Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The moon

Round 35: November 2042 (Spring)
Lane 2 household profile

Luc Lane is 49, Asha is 45, Ruby is 15, Marcus is 13 and Felix is 11.

Narrated by Ruby Lane

It’s normally Dad who goes away on tour but Mum recently got the opportunity to do the same and she jumped on it.

She does more session work than live shows but a band she’s recorded with asked her to fill in for their drummer for a part of their tour. 

So that left Dad in charge for a few weeks. He’s a little softer than Mum, so that was a fun change.

Mum isn't really strict or anything but she definitely doesn't let us watch gory horror movies and stay up late like Dad does.

She’s also a bit keener on balanced meals, whereas Dad just orders in, because he hates to cook.

I was getting a little sick of pizza every single night by the end of Mum’s time away.

I was so glad when she came home - to see her but also because it meant a break from pizza for a little while!

The first thing Felix did was tell Mum about all the movies Dad let him watch, so I’m guessing Dad got in trouble once we all went to bed!

Mum and Dad are on the same page about some things and one of them is that we all have to get a job once we’re old enough. For me, that was this year. 

I turned 15 in June and since then, I've been working after school at Ramona’s mum’s fashion company.

I go out and get coffee for people or I run things from one floor to another or any other random errand one of the designers wants to send me on.

It’s what Ramona used to do but seeing she’s been working there unofficially for a while now, she has more responsibilities. 

She’s at the front desk, so she answers phones, greet and directs visitors and does a bit of data entry.

So we have different jobs there but we walk there together after school and we get some opportunity to chat a little throughout the afternoon, so it’s still fun.

It’s exactly what we always wanted in an after school job. I was dreading getting a job, because I really didn't want to end up doing fast food or anything boring.

I'm seriously considering becoming a fashion designer when I'm older, actually, though I haven’t made up my mind quite yet. 

Marcus isn't old enough to work, so his “job” is watching Felix after school.

He doesn't care that much though. Marcus likes to use his afternoons to study and he can do that easily while watching Felix. 

Marcus is the only one of us who really loves school. 

He’s become such a nerd since he started high school. He got really good grades right off the bat, without trying and decided to actually put effort in and see how he went. Then he started getting amazing grades.

I think he’s such a geek but he gets a lot of attention from girls anyway, especially Jacinta.

Ramona says Jacinta likes every boy she comes across, so it probably doesn’t mean too much.

But she also said I only think Marcus is gross because he’s my brother. Other girls see him differently.

I don’t want to even consider that but I guess most boys are someone’s brother.

Not that I know all that many. There’s a severe imbalance of boys and girls at our school.

Ramona has a boyfriend though, Jonathan and I'm pretty jealous. Not of her, specifically, because Jonathan doesn't do anything for me but just of generally having a boyfriend.

I'm allowed to date. Dad doesn't want me to  but Mum always says she’ll take care of him, if I ever meet a boy I like.

But it’s not going to happen for me until college, I just know it.

I've tried flirting with older guys, like college-age, and it hasn't gone too well.

I guess they’re not into 15-year-olds. I'm actually pretty mature but they can’t see it.

I'm just going to have to try not getting too down about it. If there’s no one around, there’s no one around and there’s not much I can do about it. 

  • Title is from The Moon by Cat Power.
  • More scenes at my school! It's not finished but I have a couple of classrooms now, so I'm not limited to scenes outside, around an empty building selectively photographed to hide the emptiness. ;) I love seeing it all come together. I'm just over a third done now. 
  • That picture of the huge group of teens outside at school shows all of my teens, minus Marcus. There are four boys in it and two are Ruby's cousins. The boy situation at Exeter High School is really sad for a Romance sim like Ruby but there's not much I can do about it! And there's definitely nothing she can do about it. Brendan's not interested, lol!
  • Marcus is Pleasure secondary, so I'm probably going to have to get him a date next round. ;) He was rolling all Knowledge wants at the beginning but more Pleasure wants towards the end and he was getting pretty depressed!


  1. I love that picture of Felix telling Asha about the horror movies, very funny. And the fashion studio looks awesome! I'm very much looking forward to seeing your school, once it is ready. I know it will be really cool. Poor Ruby, such a dearth of romantic interests! It's funny, even though I have a bigger group of teens than I've had before right now in my 'hood, so far none of them seem like great matches. They may end up with townies even though there are so many playables.

    1. Heh, that was one of those pics I was quite happy I didn't have to pose. I'm limited with what I can do with kids, so that's always a nice thing.

