Friday, 23 September 2016

Swan Swan H

Round 36: January 2044 (Summer)

Chris Draper is 29 and Anthony Moretti is 27. 
(Caleb is 62, Cara is 55, Edward and Lucy are 29)
Narrated by Chris Draper

Not seeing Edward and Lucy every day any more is a little strange, I have to admit.

We still get together when we can and we pick up right where we left off but I do miss those days.

Even if I’d wanted to keep living with a married couple though and even if they’d wanted to keep living with me, it was never going to happen in that tiny unit. 

Seeing they wanted to have a kid in the near future, it just made sense for us to part ways and get our own places. So I ended up moving in with Anthony.

I thought it might be a little weird living with my girlfriend’s brother but things with Anthony have been all right so far.

He does have this really irritating habit of trying to talk to me while I’m watching football though.

He gets the message after I ignore him for a bit but he still tries again next game. He’s got no interest in sports at all and he doesn’t really understand my obsession with it.

That’s my only real complaint, to be honest. He’s an insane neat freak, which I assumed would make him really difficult to live with but it hasn’t worked out that way.

As it turns out though, I don’t really have to do anything to keep stuff clean. When I first moved in, I tried, only to have Anthony redo it all because I’d done it “wrong”. I don’t know how you clean "wrong” but I had managed it, according to him. He just likes things done his way, so I just let him do them. 

The fact that we barely see each other some days really cuts down on opportunities for us to annoy each other. I get home from work when Anthony is often still in his pyjamas ready for “breakfast”, which he eats at about 6pm. 

He’s a projectionist on the night shift, so he’s living a nocturnal lifestyle at the moment. 

Anthony likes the job but the hours are getting tough. He gets home at 1am, when everyone else is sleeping, so he misses out on most social things going on. 

It’s better than his DJ gig that didn’t end up until 4 but it still makes me really appreciate my 9-4 job. 

Anthony’s looking around for something else, hopefully with better hours. Still not anything his mother would consider a real career, unfortunately for her.

Cara has stopped nagging Anthony about his career, realising he was just digging his heels in out of spite every time she did. 

Great for him but now Veronica and I have to hear it when we visit. 

It’s worse now that I’ve moved in with Anthony, because Cara assumes I’ve got some sort of inside scoop on what his plans are.

I don’t know much more than she does and I think Anthony would murder me if I was running back and reporting everything to his mummy anyway, so I never say much. 

Caleb isn’t as fussed about Anthony’s job, as long as he’s happy, though he has occasionally asked about Anthony’s girlfriend. 

Until I moved in, I’d assumed Anthony didn’t have a girlfriend. Veronica never mentioned one, so I figured that was because she didn’t exist.

As it happens though, he does have a girlfriend. Her name is Connie, she’s a junior at Suffolk and they’ve been together for about two years.

They want to keep things casual though, so they haven’t bothered with family introductions or double dating with friends. They just don’t want to make a big deal out of anything.

It wasn’t so long ago that I was in that same position with Veronica, so I get it. At least Anthony and Connie are on the same page with it - Veronica and I were not.

I got past all that though and made things official with Veronica and we’ve been happy with that for a good while now. 

The tables have turned a bit these days, with me being the one who wants to get more serious and Veronica wanting to wait a while.

I’m really and truly ready to move forward. Get our own place together and then maybe even think about getting married. 

Veronica thinks my change in attitude was sort of sudden and wants to be sure I really know what I want before we make any moves to change our current situation. 

In fairness, this is all a bit new coming from me. I would love to push things along but I don’t think that’s going to help. I’m just going to have to go against my nature and try to be patient.


  • Title is from Swan Swan H by R.E.M.
  • Ugh, it took so long to get this out - I'm sorry! It feels very nice to finally have a proper update up again though. I'm hoping the next one will be a bit more timely but I can't promise it, so I won't. Things are still sort of crazy for me here.
  • Anthony's old roomie Noah still thinks he lives here. He strolled in two nights in a row and made himself at home. The first night, he didn't even talk to anyone. Just went upstairs and played games on the computer for a couple of hours!
  • Veronica still hasn't rolled a marriage want but I'm watching her! Doesn't mean I won't move them in together before next round. I'm just waiting to see how I feel about things a little while down the track.
  • I kind of forget Anthony had a girlfriend until I re-read the last update. I actually thought I'd already split them up. Oops. I don't think they have huge long term potential but I'll leave them together for now.
  • My original plan for Anthony's career was to let him reach the top of the Slacker career (his LTW) and then figure out what to do with him. I did the careers criteria on him this round though and got kind of excited about another option - owning a bar! He matched very highly with bartending and I don't think he'd do that long term but I can see him owning his own place and being his own boss. I've never run a bar before but the idea of it seems fun to me. I'm going to think about it but more than likely, I'll be moving Anthony on from Slacker before he gets to the top. 


