Thursday, 8 October 2015

Sound as ever

Round 36: March 2043 (Autumn)

Brendan Lachance is 20 and Simon and Matthew Lane are 18. 

Narrated by Simon Lane

Matthew and I both moved in Novak Hall this year and things are going pretty well for us so far.

Rooms were assigned randomly and Matthew ended up with a roomie, at least for this year.

Not the ideal situation but he says his roommate only ever comes in to sleep and sometimes not even then. So it’s almost like having his own room.

I actually have my own room though and I have to say, it’s pretty sweet.

It’s bigger than my bedroom at home and I have total privacy. It’s also upstairs, away from most of the noise, so I can sleep in. 

I don’t have a class starting earlier than 2pm, so I’m rarely up before lunch time. 

Matthew is majoring in Information Science and for some reason, most of his classes don’t start until 8pm.

Even so, he gets up at 8am and studies all day. Then he comes home at about 10:30 and basically goes straight to bed. 

Such a nerd. We’re twins but you really wouldn’t know it most of the time. 

I’m a music major but it’s really mostly for the college experience and to appease Mum. I don’t think I need a degree to be a musician.

I’m just doing the bare minimum I need to do to pass right now. I learn way more about music from playing it than I do from sitting in class. 

I sometimes take my guitar and amp and set it up in the street and hope I can earn some decent money before I get shooed away for busking without a permit.

It’s awesome to have people watching and listening to my music. 

I’m just not into studying at all, I guess. While Matthew is sleeping, I’m usually out at the uni bar, having actual fun. 

Sometimes I go on my own and meet people there and sometimes I go with Brendan.

Brendan is a junior, who I vaguely remembered from high school and who I’ve got to know a little better since moving to campus.

We probably wouldn’t hang out if we weren’t sharing a residence but we get along and he’s an okay guy.

He’s got a girlfriend - Amanda, who lives in our dorm - but they don’t seem to hang out too much. He’s not chasing other girls or anything but I don’t think I’ve seen them together more than a few times. 

It’s been harder than I thought to find any girls I’m interested in on campus. Everyone seems really studious, whereas I really just want to have fun.

I met a couple of cute girls around the dorm but they weren’t really my type, personality-wise.

They’re more Matthew’s type of girls, if he didn’t have a girlfriend waiting for him back in Sullivan.

Though there is one girl around here who is really into Matthew and Alice doesn’t seem to be stopping him from lapping up the attention.

I even considered seeing if I could get back together with Annabel, seeing we were sort of getting along again.

We did actually end up hooking up, just the once.

But I thought better of it afterwards and I think she did too. We’d be fighting again before too long, I’m sure. 

I did finally meet a girl I was on the same wavelength with and she turned out to be living right here in the dorm.

Her name is Tracy, she’s a fellow freshman and hasn’t declared a major yet.

It was kind of refreshing to finally meet someone else for whom studying was not the number one priority.

Tracy is a lot of fun. It’s great to have someone to goof off with while everyone else around here has their nose in the books.

And she’s really cute to boot. That’s a nice bonus, I have to say.

We’re keeping everything super casual right now. Neither of us are anywhere near ready for anything serious.

We’re way too young to think about that right now, so we’re just hanging out and seeing where things go.

  • Title is from Sound as Ever by You Am I.
  • Hope the pictures look okay. I am fine-tuning the dimensions of everything. Not sure why it's changed on my new PC but it has. 
  • Brendan and Matthew are both doing well with their 4.0 GPAs, while Simon hasn't done a single term paper, so his GPA is 3.3.
  • Brendan seemed totally uninterested in Amanda during the entire first semester. I generally play my sims for the first semester and speed them through the second. In the second semester, Brendan and Amanda were all over each other. Evidence:

  • So I don't know! I thought Brendan might want to break up with her but it doesn't look like it, does it? He didn't roll a single want for her but I can't really ignore this much autonomous interaction!
  • Annabel was a booty call. She came up once, they stripped off, got on the bed and then got right back off again. So I figured it wasn't going to happen. Then I saw her heading back up there later on and they finally went through with it. So that's two notches on Simon's bedpost, seeing he hooked up with Tracy as well, shortly after Annabel. 
  • Matthew was not a good boy this round. The blonde girl's name is Lexie and there was a ton of flirting going on, plus a couple of kisses. Alice would not be impressed at all. 
  • There were a couple of other things that happened in this session that I haven't addressed yet, because it didn't make sense for Simon to really care about them. But I will deal with them in due course (one in the next update). These kids kept me busy, I can say that!


