Monday, 12 December 2016

You say it's your birthday, March 2044

Round 36: March 2044 (Autumn)

Sarah’s pregnancy has been taking its toll on her, so as of her 12th week, she’s been working from home.

She thought she’d be bored at home all day but she’s found that she loves it. There are absolutely no distractions (until the kids get back from school, of course) and she can easily take a break if it’s all getting too much.

Sarah is also celebrating her 39th birthday this month. Nick both took the day off to hang out with her but she wasn’t feeling up to anything more exciting than a quiet game of chess!

Sarah and Nick will welcome baby #5 in August.

Leslie and Dominic were due to meet their third child in May but sadly, they recently lost their little one.

She was far enough along that Stella and Oscar had already been told about the baby, so Dominic took on the task of “un”telling them. The twins are sad but not quite old enough to really understand what’s happened.

Leslie and Dominic are understandably devastated. They’re taking some time for themselves to grieve before thinking about if and when they might try again. 

In happier news, Sam and Julia Whitney have finally welcomed their first child together.

Penelope Ada, to be known as Penny, has brown eyes and brown hair, just like her mother.

Julia turns 33 this month and she thinks Penny just might be her best birthday present ever. 

Other birthdays this month:
Everett and Grace Benton turn 14
Alice Jacobson turns 18
Declan Romilly turns 23
Audrey Benton turns 32
Nathan Collins turns 34
Miles Jacobson turns 41
Joanna Draper turns 49
Cara Moretti turns 55
Kit Royce turns 84

March wedding anniversaries:
Cordy and Eliot Lane - 29 years
Tate and Zelda Benton - 45 years


  • Oh Leslie. :( I saw her moaning and clutching her belly and was hoping it was just pre-term contractions. Then her mood plummeted and I got the pop-up that she'd had a miscarriage. And I always hate bad things happening to Dominic, after I killed off his girlfriend all those years ago. :( So I'm genuinely sad about this. 
  • What I generally do with my couples who miscarry is give them six months and then roll for when they'll start to try again. I've done that with Leslie and Dominic, so hopefully they will have a third child sometime in the near future. 
  • I am, however, happy that Sam and Julia had a girl. I liked my girl name pick better but I also just saw them with a girl, for some reason. The Whitneys are playable NPCs now, so they won't feature in their own updates but you will still see them popping up in Birthdays and in other families' updates.


  1. Oh no! Leslie and Dominic. My heart breaks for them. I remember when his girlfriend died in the fire during university. I'm also glad I'm not the only simmer who tries to save simmies from future heartbreak if they go through something traumatic. I am still afraid of InTeen because of the miscarriage option. I think I'd max motives my simmies. One day I will download it, even though I say that every other year :)

    1. Yeah, I always develop a soft spot for my sims who go through any sort of trauma - I wrap them up in cotton wool! I have definitely been guilty of max motiving my pregnant ladies but didn't think to do it for Leslie until it was too late. :(

      If you are interested in InTeen though, you can always download the "no miscarriages" flavour pack. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. And just the other day Laura was writing about her ROS's including pregnancy rolls; this is so sad (both to read about and in game). You got a beautiful picture of Dominic and Leslie grieving together and him comforting her. So glad Sarah's taking it easy and careful, and welcome little Penelope! That is a great name.

    1. Yes, when I responded to that post, Leslie had just miscarried in my game but I couldn't say anything, as there was still a while until this post was finally published. Interesting that Laura happened to start talking about pregnancy ROS just after this happened in my game though!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Congrats to Sam & Julie! I bet these two are over the moon and Penny is adorable.

    So sad for Leslie & Dominic though. And having to tell the kids what happened, that is so heartbreaking. :( I hope they get through this and one day decide to try again.