  1. Great to see an update and sorry to hear things have been busy in RL. I always find posting even one update gets me excited to post another. lol One of the things I love about playing rounds is that each update is different and you aren't playing the same sims. It's always so much fun to see what the next family is up to! Anyways, hope everything is okay and things settle down for you soon so you can get back to your regular simming. :)

    Anthony sounds hilarious to live with! I'm not sure there is a wrong way to clean but I understand his OCD. Haha! I'd be leaving him to do all the cleaning too if he was just redoing it. And his mother is pretty funny trying to gets updates of her son through Chris. I wonder what Connie thinks of her boyfriends cleaning obsession. lol

    Chris and Veronica are cute together, hopefully they can settle on what is holding them back from taking the next step in their relationship. I think they'd have really cute babies! ;)

    1. It's not all bad. There was some Dad-related stuff going on but it was mostly work. I was on a lovely class, so it was actually good. Just not much time for simming!

      I don't think there's a wrong way to clean but I'm not a neat freak. I have known neat freaks who are very particular about the way things are cleaned and how thoroughly they're cleaned! I'm not sure Connie has felt the full force of Anthony's cleaning obsession, not living with him!

      I think Chris and Veronica would make adorable babies! Veronica just needs to feel a little more secure that Chris knows what he wants before she moves forward with him. She wants to but she wants to make certain he wants to as well. ]

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Can't wait to see him own a bar and I'm surprised that Chris wants to move forward now, but I guess maybe after all those years he's ready to settle down a bit. I remember how shocked I was when Amar wanted to settle down :)

    1. I was very inspired watching one of JodelieJodelie's videos the other day and now I really want to get started on the bar. This week's Just Play session for N99 may just be decorating, lol!

      Ha, I remember that too! Amar sowed his wild oats for a lot longer than Chris did, so that was probably a much bigger surprise!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. LOL, cleaning wrong. Let him do it himself then, that's always my motto! :)

    Aww, Veronica is probably right to be a little bit cautious. Even as much as it might please her, that is a big 180 for Chris. They're young enough still to let things sit for a little bit. Maybe moving in together might pacify him for a while and give them a good idea about whether it's what they really want or not.

    Anthony is such a funny mix of being fussy and being a slacker. I can kind of identify, lol! Awesome idea for a career change for him! Bars are really fun to play, and it's also special to take your other sims out there and know that the money is going to one of your own sims.

    1. Oh yeah. If you're that particular, you're better off doing the task yourself. Fortunately, Anthony is willing to do that. :)

      I think Veronica is wise. That marriage want came out of nowhere! She's not in any rush though. I'll see what I want to do with them next round but moving in together is a possibility.

      LOL, yeah, Anthony wouldn't have entered the Slacker career if I'd done the careers criteria on him when he was much younger. But it somehow kind of fits him anyway, so I'm sort of glad I wasn't doing it yet. I'm so excited to do this bar - I'm actually going to duck in today and maybe start decorating it. :D

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Wow is Anthony related to my Mother. I would not blend well living with Anthony, at least he will clean it himself. We didn't have that luxury growing up (or even now when my kids visit!). Oi!

    This was a great update, I really adore Veronica with Chris, and it's so sweet that he's ready to go forward, and she's still hesitant. It'll all be worth it when they eventually get there.

    I forgot all about Connie as well, until you mentioned her on N99 anyway. Nice that they are both cool with it being relaxed, I imagine it'd be hard for Anthony to have anything more with his hours, unless they kept them too. Couples make it work, but it's not likely to be ideal when trying to start a serious relationship. I'm super excited for him to own a bar!! They aren't as fun to play as bartending in TS3, sadly. But still fun.

    1. And here I thought Anthony was related to my mother! ;) I guess, if you have to live with a neat freak, one like Anthony is probably the best kind!

      I like Chris and Veronica together too. I'm hoping she feels a bit more secure in their relationship by the time next round rolls around. I think they'd work well together long term.

      Ha, well, I haven't exactly made much effort to find out what kind of a person Connie even is, so I'm not surprised others forgot her too! I think younger girls are probably perfect for Anthony at the moment. He's not ready to commit and really it'd be pretty difficult for him to do anyway. But I've got started on decorating his bar, so he should be able to start setting his own hours soon enough. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting! And sorry it took me so long to reply!

  5. It was fun to dip back into Sullivan with this update and get to know Chris and Anthony's stories a bit. It cracked me up that Cara was trying to ply Chris for information about her son's career choices. And how funny that the former roommate made himself at home using the game system, ha. I think of you often and hope you are well, glad to hear you have good things going on even though not as much time for simming right now.

    1. Anthony is one of those sims I feel like I don't know as well as I should yet, so it was fun to play him again! Cara isn't usually so nosy but she's genuinely concerned about Anthony's future career path. Not sure she'll love my idea of him owning a bar though!

      Thank you, Shannon, we're all doing okay. Everything (good and bad)that was going on is still going on to some degree, I'm still quite stressed but we're coping. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Chris wanting to be serious is new, but I guess even he had to grow up eventually.

    1. Chris's 29 now and has dated around enough, I guess. He'll have to wait for Veronica to be ready too though.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. I wonder if Chris is willing to "move things along" because he sees how things worked out for Lucy and Edward. He should still cool his jets. Enjoy your 20s, man!

    1. There may be an element of watching Chris and Lucy move on and be happy in Chris's thinking. I could definitely see that.

      He will have to cool his jets regardless though, because Veronica is making him, lol! She's not quite sure if she or Chris are ready just yet. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!