      I actually completely forgot about my fashion studio until this post. I made it months ago but I do really like it and am looking forward to being done with my school.

      If there were any boys at all around suitable for Ruby, I'd probably force a relationship for her, whether he was a good match or not. She's 15 and 15-year-olds don't always make the best choices in that arena anyway. But there's literally no one that it would be realistic for her to date right now! Once she's college age or older, a guy 3 or so years younger will be nothing but it's a huge deal at 15!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I love the fact that Luc was left alone with the kids! He seemed to have done a good job though despite the fact that they ate pizza every day!
    I love Lelix' face when he tells his mom his dad let him watch horror movies.

    You always make me think of things I need to do more in my game and updates! Like the teen job-thing! I don't think a lot of my teens have afterschool jobs. But it makes sense though!
    It's good for Ruby that her job inspired her for the future.
    I'm sure Rudy will find a guy some day, I just hope it's soon, because romance-sims without love aren't the best to play :)

    1. Well, all the kids were still alive by the end of Asha's trip, so I think Luc would call that a win. ;)

      I think almost all my teens have after-school jobs! I recently realised Gabriel didn't have one and was really surprised. I let them get one once they're 14 or 15, so it was time for Ruby. I didn't really think about fashion for Ruby until this job. I noticed she had a high interest in fashion, so I did the rest of the career criteria on her and found she's very suited to it in general. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I really enjoyed seeing the family together, having a good time, minus Asha. Dad time is so important for kids, and they looked like they lived it up. And too funny on the pizza, I can totally understand that! So funny that Felix ratted him out though, what a doll! <3

    Poor Ruby, being romance, and no pickings. I do not blame Brendan for not jumping on board that! I'm not sure if Luc could be convinced in a college kid with his 15 year old! That's a recipe for trouble. ;) Maybe in a few years she can try again, or find someone else.

    I liked seeing your school and fashion career lot in action, it's perfect that the girls can work there together, really a dream come true. Also nice that her best friends Mom is in fashion, I think this after school job, and that affiliation, could really help her if she goes for it as a career.

    1. I think the Lane kids enjoyed their Dad time. :) He's definitely the more relaxed parent, though Asha is no disciplinarian either!

      Brendan knows what's good for him. ;) Ruby is 15 and he has a girlfriend. Just trouble all around there.

      Ruby's already got her foot in the door with fashion, if she does choose to go along this path after college. And it'll be nice for Olivia to have kind of a mentor, seeing I don't think Ramona is the slightest bit interested! It's just pocket money for her. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. It's so great to start reading again and finding people still writing pieces I love,. I'm catching up. The pizza every night always sounds like such a treat but wow...gets very old. What I like about the pizza vs balanced meals and horror movies vs other tv is the off the screen lectures seem to be gentle. There's no animosity or stern 'talking to' between Luc and Asha.

    The school lot and fashion career lots look wonderful! You are always so creative with the functional lots.

    1. Nice to see you around again! Yeah, I love pizza but I have to admit that even I'd probably get sick of it every night for three weeks. ;) I'd say the horror movies and the pizza probably were not total shocks to Asha. She knows Luc well enough by now, lol!

      Glad you like the lots! The fashion lot is one of my favourites I've done since the new hood, maybe ever. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. The school looks really neat! Your Sims are so beautiful--love that custom skin!

    1. Can't take credit for the skins at all but I can take credit for the school at least! So I'm glad you like it.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. I feel for Ruby, I really do. :) Or well, my current teen sims do.

    Really enjoyed seeing the family together, enjoying some dad time. :)

    And your school looks fabulous, it's so inspring!

    1. I'm feeling for Ruby too. Part of the fun of playing teen sims is the dating for me and I can't do much of it right now!

      Glad you like the school. It's coming together really nicely, which I'm pleased about. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Oh no, the expression on that college boy's face, lol! That had to sting. I know 15 yr olds think they're so grown, but from the guy's POV, he's just like "eew, no, jail bait!"

    Poor girl, though. I bet she'll really enjoy college once she gets to that age. All the boys! (In fact, maybe you should worry, lol!)

    1. Ha, that's Brendan Lachance rejecting Ruby there! He has a girlfriend and is wisely not into 15-year-olds to begin with. Ruby is definitely the sort of teenage girl (maybe they're the majority, come to think of it) who thinks she is far more adult than she actually is. ;)

      I'll leave the worrying over Ruby's college years to Luc. ;) I'm sure he'll get a few grey hairs out of that experience!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!