Sunday, 27 June 2010

You say it's your birthday, Autumn 2026

The new carpets haven't even been laid in Evan and Ione's new house but the twins don't care about carpets. They're coming right now! They'd better get to the hospital.

Several hours later, it's all over and Evan and Ione are the proud of parents of twin girls - Aurora Lidia and Bianca Sophia!

Cara Moretti delivered the twins and when check out time arrives, she comes to say a special goodbye to Evan, Ione and their new daughters. Cara remembers all too well when her own twins were born and she's thankful that she only has to deliver them now and not raise them!

  • I know some of you were hoping Ione and Evan would have girls (as was I), so there you go! They had two for you. :D
  • I'm still feeling my way around these hospital births. As I was writing this one, I thought of a few more ideas for pictures for the next one. I had some new ideas for this one too but they didn't work out. :( I probably will do births according to personality from now on - some Sims would just suit a home birth and some would go for a hospital one.
  • Evan and Ione's new house is Jace and Magdalena's old house. I figured they'd probably be downsizing seeing Lia and Maia won't be moving back home and Tessa will likely be off to college soon (assuming she gets in). This house has four bedrooms but they're large ones. I wanted five but I put them in enough debt just to get this house, so I'm not going to push it!


  1. Lovely names! I'm glad that they're here now! Haha, I see that you used your angled OMSP's for a good use! I can't wait to see what they look like when they're older!

  2. Yay! Congrats on the twin girls.

    I was excited to see the hospital photos, you'll have to share how you staged them.

  3. Oh yeah. Girls!! How sweet! Beautiful names!

    How dis u get the shot of her laying with the baby? That's so sweet. I've tried getting some hospital pictures to no avail. It can be frustrating having something in mind and limited by the game.

  4. Aww, two lovely girls with lovely names too.

    The first picture is so funny because it looks like Evan is holding his belly LOL.

    I have got to renovate the hospital in Wellington! There's someone pregnant at the moment and I want her to give birth at the hospital.

  5. Thanks for your comments, everyone!

    Tessa, yes, the angled OMSPs are a lot of fun. I've been playing around a bit with them lately.

    Apple Valley, getting Ione to lie down with the baby wasn't too hard. You need to have the Sim pick up the baby and do the cuddle action before they go on the OMSP or the bed. If you try to have them cuddle once they're already in place, they'll do the action but it won't look right at all.

    Ione is on two OMSPs - one is a shiftable and the other shifts her by 90 degrees so she looks like she's lying down. She's actually standing and had I shown you her legs, you would see that they look quite stiff.

    Maisie, see my reply to Apple Valley.

    I've been there so many times! There are a few pictures I've still got rolling around in my head that I just haven't been able to replicate. Pose boxes are helpful but you can't do everything, unfortunately!

    Sari, goodness, you're right! I hadn't noticed Evan in that first picture!

    I'd love to see the hospital in Wellington when you're done. :) Only bits of my hospital are really finished.

  6. Yay! I was hoping they'd have girls! :) I love the hospital shots. I'm going to have to check out those angled OMSPs.

    lol at Sari's comment! I hadn't noticed Evan holding his stomach until I read her comment. Ha!

  7. Awwww I love those names! And great pics! I didn't redo my hospital when I redid my hood but your pics make me want to make another one!

  8. Shana, I think most of us were hoping for girls! Though two boys would have been fun as well - none of my Sims in Sullivan have ever had four of the same gender.

    Definitely check out those OMSPs! I'll have to play around with them a little more to see what else I can come up with.

    Mizzgin03, thanks! If you do make another hospital, I'd love to see it. I didn't make this one but I'm slowly redecorating it.

  9. Another question-is the hospital a community lot or owned or residential?

  10. I love your set up pics with moms holding the baby in bed! So cute!

  11. Apple Valley, right now, it's a regular community lot, mainly because I'm not finished decorating it and I want to be able to just load the lot without taking a Sim down there. Once I'm finished, I was thinking of having David Sitko own it, as he's the Chief of Staff. But it works pretty well like this anyway, so I might just leave it.

    Lunar, thanks! It's something a bit different, I thought. I'm hoping I can figure out a few other cute poses. Posing is easy but thinking up interesting ones when there's a baby in the mix is hard!

  12. It's a community lot and you're able to get the parents to interact with the babies and use OMSPs there as well? I'm assuming you need a bunch of cheats to do this. I would love to learn how.

  13. Apple Valley, to access buy mode on a community lot, you can use the cheat boolprop dormspecifictoolsdisabled false. What I do instead though, is use the InSimenator. That has an option when you click on the ground to enable buy/build. It does the same thing as the cheat but it's faster.

    I don't think there are any issues getting parents to interact with babies on a community lot. When I had to get the social worker and Zelda to pick up Sylvia in the last birthdays post though, I had to use allmenus on. That's a cheat you can only run in debug mode but for a storyteller or blogger, it's worth your time to learn how to use it. Read about it here.

  14. Yay twin girls! I also can't wait to see what they look like when they age. Gorgeous I'm imagining. And I also like the names you chose. That reminds me, someone at my job had a baby and they named her Iona. Their oldest daughter was named Elspeth. I thought that was so cool. Maybe they used the same name site that you do (what was it called again?) lol! Oh and VERY clever how you took the pic of her with the baby on her chest. I love all the creative things you do with those OMSPs. You make me want to do hospital births now lol. I only have a small medical center in my hood right now.

  15. Danielle, how funny about your workmate! Do you mean Nymbler? I definitely used Nymbler to find a name Elspeth and I plugged in Ione and Finn as siblings, so they just might have used that site!

    I'm pretty proud of myself for figuring out that little OMSP trick with the baby! It's a shame though because even with allmenus on, there are some options that you don't get on community lots. I wanted to use that feeding hack I have to get a picture of Ione holding one baby on the bed and Evan feeding another while sitting in a chair but the feed option isn't available on community lots. Boo-urns to that!

    You know, you wouldn't have to make a whole hospital to do hospital births. You could just make a building, make a hospital room "set" and then use that. I have a Sim pregnant right now (not sure how far ahead you've read, so I'm trying not to spoil it) and when she gives birth, she'll give birth in my new hospital. All I have decorated is the hospital rooms and the waiting area but hey...that's all I need for that, right?