    1. I think Julia's been wanting a baby since before she and Sam even met, so they're both thrilled with little Penny!

      I'm also hoping we see another baby for Leslie and Dominic sometime soon. The age gap between the twins and the potential third child will be a little larger than ideal but life intervened, unfortunately.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Oh no!!! This is so sad. And yes, I do still remember when Dominic's girlfriend died. :'(

    See, now I wonder if I'm regretting adding a miscarriage risk to my game, lol! I wonder if I could actually go through with it, especially that far along. She had all that time to grow attached and look forward to the baby. Ugh. And with the mod you use, you probably had no idea it was coming, either.

    On a lighter note, welcome baby Penny! I love that name, too. I just got my own Penelope in my game recently after I was jealous of other simmer's naming their sim-babies that. :D

    And I'm looking forward to another Sarah and Nick baby! They make the cutest kids together.

    1. Ha, just keep the risk low, I guess? ROS is simultaneously easier and harder than having a mod for miscarriages. On one hand, the mod makes the decision for you...but on the other hand, the mod makes the decision for you and you don't get to veto like you can with an ROS! InTeen even adds a little miscarriage memory, which is so sad. :( I'm a bit annoyed it only gets added to the mother's memories but that might be a limitation of the code that I don't understand. It would be nice if Dominic had it too though, because he would be grieving as well.

      Ha, was it Maisie? I just remembered she has a little Penelope in her hood as well. I'm sure that's why it popped into my head when Penny was born!

      I love how Sarah and Nick's genes have mixed so far! Don't disappoint me, Nick and Sarah! I think it would be cool if they ended up with a fair (fairer, anyway - Sarah isn't that pale) blonde kid this time.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. lol on Penelope name love, I love the name, but my husband always vetoed it, it's fun to name sims! <3 I'm so happy they had a daughter, I actually could see them with ether, but think a girl suits Julia more. I'm excited to see how Zac does with her, he's so much like me... basically an only child then suddenly siblings!

    I am so sad for Leslie and Dominic though. He's had a rough life of loss, and this is terribly heartbreaking. I hope that their next pregnancy produces a rainbow baby, and no scares. Keep her on bedrest and well fed with the next one, they are much more prone to miscarriages after the first. And if you ever really don't want a miscarriage, during the cramps, pause the game, then refresh their motives. It'll be a scare. I have done it when I was a bad sim parent, and utterly neglecting the pregnant sim entirely.

    Poor Sarah, I hear the older you are, the rougher the pregnancies are. I'm sure there is some truth to it, but I think some are just whiners. :p It's nice that Sarah can be at home to work, and take care of herself and baby as needed.

    1. Ha, those damn husbands! I didn't think too much about what I wanted Julia to have but just as she went into labour, I thought "ooh, I hope she has a girl!" And then along came Penny. Hopefully Zac will adjust!

      I know. :( I always want everything to go perfectly for Dominic and this really, really hasn't. I'll be taking extra special care of Leslie next time around, for sure. With InTeen miscarriages, I suspect the outcome is already decided once the sim starts moaning and clutching her belly. I actually tried refreshing motives with Hope and before that, with Patience, and both still miscarried. :(

      I think everything is just harder on your body in general when you get older, so I could definitely believe pregnancy would be too! It's interesting that the game seems to have pegged onto this reality though. It really does feel like Sarah's energy is dropping a lot more quickly this time around. I'll really have to watch her next pregnancy update, to make sure I don't have a repeat of what's happened with Leslie and Dominic. :(

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. I don't know if I would have the gall to through with the miscarriage. I might have just started over and kept that secret safe with me.

    Can't believe Julia is a mom. I remember her being such a pain in university. I wonder if motherhood will soften her up a bit.

    1. Oh, I've done that plenty of times! In all honesty, the chance of sims having a miscarriage is extremely high. In my game at least, if my sim has low energy/hunger for long enough, they're either going to get pre-term contractions or they'll miscarry. So whether or not I go through with it depends on how long it's been since the last miscarriage and sometimes just about how I feel at the time. Sometimes I don't feel like writing anything sad, so I don't!

      I think Julia has softened a lot since getting together with Sam. I can only imagine Penny will soften her a little more.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!