Friday, 12 December 2008

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Round 9: Days 41-45
On Saturday evening, Simona invited Icarus Quincy, the headmaster at the local private school, for dinner, hoping to get her three children in. Filippo is a bit young but they can save a spot for him. The headmaster was super-impressed with the Morettis' sparkly food and the kids were all accepted.

On Sunday morning, Simona had to buy some clothes for Filippo's birthday and took Arianna and Caterina along.

They were bored though, and waited outside. They mostly groaned and sighed at all the outdoor decor that was not up to their obviously high standards.

To make up for the boring shopping trip, Simona took the girls to the brand new Sullivan Aquatic Centre. Caterina has been wanting to go swimming for a while now and this is her first opportunity.

Arianna insists they get a goofy photo taken in one of the photo booths first though.

Now they can go swimming!

Simona decides to go soak in the hot tub instead. She meets Penny Stern, hobby club leader for nature and Alfred Winchester, a townie.

Back at home, Arianna the nature Sim is learning the family business. Caterina is into fitness and Jonah can already tell Filippo will be more into tinkering from the way he plays with those blocks all the time. So Arianna is the obvious choice to take over the farm one day.

Monday was Filippo's first day of school and he made friends with his cousin Hanna while he was there. He wasn't too impressed when he was asked to kiss her goodbye though.

Now that Filippo is at school too, the house is usually full of kids (and Cedric, who works with Simona and often comes home with her). There's Hanna again in the background and her brother, Adam. Augustin was wandering around somewhere out of shot too.

As he's a bit older now, Filippo has a new favourite toy. He doesn't play with his blocks much any more.

The latest (and hopefully last) addition to the family is TJ, the Morettis' new Basenji. The kids just love him and Jonah and Simona don't think he's too bad either.

  • A really quick, drama-free update! Amazing! I only had time to play one family yesterday and the Morettis were probably a good choice. I was up far too late as it is (as usual).
  • I've never had such a high score from the headmaster. Simona got 33 schmooze points just for greeting him (she has 8 charisma points if you're wondering)! My final score was 163/90 - 51 for sparkly turkey, 52 for the tour and 60 for schmoozing.
  • Jonah and Simona really don't want to get married. Simona had the want for a date and as I set up a home date for her and Jonah, I idly wondered if one of them might roll up the want for marriage (as happened with Raffaella and Lukas and as has happened with so many of my Sims). Nope. They just wanted to make out and woohoo in the ute! So I think they'll be staying unmarried. If they were humans, they'd be early 40s and together for about 20 years, so it's probably fairly realistic that they wouldn't bother after so long.
  • The Moretti kids are related to every other kid they'll be going to college with, except Benjamin Nihill. Hanna, Adam and Augustin are all their cousins.


  1. Drama-free households are a nice break from the craziness of the others every now and then. ;) The kids are all so cute! And wow, I've never seen a score that high from the headmaster!

  2. That's exactly what it was, Shana. A really nice break!

    I'm really pleased with how Filippo turned out - his cheekbones have smoothed out completely. I was expecting them too, because Simona's did but it's nice to see him grow up more handsome.

  3. Amazing score from the headmaster - I'm taking notes ;-) Need sim to have high charisma.

    Usually, I get most of my points from the dinner (I always serve Lobster) and from the home tour, hardly any from the shmoozing.

  4. Usually, that's how it happens for me too. Schmoozing usually lowers my score!