Friday, 15 August 2008

Custom content

I have a few different posts where I've listed the places where I download my custom content, so I'm going to link to them all here to clean up my sidebar.

Hacks, hacks and hacks
General custom content (mostly Body Shop things, a few objects)
Houses, apartments and other lots
Default replacements

As always, feel free to post your WCIFs in Comments any time you like. :) If I can remember where I got something, I don't mind sharing.


  1. Carla,

    I'm considering switching to the Dermalicious skins too, but I would really like them to be genetic. Could you post a little tutorial of how to geneticize them in SimPE??? Please...pretty please! :)

  2. When I get home from this blasted baby shower I have to attend this arvo, I'll see if I can knock something up. I won't get a chance to play today anyway and I don't think this tutorial should take me too long.

  3. Hey Snarky,

    I'm going to post this "out there" later on this morning but I'll put it here too, seeing this is where you asked.

    There is a really great tutorial on LJ that shows how to geneticise skins. I was going to make one of my own but I don't know if I could make one better than this, so I didn't bother. If you happen to run into trouble following it though, let me know and I'd be happy to help out.

    You'd be after Chapter 6 but I've linked to the whole thing, in case you want to take a look at the other sections.