Friday, 5 December 2014

Dead end

Round 35: March 2042 (Autumn)

Louisa Gentry is 22, Lauren Carmody is 21, Caitlin Romilly is 19 and Annabel and Georgina Nott are 18. 
(Brendan is 19)

Narrated by Georgina Nott

I was very nervous about moving into the dorms but knowing Caitlin and Annabel would also be there made things a little easier for me. 

Louisa and Lauren are the other two residents - both seniors - and they’re also really nice.

Lauren in particular has gone out of her way to get to know me, which has made me feel really welcome.

I don’t have a lot in common with Lauren but I really like her regardless. 

I haven’t got much in common with Annabel either but I’ve managed to live pretty harmoniously with her for my whole life, so I guess I’m used to it.

Annabel has really hit it off with Lauren since we moved in. Annabel really wanted to start meeting some guys and Lauren was more than happy to show her around. 

They’re out most weekend nights - and sometimes weeknights too - usually at the campus bar.

Lauren has been dating a guy named Dane, who introduced Annabel to his friend, Landon.

Annabel clicked with Landon right away, so now they’re dating. 

Annabel seems pretty fond of him, seeing she talks about him all the time now. Which I don’t mind. I’m happy she’s happy.

But she has her heart set on getting me out to the uni bar with her now, to find me my own guy. 

I do want to meet somebody again someday but I don’t think I’ll meet him in a bar. That’s not really my thing.

Besides, I don’t really feel ready to start dating again. I’m still not totally over Brendan. 

I went out with Caitlin the other day and spotted him with his new girlfriend, Amanda, which wasn’t the most fun thing in the world to see. 

Caitlin had told me about it before I arrived at Suffolk, so it wasn’t a shock but it was still a little hard to watch.

They didn’t see us but Caitlin thought we should go up and say hi, just to get it over with. No, thanks! I’m sure I’ll have to talk to him and meet his girlfriend at some point in the future but I was glad Caitlin dropped it.

Instead, I went with Caitlin to meet Eddie, who she started dating a couple of months ago.

He was interested in her last year but Caitlin had said no then. He’d just split up with Lauren and Caitlin didn’t want to be his rebound girl.

As it turned out he was still interested when they ran into each other over the summer break, so they decided to give it a shot. 

I was at Sullivan High School with Eddie for a little while but being 4 years apart, we didn’t ever interact. Now that I’ve met him, I can say he seems like a really good guy.

He joined the fire brigade right after graduation, after not really knowing what to do for most of the time he was at university. 

Eddie is pretty happy with his choice now, which gives me some hope that my sister might eventually find something she’s happy with too. 

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and I'm an artistic person, so I’m majoring in Fine Arts/Education. There’s a ton of reading about educational theories and art history to do… 

…but I also paint a lot, for my more practical classes. I was lucky enough to get a room with a little balcony, so I can paint out there without ruining the carpet inside. I couldn’t be happier with my classes. For me, they’re perfect.

Annabel is a different story. I don’t know why but she randomly decided not long after we got to campus that she wanted to be a vet, so she’s majoring in Biology. 

We’re three weeks into the semester and she’s already wondering if she made the right decision.

I’m not sure if she thought she’d be playing with kittens all day or something but it’s not what she was expecting.

I’m trying to be supportive but I’m not sure if I should be encouraging her to stick with it or try something else. The classes aren’t going to get any easier and then she’d have vet school on top of that.

She’s still saying she really wants to be a vet. I don’t know if she’d listen if I tried to talk her out of it at this point anyway. 

She should probably be studying way harder than she is but she avoids it whenever she can.

Louisa is graduating a semester behind after getting on academic probation in her freshman year. She says Annabel will probably sort herself out once her grades turn out to be less than stellar, like she did. 

I’m not so sure. Annabel has never been that interested in grades. 

I think I should probably just leave it alone for now. Annabel's prospects aren’t looking great for this semester, so she’s already headed for an earful from Mum. She doesn’t need one from me too.

