Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Don't look back

Round 35: May 2042 (Autumn)

Chris Draper and Edward and Lucy Lachance are 27.
(Jonas is 64, Tatiana is 59, Julia and Hope are 31, Audrey is 30, Veronica is 25 and Zoe is 5 weeks old)
Narrated by Lucy Lachance

Julia is getting married in November, so lately, my weekends have been taken up shopping for bridesmaid dresses with her and Hope, the other bridesmaid.

It seems to be taking forever. I chose my dresses fairly quickly, even considering I had a pregnant bridesmaid to contend with but Julia is so picky!

She can’t use Hope as an excuse either. By the time the wedding comes around, Hope will have had her baby, so she doesn't need something that comes in a maternity version. It’s just Julia.

There’s no point in Hope trying anything on right now, so lucky me, I get to be the model for every dress.

Every dress is subject to a good half hour of discussion between Hope and Julia, before being discarded.

Most of the time, I don’t even see anything wrong with these dresses. I’m avoiding adding my two cents’ worth though. I don’t mind much what Julia has me wear, so whatever they agree on will be fine. 

If that ends up being fluoro orange spandex, then fine. It’s one day, it’s her wedding and I’m just not that fussed.

Apart from the dress shopping, Julia’s wedding planning is going really well. She’s getting excited and I’m excited for her.

Edward and I have been married for over a year now, which I can hardly believe.

Things are going beautifully for us. We’re definitely still in our honeymoon phase, which I can see lasting a little while longer.

Not that we really had an actual honeymoon, unless you count holing up in our bedroom for a good while post-wedding. 

We would have liked to go away somewhere but we’re saving for a house and we really couldn’t afford it.

We’d love our own place too but it doesn’t look like we’ll have enough money for that for a good while yet. We’re still living with Chris. 

It’s not so bad. I mean, the whole reason we all started living together in the first place is because we got along so well and it was cheap and that’s all still true.

But this place is just really tiny. We’re basically living on top of each other. 

Chris goes next door to Veronica’s place a fair bit, partly to give us privacy and partly because he also needs his own.

But that’s not an ideal solution. Chris shouldn’t have to leave his own home on our account.

Edward likes to tease Chris that he might be finding his own place with Veronica soon enough anyway.

Chris doesn’t find it terribly amusing. Veronica would probably jump at the chance but Chris is a little more non-committal about it.

He probably overreacts just a tad. Edward’s not putting any real pressure on Chris. He’s just ribbing him a bit. 

Honestly though, I think it’ll probably happen for them eventually. Chris has stopped wincing when Veronica refers to herself as his girlfriend, so that’s progress for him.

It was definitely mostly hooking up for Chris in the beginning but I think he and Veronica really click now.

They’re out together most nights and they even have a regular restaurant they like to go on their dates.

When they’re not out, Veronica is either here or he’s at her place.

I think Chris is probably pretty into her but he’s just not quite ready to admit it yet.

One thing I’ve really loved about getting married is the fact that I gained a niece and a nephew in Oscar and Stella. Now that Audrey’s had Zoe, I have yet another niece!

It’s so lovely having a baby around to snuggle. There are no babies on my side of the family, so I’m deprived in that way!

Edward is especially taken with Zoe. I mean, he really loves Oscar and Stella too but he’s so into being an uncle this time around.

A part of me was wondering if it would make him want us to start our own family but I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much.

As it turned out, Zoe’s birth really triggered something in Edward and he’s now quite keen for us to have a baby too.

I couldn’t be more thrilled…but of course, we’re in no position to have a baby right now. We don’t have the space or the money.

We went to see Edward’s parents over the weekend and they made us what I think is a really promising offer. They’ve suggested we move into their house with them, rather than continuing to scrimp and save on our own (which we haven’t been too successful with, truth be told).

It could be temporary or permanent. That would be totally up to us. 

It wouldn’t be true privacy but definitely much better than we have now. We’d have the whole second storey of the house to ourselves. Jonas and Tatiana don’t use it at all - it’s not even decorated and we could go nuts with it if we wanted to.

We weren't ready to answer right then and there, so we thanked them and told them we’d talk about it privately and get back to them when we’d decided.

I was all for it right away. Moving in with Edward’s parents would mean we could start a family sooner rather than later.

Money problems would be a thing of the past. No rent or mortgage - Tatiana and Jonas own their house outright - so we’d only need to contribute for bills and house maintenance. It would much less money than we’re spending now, that’s for sure.

Edward was less enthusiastic. I guess he didn’t really picture himself moving back in with his parents.

It wouldn’t have to be forever though. If we hate it, we can keep saving up for our own house, which will be a lot easier if we’re at his parents’ place.

The more we talk about it, the more it makes perfect sense. We’ve decided we’re going to think about it for a month or so and if neither of us can think of any major issues, we’ll take Jonas and Tatiana up on their offer.

