. Nick would be quite the hard act to follow. I don't think she'll find a nicer guy, but she will find one who's a better match for her.

  5. Nick really is a sweet boy, but he deserves a lot better than Adrienne, I'm sure the one is out there somewhere!

    Maia's PJ's are from Javebean, if I'm right, but how did you get them to work in your game? I've downloaded them several times, as for the mesh, but my sims just wear an black block when I put them on on one of my sims ... :(

  6. @Tessa, Nick is mine :P

    Ugh, I've had that bug and strange modifications of it as well (like furniture being in the wrong spots in neighbors house-stoves in the living room, toilets in the kitchen, beds in the bathroom, etc). I rebuilt the lot and moved them into the new lot-no problems yet.

    You need to upload Nick, share the simmie love :) I wonder if he would change in other hoods-would he stay same sweet Nick, or would he be a bad boy in another hood.

  7. Tanja, Nick's perfect girl is definitely around! He's already decided she's his "One" in ACR, so the poor guy is probably getting rather impatient with me!

    I didn't do anything special to get Maia's PJs to work though, I'm afraid. :\ I don't know what would be causing the problem you're having but I hope you can sort it out. They're such cute pyjamas.

    Apple Valley, LOL. Nick would be flattered and probably a little embarrassed by all this female attention he gets from you guys!

    Ugh, I've had that issue as well. I'm not much of a builder, at least with residential lots, so I download all my houses and apartments. Sigh. I'm a bit bummed rebuilding is the only fix anyone has discovered! LOL.

    Sure, I could upload Nick. I'm probably not going to get a chance to release a real update until the day after tomorrow but it'll only take a second for me to extract and zip Nick's file. I can't imagine him as a bad boy! He's got such a gentle, kind face. But who knows what other people would get up to with him in their games!

  8. I was having issues with my apartments this weekend, too. I had to move the sims in and out several times trying to fix the problem (luckily they just moved in and I didn't really decorate). I edited the building a little and I guess I broke it. I had to put a fresh, unedited copy of the apartment down in order for it to work right.

    And you're killing me with the mystery woman Nick is destined to be with LOL. I'm going to have to go through all the sims around his age to try to figure it out lol. And LOL at everyone fighting over him :D. Apple Valley, that would be cool to have Nick walking around in our hoods. I'd make him as a townie or college student and see who he hooks up with. I'll probably give him his hair back for a little while, though LOL. He still looks cute with short hair but I miss the locks (at least I can see him with his hair in your banner, for now).

  9. Ha, add me to the list for "would date Nick if he wasn't just pixels"...and um, if I wasn't married, lol. ;) I can't imagine Nick as a bad boy! He's just got such a cute and innocent look to him.

    I'm glad Maia is there for him through this stuff with Adrienne. Part of me wishes the baby were Nick's because he would be such a sweet dad. But mostly, I agree with Maia, it's better that he's not tied to Adrienne forever and forced to become a single father so young. Now he has a chance to meet the girl who is just right for him and to have a family when he's ready.

    I hope you can figure out your apartment problem. I have odd apartment glitches off and on too. While playing Waylon and Tammie's apartment before she died, I kept hearing a baby crying, but Baine was already a child at that time. I finally figured out that I could hear NPC couple Annette and Darin's baby in the apartment next door crying though I couldn't see her or have Tammie interact with her or anything. The baby was apparently inside her parents' apartment though, because I looked all over the lot and couldn't find a baby laying anywhere. I've had a few other odd things happen in that one particular building, so I may end up having to just rebuild it if it keeps up. :( I hate that apartments seem to get so many glitches because they're perfect for younger adults who aren't ready to buy a home yet.

  10. Danielle, kind of glad I'm not the only one having apartment issues! LOL.

    I'm actually kind of surprised none of you have done that already! Going through profiles and stuff would be the first thing I'd do! I'm so impatient. Next round is likely when Nick and Mystery Girl will get together.

    I totally need a new banner though. Victoria and Finn are about 16 in that picture, making Nick about 14!

    Shana, so many Nick fans! I really love him too.

    Maia's being a good friend to Nick right now and hopefully, they'll stay that way. But yeah, he's way too young to be a dad, as sweet as he would be. When he gets together with his mystery girl (and I'll say here that I played Caleb and his family last night and Nick is still really keen!), he can start looking forward to starting a family with her.

    Ugh, babies in neighbouring apartments always seem to act weird. I've had problems like you had with Annette and Darin's baby too.

    Everyone, Nick will go up for download in a couple of hours!

  11. omg, I love Nick. He's SO CUTE! Though at the same time, he's crazy. I love how you worked in his two wants.

    As for Maia, awww. She's a cutie too. Maybe I just like her because she likes Nick and is appropriately mad at Adrienne.

  12. Lunar, Nick is a sweetheart and a little crazy! It's really not a great time for him to be a dad right now but if this baby was his, raising it himself would be the right thing, at least to him.

    Heh, yeah, Maia sure does like Nick but how could you not? Even though they broke up, I sort of see their relationship as being pretty important to both of them. Their first non-teenage kind of thing. I think they'll stay pretty close because of it. And Maia's never liked Adrienne. They've met many times but she's never rolled a want to be friends with her or anything. It never really meant anything before now, but it's interesting in hindsight!

  13. Oh Nick, what a mess! I'm glad Maia is talking some sense into him. He'll have his own family one day, and it'll be better than if he ties himself to Adrienne and her trouble. I love the friendship that Nick and Maia have maintained.

    LOL @ everybody's Nick crush. He is an adorable sweetheart! Don't you just want to pinch his cheeks? But my Sullivan crush would probably be Jacob Weaver, at the moment. I guess I like my adorable cuties with a little bit of an edge ;)

    And now I'm going through everybody's neighborhoods in my head trying to figure out who my crush would be from each hood, lol!

  14. Laura, that's all true but if Nick was the father, no one would be able to talk him out of taking responsibility for the baby. It's just how things should be, in his mind. Maia's his friend though, so she feels she has to at least try to make him see sense.

    I think I have a crush on at least one Sim from everyone's hoods. And several from my own hood, LOL!