Monday, 15 December 2008

Exeter and more of the aquatic centre

I didn't play at all yesterday, so these are some pictures I forgot to post from a little while ago.

The overview of Exeter. The main section of downtown, with the skyscrapers, has barely changed since I first plopped everything down. Behind the skyscrapers is a gym, which I haven't used yet. Right now (not in the picture), I've placed Isaac's future shop across the road from it but I may move it closer to his side of town (on the far right).

A close up of Isaac's side of town. He and Petra live in the white house on the right, while Nathalie and Elias live in the other house. The apartment lot across the road on the left is where Galen now lives.

Here's Central Park, which should be familiar to anyone with AL. Those buildings at the top have been moved down a bit to make way for the wedding chapel, which is right across the road from Central Park.

An overview of Sullivan Aquatic Centre, where Simona, Arianna and Caterina visited last time. Sullivan Village Centre is right behind it.

The kiddie pool with the slide, the cafeteria building and hot tub area.

The grown-ups' pool, with vending machines to the side and the toilets and change rooms at the back.

Inside of the cafeteria. This is actual a better angle than if I zoomed in a bit.

I'm happy with it but not 100%. For one thing, the cafeteria is not spawning the NPC like it should. I put a sprinkler in a couple of days ago and I'm hoping that's what I was missing. I was also kind of annoying that I couldn't get the roof of the cafeteria to face the way I wanted but I think I like it better that way now anyway.


  1. Just stopped by to read your latest updates which are great as always. I love the Aquatic centre. BTW, I thought that the cafeteria only spawns the NPC on uni community lots... I might be wrong though.

    Also I wanted to let you know that the blog for my hood Wellington is up and running :D Well so far there's only the welcome note but I'll add some posts later today :)

  2. Unless they've changed something since AL, the NPC is supposed to spawn on all community lots. I've definitely had non-uni lots with working cafeterias before. I may scrap it and replace it with a sauna anyway. It wasn't the sprinkler that was missing, so I'm stumped!

    I'm also excited you have your own blog now! I'm going to go read your welcome message after I do the two updates I have for today. :)

  3. I like the Aquatic Center - wish I could go swim there too!