  • Title is from Don't Look Back by She & Him.
  • None of those dresses are ones I'll use for Julia's wedding, in case you're wondering. ;) I am actually considering an EA dress among some custom ones though!
  • Chris was fairly blase about Veronica in the last update but my gosh, he is so into her now! Specific romantic wants and all!  :o I was very surprised but I'm sure Veronica is pleased, lol.
  • I am pretty much decided that I'll move Edward and Lucy in with Jonas and Tatiana before their play session next round. I was watching their finances pretty closely this time round and they ended with roughly the same amount of money they started with. :\ And that was factoring in two promotions (one for Edward and one for Chris). Their total was still under $20,000 and part of that money is Chris's. So this way, Lucy can get knocked up faster. And we all know that is my ultimate goal for all of my sims. ;)
  • I haven't yet decided what I'll do with Chris, assuming Edward and Lucy do move out. He will still get an update, of course; I'm just not entirely sure who he'll be living with, if anyone. But I'll figure that out later on. 


  1. Happy for Veronica! Looks like there really is a future for her and Chris now :-)
    Good idea to have Edward and Lucy move in with Edward's parents. It is also a very realistic scenario.

    1. Yeah, it's looking like it. Chris and Veronica's chemistry is off the charts, so I'm happy that they seem to have some staying power as well.

      Honestly, with Edward and Lucy, it's all gameplay-prompted. They have so little money and so little prospects of earning a ton more any time soon, so moving in with Jonas and Tatiana is just going to make their lives so much easier. Hopefully, any awkwardness caused by moving back home as an adult will be minor!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I loved seeing the girls shop for bridesmaid dresses! It reminds me of real life - it can be so hard to choose a dress especially if multiple people are involved.

    I'm excited for this couple to have a baby!! I think they should move in with Edwards parents.

    Question - when you have larger families living together under one household, do you keep track of how much money belongs to each person/smaller family unit? For instance, when Edward and Lucy move in with Jonas and Tatiana will you keep track of each of their finances separately or do they become combined?

    1. I can't imagine Julia would be a particularly agreeable bride to shop with. but bridesmaid dress shopping can be a nightmare, no matter how it's approached. I was once a bridesmaid for a bride who allowed us complete freedom in what dress we chose (it just had to be pink) and by the end of that, I was wishing she'd just pick something for me and force me to wear it!

      More than likely, that's what will happen. Edward and Lucy have basically no chance of starting a family within the next 5 years unless they do and I don't see them (especially not Lucy) wanting to wait past the age of 30.

      Oooh, no, I don't do anything like that! If Edward and Lucy ever moved out of Jonas and Tatiana's place, they'd take whatever they take (I have nomagic20khandout, so it would be a proportion of the household funds, not $20,000) and if it seemed like a lot, I'd just pretend Edward's parents helped them out a little. ;) I avoid maths wherever possible and keeping track of everyone's individual money seems like too much maths for me!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. Haha!! I was thinking that would be too much work too! I've been considering it but seems like too much of a hassle. Thanks for your input!

  3. Julia does seem like the kind of person who would take FOREVER to pick her dresses! So funny that Lucy isn't fussed, even if it's fluorescent spandex! Carla, you mentioned Oscar & Stella but didn't post a picture of them... I was scrolling up and down hoping to see one, lol. I was thinking maybe Lucy would be satisfied with being an aunt for now, and they wouldn't be jumping into having a baby yet, but then Edward got bit by the baby bug.
    My daughter went with her boyfriend's family to England this summer, to visit extending family, as they always do, and she said even though they are all pretty well off, no one her age can afford their own place unless it is absolutely tiny. Lucy and Edward moving in with Jonas and Tatiana reminded me of that, it seems very realistic these days and certainly seems to make sense for them. So excited to see the move-in and hopefully another pregnancy and baby soon!

    1. Julia's very picky and critical, which is a fun combination for Lucy to deal with. Hope is similar, so it's not as taxing for her. ;)

      Heh, no, no Oscar or Stella in this update. I would have just been shoving them in for the sake of it, so they only got a mention. They probably won't show up again for a good while. As for Lucy, she was never going to be satisfied with being an aunty, as fun as it is for her. She's been gunning for a baby since at least her wedding, maybe before! And now Edward's on board, there's one less reason for her to wait!

      It's a very similar housing situation for young couples (and singles even more so) here in Sydney as well. Even buying in the crappiest areas can get up close to a million. It's so unaffordable for so many, so Lucy and Edward's situation is very realistic to me as well.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I was wondering what would happen with Chris when they move out, I'm not sure he's entirely ready to move in with Veronica, but getting a new roommate when he might be prepared to move in with Veronica... Quite a predicament! I was very pleased to see he was rolling specific wants for Veronica, she's stuck around a long time, and it makes sense that he's growing fond of her more than a hook up.

