Thursday, 28 May 2015

Round 35 Summary

Whew, yet another round down! Here's the run-down:

Births: 6 (Gemma AshtonMatias Miguel, Zoe BentonElisa HamiltonMason NovakEliza Benton)

Deaths: 1 (Adam Gottlieb)

Engagements: 3 (Oliver Gentry and Sophie GottliebSam and Julia WhitneyNoah Gottlieb and Brigit Hewitt)

Marriages: 4 (Nathan and Rebecca CollinsEdward and Lucy LachanceAmar and Adrienne HamiltonSam and Julia Whitney)

Break-ups: 4 (Eddie Gentry and Lauren CarmodyBrendan Lachance and Georgina NottMatthew Lane and Aurora MorettiXavier Moretti and Ashlee Baena)

Graduations: Mitchell Carmody, Eddie Gentry, Tim Lane, Emma Gottlieb, Jessica Royce-NihillLouisa Gentry

New residents: Daniel Halmi, Brigit Hewitt

Total population: 71 male, 76 female

Babies: 4
Toddlers: 4
Children: 24
Teens: 12
Adults: 79
Elders: 23


  • The gender ratio is way more out of whack if you break it down by age group, as poor Ruby is more than aware of. ;)
  • Hopefully, Brigit's profile will be up by the time this post is but if not, I've just been lazy/busy - it's not broken!


  1. It's funny how your gender ratio looks fine when you look at it like this, but when you break it down by age group. I'm not sure how that is in SimsVille, but I think it's kind of similar, since I never seem to have enough sims to date my playables :)

    I lik looking back at the weddings, I always love watching your wedding posts!

    1. Yeah, my current teens are the worst. WAY too many girls and some of them (like poor Ruby) are related to most of the boys. Slim pickings at Sullivan High School at the moment. ;)

      Quite a few weddings coming up this round, some already announced and at least one not. ;) So hopefully you enjoy Round 36.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!