Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Generals and majors

Round 8: College
(Georgette, Vivienne and Leontine)

Gah, this was such a jam-packed play session! I ended up taking 153 pics and had to weed down from there! So this one is long and it has some slight nudity. Nothing pornographic but it does contain Georgette's bum and possibly a bit of Leontine's nipple. So consider yourself warned!

Georgette, Vivienne and Leontine have headed off to Suffolk University without brother Pascal. Even without his help though, they are able to afford a fully furnished house on campus. It's not decorated quite in the style they want but they can fix that up over the next few years.

One problem with the house is that there's three girls and only one bathroom.

Although if all the girls are prepared to bathe at the sink like Georgette is, maybe it won't be such a big problem after all.

That night, Vivienne invites Brandon over. She has been dying to start up their relationship again ever since he aged to adult, so she's very happy to see him.

She serves him up a big bowl of mac and cheese and they talk in the kitchen until her sisters go to bed.

They have the living room to themselves and stay down there together until the very early hours of the morning.

The next morning, Georgette and Leontine are up bright and early ready for classes. They are both Biology majors.

Vivienne, who is unsurprisingly still asleep, is a Mathematics major.

While she's sleeping, Georgette wanders into an online chat room and hits it off with Joseph. She invites him over and they, along with Leontine, spend the whole morning hanging out together.

Once Vivienne gets up though, Joseph finds he's far more interested in her than in either of her sisters. Vivienne has to admit she's very attracted to him too and is flattered when he slips her his number.

Leontine is beginning to regret hooking up with a younger guy when she was in high school. Charlton calls her every day and it's starting to get old. Having a teenager hanging around doesn't make her seem very mature to her sisters or to the other students.

That same night, Vivienne decides to call Joseph and ask him to have dinner with her.

She says it's not a date but she is constantly checking over her shoulder to see if anyone she knows is around anyway.

She doesn't see anybody, so she figures just a little flirting is harmless.

Once she's done that though, she can't help herself from going further, blowing kisses at Joseph from across the table.

He responds in kind, taking her hand in his, gazing at her adoringly.

She's probably given him the wrong idea if this is "not a date" but she finds herself not really caring any more.

Orchard is a little loud for their liking, so they head off to Central Park to take a walk. They don't do much walking though.

Joseph reasons he's waited long enough and that Vivienne has given him the go-ahead, so he grabs her by the waist and kisses her.

She kisses him back and realises she's in big trouble. She's in love with one guy and is developing a huge crush on another.

When she gets home at 6am the next morning, Leontine is already up making breakfast for everyone. Vivienne approaches her for a little sisterly advice.

She's not much help though and only wants to hear "all the details". Looks like Vivienne will have to figure this out for herself.

Just as she's about to curl up in front of the TV for the evening, Brandon calls and asks Vivienne if she feels like a night out on the town in Exeter. She tells Brandon she's too tired (not exactly a lie) and hangs up. She doesn't feel like she can face him tonight.

At least one of the Lachance girls knows what she wants. Galen has finally come by to check out his girlfriend's house. He's got far more facilities in his dorm but is pretty impressed anyway.

Joseph had a great time with Vivienne the other night and calls up again and insists she come out again. He won't take "no" for an answer! They head for the photo booth as soon as they get to Greasers' Cafe.

Just for photos for now, though!

After making out in various places all over the restaurant...'s back to the photo booth for some privacy. Or perceived privacy anyway. They end up being surrounded by onlookers, whooping and cheering.

The next morning, Vivienne has made her decision. She has to break up with Brandon. The guilt is too much and she wants to tell him herself before he finds out from someone else.

He's shocked, then angry. Vivienne hated doing it but she felt it was the best course of action for everyone involved.

She feels incredibly guilty and walks inside after a while to get away from Brandon's crying.

Leontine hears the commotion and comes out and hugs Brandon. She insists he come inside and sit down with her.

He calms down after their chat. After she's made him a bowl of soup, Leontine sends Brandon on his way.

She's broken up with Brandon and decided to focus on her relationship with Joseph but Vivienne is still really wound up about the whole thing. As a fitness Sim, yoga and jogging are the best ways for her to unwind.


  • Greasers' Cafe is a historic place for Vivienne's family. It's where Emmy was working when she met Sacha and it's where Vivienne and Brandon went to lunch the day before he grew up to adult.
  • Can you imagine if that photo booth scene was in real life? I don't think the barista would leave his post to cheer then!
  • Leontine and Brandon don't have crushes on one another or anything, but it's likely heading that way.
  • All three girls, with all this drama, still found the time to maintain 4.0 GPAs.


  1. Wow, they sure had a time, didn't they? Quite a bit of drama, LOL. Do you play through Uni old school or do you advance time? I can't get through it without the college clock.

  2. I advance it with InSim, generally. With these girls, because they are so conscientious about their classes, I send them to their exams as soon as they fill up their grade meters.

    With someone like Galen though, for instance, I sent him as soon as I got sick of waiting around for him to roll up a want related to studying. He'd often go to one class and that would be enough to bump him over the pass level. My college is set to permanent autumn, so they fill their grade meters much faster than normal.