Sunday, 18 December 2016

All the way down

Round 36: March 2044 (Autumn)

Brendan Lachance is 21, Matthew and Simon Lane are 19 and Aurora and Bianca Moretti are 18. 
(Alice is 18 and Gabriel is 17)

Narrated by Aurora Moretti

Moving into the dorms together has meant Bianca and I are now sharing a room again. It’s been several years since we’ve done that, so that’s been different.

Fortunately, we’re very alike, even for twins, so it hasn’t been too difficult an adjustment for us. 

It’s actually really nice to have this little space here that’s just ours. The dorms can be a bit overwhelming at times but we’ve made our room feel a bit like home. 

I’m studying economics, in the hope that one day I can either own a garage, or manage one owned by someone else. 

It’s…well, it’s not the most exciting major in the world. It’s not something that really interests me.

But on the other hand, I’m on track for some decent grades this semester, so I’m going to stick it out at least a little while longer and see how I go. I can always change majors if I end up absolutely hating it. 

Bianca has her ear almost constantly glued to her phone. When she’s not on the phone, she’s on the computer, skyping with Gabriel. 

She’s missing him something awful and can’t wait until he starts here at Suffolk himself.

He’s definitely coming - he did really well in his preliminary SAS and he’ll only improve when he does it again this year - but it’s still quite a long time away. 

They’re still managing to see each other. Sometimes he’ll come here and sometimes Bianca will go back home. It’s hard though and very different to living in the same town. They’re both keen to be done with this long distance thing and be together again properly. 

Bianca is studying fashion design, which has strangely meant that she’s been spending a fair bit of time around Simon.

He’s actually a music major but all their classes are in the arts faculty building, so they often walk to class together and hang out. 

Gabriel has absolutely nothing to worry about on that front though. I was joking with Bianca about Simon having a crush on her and she was so horrified. He’s not interested in her and even if he was, he’d have no chance. Bianca’s not attracted to him at all. 

I never seriously thought anything was going on. I know full well Simon isn’t Bianca’s type!

I used to go out with Simon’s twin brother Matthew and unfortunately for me, he lives in the same dorm as us. 

He supposedly has a girlfriend, Alice, who lives in another dorm, but you wouldn’t know it by the way he carries on here at home.

I actually assumed they’d broken up and that Matthew had got together with this Lexie girl but no, he’s apparently trying to keep them both.

He’s such a jerk. I’ve never been gladder that I broke up with him.

I almost think I should tell Alice what’s going on but at the same time, I don’t know if it’s my place.

We were in the same grade at school but I really don’t know her all that well. She knows we used to go out though, so I would worry she’d just think I was trying to break them up or something. 

At least there’s one really nice guy in our dorm. Since I got here, I’ve made friends with Brendan. I remembered him from high school but seeing he was a few years ahead of me, I don’t think I ever really spoke to him.

He just happened to sit down across from me at breakfast one morning and we started talking.

We soon found we had a ton in common and it wasn’t long until we were good friends.

Lately though, I’ve felt like we could be more than that. 

Brendan is obviously very, very cute but more importantly, I’ve never clicked with a guy the way I have with Brendan. 

I was trying to subtly figure out if he felt the same way but I wasn’t having any luck with that.

So I decided to pluck up all my courage and just ask him out and it went pretty badly. As it turns out, Brendan has a girlfriend. 

He’s never mentioned her to me and I don’t think I’ve seen her around but the fact remains that she exists and Brendan’s not available.

I was pretty embarrassed about the whole thing, which Brendan realised and, to his credit, apologised for. He said he should have told me about Amanda but things are “weird” between them at the moment.

Now I’m going over the conversation in my head, trying to figure out what he meant by “weird”. Weird as in they’re struggling but working it out? Weird as in they’re drifting apart?

I'm too nervous to ask him about it again and I'm not even sure that would be the right course of action anyway. I think I'll just have to wait and see how everything shakes out. 

  • Aurora is a little bit more serious and outgoing than Bianca but other than that, their personalities are identical. They’re not the most identical looking twins but temperament wise, they are. 
  • Things are indeed "weird" with Brendan and his girlfriend. Last round, they were lukewarm in the first semester but seemed pretty into each other in the second. This time, I really only played the first semester (kind of just sped through the second) and Brendan wasn't interested in Amanda in terms of wants but all his fears were related to her. Fear of being rejected for a kiss or fear of being caught cheating (pretty common Family sim fears, in my experience). 
  • I want to update on this at some point and that will most likely be in September birthdays, when Aurora (and Bianca, of course) turns 18. 
  • You will see more on the Matthew/Alice/Lexie situation in the next uni update though, as Alice lives in that dorm. 
  • Simon didn't get much time this update, apart from his burgeoning friendship with Bianca (which was all driven by their wants, by the way - surprising!) but he's probably the one in the dorm with the least drama going on! He seems to have a little friends with benefits thing going on with Annabel, as she came over at least twice during the session. She's single, so I guess there's no harm there but I can't see them getting back together for real. 
  • Matthew, Brendan and Bianca all have 4.0 GPAs. Aurora is at 3.6 and Simon has raised his from a 3.3 to a 3.4. 


  1. That is awkward seeing your ex cheat on his current and not knowing what to say. I can't wait to see what happens in the next update with Alice.

