Saturday, 20 December 2008

First to finish, last to start

Round 9: Days 41-45
The Gottlieb twins Adam and Hanna, appear to get on a little better than Athena and Linnea.

They're always together, joking around or playing.

Isaac and Petra still seem to be in love.

Lately though, he's been spending his days at Be Real Nightclub. For a night time venue, it's pretty busy during the day.

He didn't go there looking for someone like Mackenzie but they seemed to go from initial flirting to full-on making out before Isaac knew what was happening.

Raffaella sees all this happening and stops smustling for ten seconds to go and say hello to Mackenzie and find out what's going on. Isaac's not too keen for Raffaella to know what's going on (she is good friends with Isaac and went to college with his wife, so she knows her quite well too). The second Raff's back is turned, he and Mackenzie sneak out of the club.

Before they know it, they're on Isaac's bed.

When he hears his wife and kids coming home from work and school, Isaac quickly ushers Mackenzie out the back door. Petra is none the wiser.

He feels guilty though and lavishes attention on Petra for the rest of the week.

  • Isaac has no idea about any of Petra's affairs. She's very sneaky.
  • Mackenzie actually initiated the flirting. I was surprised that he accepted but then I remembered he was pleasure/romance, so I went with it.


  1. Lots of affairs going on in this family! The poor kids! I wonder if Raff will tell on him...I think she should!

  2. Well, I think Raff is the type to tell. I don't know if Petra would care though. I might set this lot to Maxis jealousy, because it doesn't seem realistic to me that she wouldn't care, even if she is carrying on multiple affairs of her own. ;)

  3. Ooh, that was a close call. He needs to learn how to be sneaky like his wife.

    1. Ha, seriously! I actually can't remember exactly how this turned out!