Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Brother down

Round 36: March 2043 (Autumn)

Caitlin Romilly is 20 and Annabel and Georgina Nott are 19. 
(Eddie is 23 and Simon is 18)

Narrated by Annabel Nott

When I declared Biology as my major and decided I wanted to be a vet, I don’t think I really anticipated how difficult it would be.

I know I’m not stupid - just a little undisciplined - and I thought the classes would be okay, as long as I focused.

Even though I’ve been doing my best to focus, the material has been really challenging.

But I’m still proud of myself for how well I’ve been doing. I’m not getting straight As or anything but I’m passing, with a B+ average.

Caitlin is a junior this year and is pretty busy with classes but she’s got this idea in her head that she wants to write a book now. 

I’m not really sure where this has come from. She’s never written anything before, as far as I know, and she’s never expressed any interest in it at all. 

She says it’s something she feels like she has to do though, so I’m leaving her to it.

Caitlin told me Eddie doesn’t really get it either but he’s trying to be supportive regardless, which she’s appreciated.

When she actually gets to see him, anyway. The time they get to spend together is very limited a lot of the time.

It’s hard enough to have a relationship with someone in a different town but Eddie being a firefighter doesn’t make things any easier.

The shortest shifts he works are about 10 hours and he regularly works for 12. When they do see each other, they try to make the most of it and their dates end up being epically long. 

I used to think dating a firefighter would be kind of hot (no pun intended) but what’s the point if they’re hardly ever around?

I’m always astonished when Georgina manages to meet anyone, seeing it honestly seems like she doesn’t ever go anywhere but class. I guess miracles happen though, because she met a guy.

His name is Adrian and she’s totally gaga over him. He’s sort of nerdy, if you ask me…but it’s probably a good thing we don’t have the same taste in men!

He’s an environmental science major and wants to work in conservation after graduation.

Adrian is quite shy and he’s also really serious about his studies, like Georgina. 

He knows a tiny bit about art too, which is a definite plus for my sister.

They’ve only been dating a couple of months but Georgina is already talking about bringing him home to meet our parents, which is crazy to me. 

I would be avoiding that for as long as possible but Mum is a lot harder on my boyfriends than Georgina’s. Georgina is trusted to make good dating decisions and the guys I like are viewed with immediate suspicion. 

Adrian is keen to meet everyone at home though, so we’ll probably all head back to Sullivan at some stage and do the introductions. 

Georgina introduced me to Adrian pretty early on and he got my stamp of approval.

He’s kind of nerdy, if you ask me, but he’s a nice guy and Georgina seems really happy with him. 

Lately, I haven’t been quite as lucky in the romance department as Caitlin or Georgina.

I was dating this guy called Landon, who I met last year, and it was going okay.

And then I ran into my ex, Simon, who is now a freshman here. We saw each other a few times and were actually getting along, unlike the way we were at the end of our relationship.

It went way too far and we ended up in bed back in Simon’s dorm room. It was fun but we both agreed it wasn’t something we wanted to or should do again. 

I felt really guilty about it though and confessed everything to Landon. 

Predictably, Landon was not thrilled about this development and he broke up with me.

That really sucked. It’s not like we were in love or anything but you know…it’s not a great feeling, even when it’s somewhat expected and probably deserved.

And then I couldn’t stop thinking about Simon. I had to keep reminding myself that we were definitely not a good match but my mind kept drifting back to him. 

Caitlin’s doing her best to keep me distracted and focused on other things. She thinks I should probably take a little break from dating and guys for a while.

I think she’s probably right. Maybe I’ll even throw myself into my classes for once.


  • Title is from Brother Down by Sam Roberts.
  • Georgina is still her perfect student self with a 4.0 GPA, Caitlin is steady on 3.3 and Annabel raiseds her to 3.2 (from 3.1). She rolled a couple of skilling wants and a couple of wants to actually go to class, though she's still not very keen on doing term papers or anything that would really get her grades up there!
  • Adrian is a dormie I spotted flirting with Georgina when I had Simon out busking in the last session. You can possibly (?) see him in those pictures, though he would look completely different. He was one of the few dormies I hadn't made over and looked particularly dire. He had a makeover before I let him appear in the blog for real. ;)
  • Annabel had the want to get engaged to Simon when I loaded up. Jesus Christ! That rolled a way, thank goodness and she doesn't seem too interested in him any more. She wasn't interested in dating at all for the entire second semester but she rolled a want to go on a date on the very last day I played them, so she might find someone next time. 


  1. Georgina's new dude is very cute, even if dorky. Especially because he's dorky, maybe, because they look sweet together.