  • Lauren rolled a want to become friends with Georgina right away, which was sweet. Lauren is maxed out in niceness, so I can see her wanting to take people under her wing like that. 
  • Poor Georgina is still rolling romantic wants for Brendan! I think meeting someone new might help with that but apart from the Brendan wants, her wants were very Knowledge-sim like this session. So I just let her be. I had enough new romance fun with Eddie and Caitlin and with Annabel and Lauren and their dormie boys. 
  • Annabel! I did the careers criteria on her and she scored really highly for Veterinarian. At first, I thought "no way". Vet school is often more competitive than med school (due to fewer places, as I understand) and it's an incredible amount of work that I wasn't sure Annabel would be up for. But I decided to let her try anyway. She is a nature sim, so I see her as an animal lover and she's also impulsive. I could see her choosing a major on a whim and then wondering if she should regret it later on! So I'm going to let her go and see what happens. Maybe she'll prove me wrong. If not, I have some other ideas for her anyway. :)
  • Lauren and Louisa both graduated in this session. Louisa's grad post will go up early, in June, because she only had one semester to go. She earned a 3.6 overall. Lauren's grad post will go up in January as normal - she got  a 3.9 GPA. Caitlin's GPA is 3.3, Annabel's is 3.0 and Georgina's is 4.0.


  1. A good read, as always! I had to smile at the idea that maybe Annabel thought she'd be playing with kittens all day when she wanted to become a vet :-)

    1. Well, that's what Georgina thinks Annabel thought. But knowing Annabel, she's probably not far off the mark. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Georgina!
    Annabel reminds me very much of my younger sister: doing something lofty on a whim and (possibly) regretting it later. But I'm sure she'll be fine. Georgina too, despite having to pass Brendan and his new girlfriend.
    Did we see Eddie and Caitlin hook up? I don't remember this.

    1. Annabel reminds me a little of her aunt Maia, with a little more direction, as misguided as that direction could be! She sorted herself out though, so I'm sure Annabel will as well. Georgina will be okay too. I think she's the sort who will be quite happy focusing on her studies until the right guy comes along. She's getting a lot of joy out of her classes right now.

      You didn't miss Eddie and Caitlin hooking up. Eddie was flirting with her in Caitlin's last update but that was as far as it went until now. We'll probably see a bit more of them in Finn and Victoria's update. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I can see the comparison of Annabel and her aunt Maia for sure, I'm curious how she will do with this big career path, she doesn't seem serious enough to take it on but she is still young. Hopefully Georgina will find someone else in the future, and hey, we already know that Louisa doesn't see Amanda and Brendan making it... so who knows! ;p But I like that she is taking her time, mending her broken heart and working on her studies, I think her Mom will appreciate this too once she finds out Annabel is dating an adult man!

    Nice of Lauren to take to the freshman girls, feels like Lauren has been at university for a long time, I don't know why! So I am glad she is graduating and looking forward to seeing what she and Louisa get up to in the real world.

    1. Yeah, I'm not sure how Annabel will go with this vet school thing either! We'll see, I guess. I'm hoping Georgina might be ready to move on next year. Not sure I want her back with Brendan but who knows?

      Ha, yeah, it feels like Lauren has been at uni for a long time to me too. It's partly because of my hiatus, I think, which happened sometime after she started. I'm very glad she (and the others) are done now and I can move onto new chapters in their lives.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I always enjoy reading you uni updates, there is always so much going on and always talk of boys (or girls if it's an update for the boys lol), but they are always fun.

    Poor Georgina still not over Brendan and I can understand her not wanting to say hi to him when she saw him out with his new girlfriend. That would've been totally uncomfortable! She seems to have settled in okay at the dorm as well, I guess knowing two out of the three girls makes it a lot easier.

    Annabel is a cutie and she looks like she'd be a funny sim to play. She might be in for a surprise with wanting to become a Vet. ;)

    I love Caitlin's look. She is such a gorgeous red-head with lovely freckles! I checked out her profile and I see she went out with Brendan too. lol I like the mosaic you created for her.

    1. I'm glad you enjoy reading my uni updates - they're some of my favourites to play through! There's always something amusing going on.

      I think Georgina is just the type to fall in love hard, so it takes her a while to fall out of love as well, poor girl. She has settled in better than I thought she would at the dorm but like you said, she has people she knows there too.

      Oh, gosh, Annabel. I don't know what's going to happen with her! I'm just glad I have some ideas for her for when she doesn't get into vet school, lol. I don't think it's likely. Vet school is competitive and I'm going to start requiring a certain GPA for post-grad study. For vet, med and law school, it's probably going to be somewhere in the region of 3.7. So she has some real catching up to do!

      I love Caitlin too. Yes, she dated Brendan when they were very young teens, so it wasn't too serious. There are no lingering feelings there, on either side. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!