Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Hearts of oak

Round 8: College
Because he's Romance/Family, Galen has the simultaneous want and fear of getting engaged to Georgette. He can see more pros to getting engaged than cons, so he asks her despite his fears.

She accepts, of course!

When Stan graduated and married Xanthia, a room opened up in Galen's dorm. That room was filled by the lovely Christa. Galen has taken quite the liking to her (his secondary aspiration is Family but his primary is still Romance, after all) but she's not impressed by him at all.

He sits down next to her in the dining hall and she gets up (without even finishing her meal!) and leaves the room.

He steps up the charm a bit and tries that old stand-by - flowers!

She liked the rose, it seems, because Galen's made a bit of progress.

Christa isn't totally convinced yet though.

Oh, well, Galen is nothing if not persistent.


He always gets the girl in the end.

Unfortunately, focusing on Christa instead of study has meant that Galen has been put on academic probation. Just one semester away from graduating with an art degree, Galen "forgot" to go to his final exam.

Finally though, he buckles down enough to get off probation and move onto his final semester. He passes that with an A+ and graduates with a 3.0 GPA.


  1. Wow, good thing he managed to graduate anyway! Hehe, so like a Romance sim to get too swept up that they nearly flunk out of Uni.

  2. Heh, yeah, it seems to be a Romance Sim trait to not care much about Uni. I had the same problem with Petra.

    I almost wanted him to get kicked out though, just because it's never happened to any of my Sims.