  1. OMG Simon and Annabel's faces after they hooked up. LOL, that picture is classic!

    Poor guy, trying to find somebody not interested in studying at college. Those dormie girls are really cute though! (I never had dormies that cute, lol!) It must have been torture for him. College freshman are so much fun. At least in my experience, they always seem to have the most drama and shenanigans!

    1. SIms always look so regretful right after they woohoo. It was appropriate in this particular case though! Simon and Annabel have decent chemistry but they don't work together.

      I have never seen so many crossed out bolts than I saw in Simon's relationship panel! You would think a young guitarist would be hot property, lol! But nope. I find college sims fun in general but there's something extra special about that first year. It's their first time away from their parents and when they really start to show you what kind of sim they are. It's fun to watch!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Yikes! I can't believe that he hooked up with Annabel and I'm totally loving that it was a booty call! My uni kids were bootycall fiends! What the heck!? Loving it. Though I agree, that they don't look like they felt so great afterwards.

    I'm surprised in Matthew, poor Alice. She's super adorable too, but I guess it's hard being long distance, especially when something new, enticing, and totally blonde digs you. I hope he breaks it to her before she finds out on her own. I'm humored by his late classes, doesn't give the guy much of a chance to hang out at the bar all night, I have a hack that stops those late classes cause they were digging in to *my* fun with the uni kids at the bar.

    Tracy looks cute, and for a dryspell, Simon seemed to pick up some speed there near the end. Poor guy, it's rough when there is a ton of negative bolts, especially if you are wanting to mingle.

    1. I wasn't really surprised about Simon and Annabel. When my sims break up, they tend to lose the pink hearts right away but the red hearts linger for a while, so booty calls make sense. But yeesh, it probably wasn't a great idea for these two!

      You have to remember that Matthew is kind of an asshole. A heartfelt confession to Alice is probably not on the cards but I'll be watching his wants and autonomous actions to see what happens. Stranger things have happened.

      LOL, I was seriously going to let Simon have so much fun at uni but the opportunities were really lacking! Poor Simon!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Wow at Simon and Annabel hooking up! Though it's good that they both realized it really wasn't going to work and didn't try to push it any further after that. I'm glad that Simon did find someone whose personally matches with his.

    And I'm disappointed in Matthew. I hope he's honest with Alice about what he's been doing, but I don't know if I really expect him to be. I guess we'll see!

    1. And I truly thought this update would be a bit boring! Simon and Annabel hooking up, along with everything else that happened, totally proved me wrong about that, lol. But yeah, Simon is better off with Tracy for the time being.

      I'm past being disappointed in Matthew. He's such a jerk and I was sort of waiting for something like this to happen. Poor Alice. :(

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. That's really funny that Simon is having a hard time finding people that want to just have fun at uni-- usually the dormies are all running around partying all the time. He made me laugh that he goes out and has "actual fun" at the uni bar. Tracy is really cute; did you have to make her over or did the game do that??

    1. It was a new problem for my sims, I have to say! Poor Simon, lol. And yeah, he doesn't think his idea is fun is all that similar to Matthew's, though I don't think they're all that different, really. I have seen Matthew at the bar though; I think Matthew just has a better idea of how to balance study and fun, rather than not enjoying fun at all. ;) I don't think Matthew would say studying is fun. He just knows he has to do it, so he does.

      Most of my dormies were generated before I added most of my custom content, so they've all been made over at least a little, including Tracy. Her face is just from my default replacement templates though - didn't edit that at all, except to add some make-up.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I think I've said it so many times before, but you are the one that inspired me to do more with my collegekids, and now I even like playing them! I do love reading about yours more, but still it's an improvement to my playing :)

    So Simon and Anabel hooked up? Good thing they both realised it shouldn't happen again.

    I love how the twins are so different, with Simon in college just for the experience, and Matthew being very serious about the whole thing!

    1. I really, really enjoy playing my college sims, so I'm glad that comes through in the updates and that I can prod others to give them some more attention too. They can just get up to so much fun and drama when they're away from their parents and have no real responsibilities yet. :)

      Simon and Annabel decided it shouldn't happen again but deciding something and then actually following through are two different things. They have fairly high chemistry, so I'm a touch worried there will be more booty calling in the future! But we'll see.

      My twins usually turn out pretty different, like Simon and Matthew are! I don't know if I subconsciously try to force it, so I can tell them apart, or if twins in my game just naturally turn out that way. Will and Levi Draper are very similar in personality right now (probably why I still can't tell them apart!) but with the addition of aspirations when they age up, that could change.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!