Sunday, 21 December 2008

Sleep startles

Round 9: College
(Collette and Charlton)

As soon as Collette and Charlton arrived at their dorm, they started making friends and doing their coursework immediately. They were determined to succeed at Suffolk.

Not long after they'd settled in, Collette received a phone call from Galen Clarke. He wanted to see her, so she gave him the address of their dorm and waited.

It seems that he has brought along his fiancée, Georgette, whom Collette has never met before.

As soon as Georgette goes inside, Galen makes his move on Collette.

She finds herself becoming rather swoony over Galen, as have so many girls in the past.

Galen has a keen sense of who he needs to get on side. Brothers are a good start.

Georgette disappeared into one of the dorms and Galen and Collette were left alone downstairs. They didn't get up to too much trouble. Just an innocent game of pool for now.

Meanwhile in the cafeteria, Aphrodite was living up to her name.

Romance was clearly blossoming at Blair Hall.

Collette tried to be nice to her brother's new girlfriend, inviting her to play a game of SSX3 with her.

When Collette started to win the game, Aphrodite sneered at her and held up her controller as if she meant to brain her.

She must be a sore loser, because she wasn't interested in anything Collette had to say after that.

Aphrodite didn't let her problems with Collette get in the way of her relationship with Charlton though. They often snuck away to the dorm's private study area to get some alone time.

A very scary moment for the Nihill twins occurred one night when Collette was attempting to burn some raked leaves and ended up burning herself!

Charlton heard his sister's screams from his room and ran down the stairs to help.

Charlton was terrified he wouldn't be able to save Collette for a while but he sighed with relief as soon as he saw the last flames extinguished.

Collette was pretty relieved too.

The next evening, Charlton decided to throw a party to celebrate.

He spent most of the night upstairs with Aphrodite though and didn't really talk to any of the invited guests at all.

Collette enjoyed her time with Galen at the party.

The poor girl is starting to wonder if she'll ever meet a guy she can have just for herself though. She thinks she could really have a good time with Joseph too but he's engaged to Vivienne. And of course, she's incredibly attracted to Galen but he's engaged to Georgette.

Floyd was badmouthing Galen a bit while chatting to Collette on the couch. Seeing Galen has already told her about the altercation he and Floyd had in Exeter, she doesn't pay him much mind.

Upstairs, Charlton and Aphrodite have found a quiet little corner of the dorm where they can take things to the next level, so to speak.

It was a good party for Charlton.

Galen hid in the bathroom, while all the guests left, just so he could see Collette again.

Collette couldn't help but think they'd be the perfect couple if he wasn't already "coupled" with Georgette (and several other girls around town that neither Georgette or Collette know about).

  • Charlton and Collette are both very into their studies. Apart from Collette's initial want for her first kiss (which disappeared after a while when I locked her term paper want instead) and Charlton's want for his first woohoo, they had no romantic wants at all.
  • Apart from before I had ACR, I have never had a couple as chaste as Charlton and Aphrodite. As you can see, they woohooed eventually but they didn't even make out until first semester of sophomore year (they started flirting on pretty much the first day) and have never woohooed autonomously.
  • Collette has 3 different outfits in this update because she's apparently a bit of a clotheshorse (weird for a Knowledge Sim). She kept getting wants to buy new outfits and usually when my Sims do that, I change them into the clothes I buy. I got sick of it after a while with her though, so she stuck with the same outfit for most of the time.

Random funnies:
*I don't know what I'm going to do with Mina! She is so boy crazy and is constantly flirting with all the boys (and men!) in Sullivan.
*Not so much funny as it is completely horrifying.


  1. EekkQ That last pic, lol. He looks like he's coming in to bite her neck for a meal, lol.

    You know even with ACR someone of my sims (really shy ones) roll no romatic wants for the sim they are involved with. And right when I'm about to give up they will finally do some romancing, lol. So just hang in there, it will happen!

  2. Wow, Galen gets around! He's the male equivalent for Bobbie Hayes from my hood!

    That last pic is just hilarious LOL

  3. GB, I'm not so much worried as I am fascinated by how ACR works differently for different Sims. Especially seeing Charlton is so outgoing! There must be more to it than that.

    He does get around, doesn't he? It's funny playing Romance/Family Sims. It doesn't slow them down at all but you get some interesting wants for them.