    1. Yes, especially awkward for someone like Aurora who is generally pretty shy and reserved. I'm hoping to get the next story update out sometime between Christmas and New Year. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Ooooh I hadn't remembered that Alice was with her ex! Yeah... there isn't anyway to put that, especially seeing that she isn't friends with Alice. It'd be better to come from someone else, maybe she can tip someone off... Yucky situation. Poor Alice too.

    Gabriel and Brendan are both uber adorable, and I hope that she has a chance to date Brendan, and I'm glad he was chill with the whole flirting attempt. If things seem weird, then I think she should wait it out. :D Especially seeing that she's a playable. ;) I like the posed photos of her on the bed, mulling over the situation, and I think its great the twins can share a room (though that being an adjustment too!).

    1. Yes, Matthew being Aurora's ex makes things with her and Alice a little bit awkward already. Aurora was totally done with Matthew when they broke up but Alice doesn't necessarily know that and could think Aurora had ulterior motives if she broke the news. :\ I think she would be fairly unlikely to but is probably hoping someone else will do it for her.

      I love both Gabriel and Brendan, though I'm starting to think Brendan has a bit of a knack for getting himself into slightly dicey situations with his girlfriends! Aurora is pretty into him. I wouldn't mind them waiting but ACR may have other ideas! It usually does. ;) We'll see what happens.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Aww, poor Aurora! Well at least she knows where they stand now. Well sort of anyway. lol Hopefully they can still be friends and can hang out and things aren't weird between them due to Aurora bringing up that topic.

    1. I think Aurora still feels a little up in the air with Brendan. She knows it's not happening now but doesn't really know if she can reasonably expect anything in the future. Some awkwardness would be understandable but it would be nice if they could get past that too.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Aww, poor Alice, everybody knows Matthew is getting around behind her back. I can see how tough that would be for Aurora to want to say something but also feel like it's not her business. I'm sure she would just look jealous to Alice.

    Just as I was thinking that Aurora and Brendan would be cute, she got shot down! Her face in that picture is just priceless, lol!

    Yes, Brendan, what did you mean by weird??? I am glad he is doing right by his girlfriend, though, and not sneaking around behind her back even if things are weird. I hope we'll get to hear from him soon, I'd love to know if he has any feelings back and what exactly he means by weird. Hopefully he and Aurora can continue to enjoy their friendship for now and not feel too awkward about things.

    1. I'm not sure what will happen with Alice and Matthew. Like, if Sylvia saw something, she would tell Alice for sure. I think Simon would protect his brother and wouldn't. And then there's the possibility that she'll find out for herself. I can't actually decide, so I'm going to let it play out naturally and she'll find out or not find out, depending on what actually happens in the game.

      Sim rejection is so brutal. I didn't pose that pic of Aurora getting shot down, poor kid. :(

      Yeah, Brendan is being a bit vague, isn't he? It's no wonder Aurora is confused. I'll be able to deal with that a little bit more in the next update, as I've decided to have Caitlin narrate. She's good friends with Brendan and Aurora is her cousin, so it would be somewhat natural for her to insert herself into this situation (and she probably would even if it wasn't, because I think she's a bit nosy that way). So more to come!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. Ha ha, nosy characters are my favorite! I can't wait to hear what she thinks about it! :D

    3. I'm hoping to play this weekend, so I can find that out myself!

  5. I like Maisie's idea of Aurora telling someone else who can talk to Alice, if there's a person that's reliable available. And that picture of Aurora "subtly" checking out Brendan while playing pool is great. As for ACR pushing things, I was wondering how much do you try to insulate your sims from that by not having them in the same household? For example, I'm keeping Dustin and Angela in separate households for a round or two just to let them get established in their careers just out of school before ACR goes nuts.

    1. Yes, that's an idea, except I don't know that there's anyone except Sylvia who Alice might be okay hearing that news from...and Sylvia isn't the easiest person to talk to and I can't see Aurora approaching her. Aurora doesn't really know her any better than she knows Alice. I'm going to try to let it play out naturally and see what happens.

      No, I never split up households to keep sims apart. It's really not a guaranteed way to prevent romantic interaction anyway, as sims can always do booty calls and they will do them totally autonomously. What I do instead is I put them in the Friend Zone, which is an ACR feature. I've never had that fail. I've got Matthew and Aurora in the FZ right now, because sims are very likely to initiate romantic interactions with sims they've previously been romantic with and I'm not up for that with them! Logically, they wouldn't be the kind of couple who'd ever get back together. So even if you have them living separately, I would put Dustin and Angela in the FZ if you're sure you don't want them starting anything up at the moment.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. I forgot about Friend Zone. Thanks!

  6. Poor Alice. She seems like a nice kid, but there's no good way for Aurora to let her know. Hopefully she does find out and can kick Matthew to the curb. I kinda want to see her with Brendan now. It sounds like they could be good together. That tumultuous relationship with Amanda sounds like my Mike and Amy. Ultimately, it was a good thing they broke up. I'll be keeping an eye on him from now on.

    1. Alice and Brendan? I've never considered them as a possibility but then, I have the advantage of seeing their chemistry (which is not great) and I know more about Alice's personality than any of you guys would, seeing she's a playable NPC and has mostly only been a background character.

      More on Amanda and Brendan in the next update. Which I know you've read but just in case anyone else is reading the comments! But yeah, they've been running hot and cold for a long while.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!