Sunday, 5 July 2009

Dawning of a new era

Round 18: Days 86-90

Narrated by Athena Gottlieb

Petra recently made the decision to retire. Politics was sort of something she just fell into and she'd never planned to stay as long as she did. She told Adam she wanted to have some down time while she still had her health.

Adam had heard rumours that his mother was sort of...wild, when she was younger and we were both a little concerned about what down time would mean to Petra. It turns out it meant lazing around in her bedroom with the cat.

I wish Adam and I had that luxury! I'm getting so bored of corporate law and Adam has been trying to get his cooking show off the ground for what feels like forever. The networks keep saying his recipes aren't "creative" enough. I think the extra kilos we've put both gained since we got married should be proof positive that Adam's cooking is at least delicious!

Ottilie came over to commiserate with both of us. She's worse off. She's been stuck as a paralegal for a long while now.

Adam gets a bit discouraged talking about it all the time though, so he decided to be productive and drum out some of his frustration upstairs.

We've had record snowfall recently and the kids have loved it, even though Wade insisted he was too old for that baby stuff. He had a snowball fight in the backyard with Joanna. If you can declare a winner of a snowball fight, I think it was definitely Joanna.

She also built a fairly menacing looking snowman in the front yard. It didn't stop the burglar we got the same night though. Nothing was taken, thank goodness. The police were there before the burglar even reached the door.

Joanna is still very studious. When she's not teaching herself a new skill or reading, she's talking about how much she loves school.

I can't wait till she gets older and decides what she wants to do. She likes the podium a lot. Maybe she's a future lawyer or politician?

She picked up the violin recently and naturally, she was playing very well very quickly.

It's amazing she could hear herself because Wade is so often up there on the guitar, and he usually has the amp up very loud.

Mum came over the other night to congratulate Wade on getting into university - he earned 5 scholarships. I wish she hadn't but she also bought him a car. Wade was so excited but I was hoping that would be something he could save up and work towards. He can't use it while he's at college anyway.

My niece Cordy came over too. Wade thinks she has a crush on Eliot Novak and was sniffing around for information. Unfortunately for her, Wade doesn't really know him that well.

Petra passed away right before Joanna started high school, aged 78.

Joanna was the only one home at the time, as Petra was the one babysitting her.

Adam and I both felt terrible that she had to watch her grandmother die without anyone else there, but luckily Wade got home just a little while later and could comfort his little sister.

Though he was of course pretty upset himself.

Qantas is the kids' cat but he spent more time with Petra over the last few years. He's been missing her. He has to be coaxed out of Petra's bedroom to eat.

Adam recently finished his first restaurant guide and he earned almost $4000 in royalties from it! He dedicated to his parents, seeing it combined both of their passions - Petra's writing and Isaac's love of cooking.

Random pics:
Awww, Petra doing what she did best - hula dancing and telling inappropriate jokes to her son! With Petra's death, we are now left with none of my Sullivan originals. Everyone left was either born in game or added in later rounds from either CAS or the townie/NPC pool.

I was just looking at a picture of Petra as a toddler today and I don't think I've posted it before.

Check out how cheeky Petra looked as a little girl!

And her twin sister, Nathalie was pretty cute too!

That's their mother, Steffi, holding Nathalie there. Steffi was also Mina's mum.

  • Ottilie has been stuck as a Paralegal for approximately 25 years. She claims she wants to become The Law but has zero desire to skill for it, so tough luck for her, I say! Adam is really trying to get his cooking show though. He gets the want to drum and play piano quite often (he needs more creativity) but those last two points are hard to get! My Sims aren't allowed to use the thinking cap any more either.
  • The cat is depressed, for real. I've got the "your cat is starving" message three times and the bowl is full. It's kind of sad!
  • So much death recently! Hopefully, I can graduate Tatiana, David and Kirstin from university without anyone dying so that should be the last of it for a little while!


  1. Awww... bye Petra. It's nice to see the pictures of her as a little girl. I like RL obituaries that show them as they were when they were young as as they were when they died.

    Also, go Adam! If any sim deserves a TV cooking show, it would be him. He's so cute with his little belly!

  2. Aww, the poor kitty. I havne't had any depressed pets from a sim dying. But so far my sims have out lived the pets.

    Adam will get that cooking show. I just feel it!

  3. I hope he can get his show! It'll be sort of for his dad too, because Isaac never got there.

    I'm going to do more flashback pics, so I'm glad you like them, Lunar. No prequel posts, like Laura's done, because I've been blogging Sullivan since the start, but pictures at the end as a little addition, definitely. I really enjoy doing them.

  4. Awww poor cat! With last of my sims that recently died, it was the dog who has been depressed! I guess the animals can feel the pain too!

  5. They can in real life (my dog was really sad when my cat died - they were friends), so I figure Sim pets feel emotions like that too. Or at least I pretend they do.

  6. Poor, sad kitty! Though it's definitely amusing to think Petra spent the last of her days lazing around with the cat. ;)

    Joanna is quite cheeky herself, but definitely adorable!

  7. She's one of my 1 nice point Sims. She *looks* very sweet, like so many of my mean Sims.