Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Round 8: Days 36-40
Pascal comes home from work a bit early on the first day. Apparently, the newspaper doesn't appreciate critics who write dishonest reviews and he's been fired.

He didn't really take it well. It probably didn't help that Vivienne just yawned when he started sobbing.

My Sims are acting so weird since M&G. I have no idea what Joanne was running towards, but she looked freaking insane (this is Pascal's retail therapy trip, by the way).

It seemed like it was pick on the pizza girl day or something. First she was subjected to a Ventrilo-Fart from this guy.

Then she was joy-buzzered by Simona (who I have never seen prank anyone, ever).

Back at home, Emmy and the girls are sharing a late dinner (of really old soup - Sacha would have to have been the one who made that) but Pascal elects not to join them.

Instead, he holed himself up in the bathroom and admired himself in the mirror for a couple of hours. Oh well. Let's call it a self-esteem boost after losing his job earlier.

Charlton and Leontine got their first kiss. Because I'm not used to my new keyboard (I have to press a little harder than I'm used to on the keys), I missed getting a shot of it. This is what Leontine did when I tried to get them to re-enact it.

I guess she was after something a bit raunchier than the chaste kiss I chose.

Almost 40 days into playing Sullivan and mopping up one too many flooded bathrooms (the Lachances are slobs), I remember that there are maids in the game. I am usually nutty for maids but because I've been so focused on my rules and everything, I completely forgot about them!

And to end this very random entry, an adult Pascal. His sisters are all going to college but he won't be joining them. In the end, he was eligible but he didn't want to go, so I'm not going to force him. Next rotation, he'll get his own place (probably a rental - he has about $12,000 in his bank account) and Emmy will move into Twilight Senior Living Complex. I'm going to put her right across the hall from Sacha and watch the sparks fly. Hopefully.

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