    It's very telling that their parents treat them differently about their dating experiences and the boys they bring home. I can kind of see why they worry about Annabel a little more, lol! I bet some time off the dating scene will do her a lot of good. It's not like she'll be an old maid any time soon. ;)

    1. Yeah, I like the dorky guys. Adrian is a cutie and I was glad to see him flirting autonomously with Georgina last session - I love when that happens!

      Yes, Annabel doesn't see it as concern with her mum, even though that's exactly what it is. Annabel just doesn't think things through as deeply as Georgina does, so Lia naturally worries more about her than about Georgina. I think some time away from boys will be a good thing for her.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Ok, I am totally in love with Annabel's expression regarding Georgina bringing her new beau home! Total disbelief! I'm looking forward to that introduction, but I do agree with Annabel that her guys aren't regarded quite as highly as Georgina's, probably because of their different taste in me. I don't blame him for breaking up with her though, with sleeping with Simon. Who has time for that in college? Plus it's an old-flame, which means it could very well happen again, history and all that.

    I'm surprised she rolled the want to be engaged to Simon! Whoa! Maybe they'll be like Hope and Malcolm, and come back together after they've matured. They were a cute couple.

    As for dating a fireman, I think those long hours are one of the reasons that they have high divorce rate. Hard to be with someone who isn't ever around, but they are cute together so I hope it works out for Caitlin.

    1. I have Gordon and Lia on the schedule for June, so it won't be too terribly long until we see them meet Adrian. Especially if I can keep playing at my current rate. ;)

      Landon was right to break up with Annabel. Honestly, they were not a great match (low two bolts) and there's no guarantee she wouldn't hook up with Simon again. I don't know if they'll ever get back together for real, as they both have higher chemistry with others, but who knows? I'm not ruling anything out!

      I didn't know about divorce rates among firemen but I'm not surprised at all. I imagine their relationships could feel almost like long distance relationships at times. It would be very difficult for both halves of the couple.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I think Georgina's guy is adorable. Absolutely adorable. Did Annabel have a fear of marrying Simon when she rolled the want to be engaged? That is surprising. I'm excited about Annabel's career- vet, or vet tech? Those would be both be fun to see in the blog.

    1. I'm quite pleased with Adrian's makeover and how sweet he and Georgina are together. You should have seen him pre-makeover. Yeesh. I posted a pic on N99 but I'm going to put it up on Tumblr later on as well.

      No, no fear of marriage for Annabel. I've only seen Romance sims roll that (Annabel is Pleasure) and I don't think college sims can roll it anyway. In any case, I'm not taking it as a serious want right now, just a bit of a passing fancy from a still-slightly-immature teenager. It didn't stick around for long.

      I'm going for vet for Annabel but if she can't keep her GPA above 3 (which is currently my criteria for getting into post-grad study), I will probably look into making her a vet nurse instead. There's also an Animal Care career floating around somewhere, so that's another option. She will definitely want to work with animals when she graduates, no matter what happens. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Whew, this was not what I expected considering your dream about the boys and then to see that the next update was the girls, lol! :) I hope to see more of Adrian as well, he seems sweet :)

    1. The boys' update is right before this one. ;) But my dream didn't quite come true with that one either. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, I had a dream before I played the boys that Brendan had knocked someone up. I was in a bit of a mini-slump before that and that made me really want to play again, lol!

      There will definitely be more Adrian in Lia and Gordon's update this round. :) I just looked last night and realised it'll be Lia's birthday, so I'm positive she will want some kind of family get-together. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Aahaha, Annabel's writing cracked me up!! It's a miracle Georgina met a guy! Ahaha!! Sister's charity! :D It's true these two ones are so different! Aww, Adrian looks indeed adorably nerdy! (you make the cutest nerdy guys of the whole Sims universe, Carla!!!)
    Awww, so that's the book Caitlin was talking about! (retro-reading isn't the best, but well... I'm afraid to check where I left everybody last time I followed your Sims, though I have bookmarked it!)
    Ahaha, Annabel's romances are epic! :D

    1. Haha, the ways Georgina and Annabel meet people are very different and Annabel can't quite imagine doing it her sister's way! But hey, it worked. ;) I didn't make Adrian, though I did make him over rather extensively. No surgery, but I did give him some glasses, some facial scruff and a new haircut and outfit. I don't know if you remember Goopy GilsCarbo, the TS2 townie, but Adrian's old outfit was quite similar to that!

      I had actually forgotten about Caitlin's book writing until this comment, so I don't think I mentioned it in the next update. It won't be a continuing thing for her - I just think of her as the kind of person to get an idea she can't shake, get it done and then move on!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!