Sunday, 7 December 2008

The continued expansion of Suffolk University

I've added a little bit more to Suffolk University. In the top left, there are 3 dorms. The one with the plumbob is where Galen is living right now (which you saw the inside of in the last college post).

Next to the dorm is the new fraternity house. I may make it a co-ed fraternity or it may just sit there looking pretty. It costs $72,000 to rent and I'm not sure any of my parents in Sullivan feel like giving their kids that much of a lump sum to found a frat house. But it's there if I want it.

Right in the centre near the water is the university chapel (which looks more like a cathedral) and across from it is the quad. All the new lots are from TSR.

Just in case someone hasn't figured it out, all pictures in this blog are thumbnails - click them to see slightly larger versions.


  1. I love the college! It looks very picturesque and I bet the students just love it!

  2. I have a question for ya! When you started to build your college hood did you decide to make certain lots available for sims picking a certain major, like a Art hall for art students, where they live and study?

    I ask since I was thinking of starting a new uni hood myself. Which is way confusing lol.

  3. Thanks, Mandie! I'm really happy with it. The students have not commented, so I'll just have to assume they are too.

    Riverdale, I haven't done anything like that. I just plop them inot whatever dorm I feel like. But you've reminded me that I have a really nice small dorm that I set up for Sims with arts & crafts as their OTH to use. I might go and pull that from my other hood later, because it would be a shame to let it go to waste.

  4. The university looks gorgeous! It's really neat to see your neighborhood bloom as you go. Keep it up! :)

  5. Thanks, Laura. I have some downtown pics ready to post today, because I've been adding a bit to that too.