    I am very excited for Lucy and Edward to have a baby! I can see why Edward isn't thrilled with the idea of living there forever, but it might not be that bad really and he has cool parents. Housing/Cost of living is such a huge deal for all age groups, but especially for those starting out. Will you be putting money into savings account(monique's computer) for these two, that will help them save faster while living back home. Ideally, I'm sure Edward wanted a house of his own when he started a family, without his parents meddling. Maybe they will be able to save up for a small starter house, I know I have a few that I've made over the years for young families in their situation.

    I am looking forward to Julia's wedding, she sure is lucky that her sister Lucy is so easy going and not nearly as opinionated as herself or they'd being butt heads.

    1. Yeah, I'm going to think on Chris. I may or may not move him in with Veronica next round. The rent on these places is kind of expensive and I'm not sure he can afford it on his own, or who else he'd have move in with him. But we'll see. He's definitely got some strong feelings for Veronica these days.

      Nah, I won't be doing a savings account for Edward and Lucy, mostly because I'm not sure if I'll want to move them out or not. If I do end up moving them out, they'll just move out and whatever they take, they take. Tatiana and Jonas are not hugely rich, so it wont' be a ton anyway.

      Julia and Lucy are about as different and sisters can be, I think. That's probably a good thing, as I can't imagine having two Julias!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I'm actually kinda happy for Veronica. Maybe Chris isn't a lost cause.
    I think it's a good idea for Edward and Lucy to move in, save up their money. Personally I love their house and think it should be permanent, but I can also understand Edward's issues with that.
    Imagining Hope and Lucy in fluorescent orange spandex. Brb, lmao.

    1. I'm happy for Veronica as well too. And for Chris, actually, because he must be feeling pretty good about where things are going with Veronica, to roll those kinds of wants.

      You love Tatiana and Jonas's house? I love it too and it could end up being permanent. I haven't decided yet. I think this is a good plan for Edward and Lucy for the next five years or so though.

      Ha, Lucy can make those kinds of proclamations safely, because she knows Julia wouldn't really pick anything so tacky! But if she did, I think Lucy would probably still wear it. Too agreeable for her own good. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. I can't even imagine shopping with a bride to be for her wedding dress. A bit nightmarish in my book, lol! I liked the actions in your shots though, are they poses or actual interactions?

    Edward and Lucy are such a cute couple! Sounds like they have everything planned now, moving in with the in-laws is a GREAT idea, they obviously get along with them quite well. They'll save so much money and if they can have the top floor to themselves even better!

    1. Wedding dress shopping would probably be easier for Lucy. She wouldn't have to be the model and stand in the judgement of Hope and Julia in any case! Those were all poses Lucy was doing during her modelling session. :)

      I think living with Tatiana and Jonas will work out well for Edward and Lucy. I went in to decorate the top floor for them (haven't finished) and it really is huge. Probably bigger than their whole apartment!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. It's good to see that Chris is starting to roll wants for Veronica. I think it's time he gets a little bit more serious about these things. I don't see them moving in together just yet though. Maybe a new roommate is the solution for him, or letting him live on his own for some time might be nice as well.

    I love that Tatiana and Jonas offered Edward and Lucy to move in with them, it might just be what they need at the time. And we might see babies from these 2 a lot sooner, which is something I'm looking forward to! I had planned to do something similar for one of my couples as well.

    1. Yeah, I was surprised but happy to see Chris getting a little more into Veronica this session. He's edging closer to 30, so he's probably starting to think about what the future holds for him. I've been thinking of playing him alone but I just get so bored playing single sims and I can't think who I would have move in with him as a roommate. None of my playables need anywhere to live and I don't want to move a townie in. I'm still thinking about his living situation for next round.

      I think Edward and Lucy living with Tatiana and Jonas should work out well. Actually, that reminds me I never finished decorating the upper floor for them! I should go back and do that. I'll have to include a nursery, of course. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. I guess the approach of that big 3 and 0 gets even the most severe commitment-phobics to think about commitment like my Niall and your Chris. I'm glad because Veronica seems pretty serious about him and I'd hate for her to get hurt. Baby steps, Chris, baby steps, LOL.

    I think it's a good solution for Edward and Lucy to move in with his parents. But then again I support anything that will result in more babies ;). Neither of them are in the highest paying careers so saving up for a house would be very hard for them. Getting a whole storey for themselves seems pretty good compared to how cramped their living space is right now.

    1. It does seem to bring about that reaction in a lot of sims, doesn't it? Chris seems very happy with Veronica and she's seemed very happy with him for a good while now, so I guess it all seems to be working out for them.

      Ha, I really have to get in and finish decorating the second storey of the Lachance house for Edward and Lucy. I forgot I hadn't done it until I read this comment, lol. It's a great space for them. Bigger than their whole apartment and bigger than a couple of actual houses in the neighbourhood too. They will not want for space or privacy!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!