Friday, 27 December 2013


Round 34: December 2040 (Summer)

Gordon Nott is 44, Lia is 43, Georgina and Annabel are 16, Gabriel is 13 and Peter is 3.
(Brendan is 17, Bianca is 14, Ramona is 13, Willow is 5, River is 3 and Wren is 10 months old)
Narrated by Annabel Nott

Georgina, Gabriel and I have been off school for our Christmas break and it’s pretty awesome.

We do have to watch Peter while Mum and Dad are at work, so it’s not perfect.

But he’s not too much trouble, so even that’s not too bad.

I'm probably more trouble than Peter is, to be perfectly honest!

We’ve been taking the babysitting gig in shifts, so we can go out and do stuff as well. Gabriel has been going over to the Nihills’ house in Exeter, to take over their pool.

Ramona is friends with Gabriel’s girlfriend, Bianca, and she’s apparently hosting a pretty big group of kids every day now that school is out. 

I keep telling Gabriel he needs to get an invite for Georgina and me but no dice so far.

Not that I really want to hang out with 13-year-olds all day but for a pool, I would. 

Georgina often goes out with her boyfriend, Brendan. 

He’s going off to college next year, a full year before Georgina will start. She’s trying to maximise her time with him before he leaves.

She wants to stay together and she thinks he does too but she's not sure what will happen when he leaves.

In her position, I would probably just finish it pre-emptively but Georgina is different to me.

I may actually be in that situation in a year’s time, assuming Simon and I are still dating then.

I just can’t see myself wanting to make extra time to go visit my high school boyfriend, on top of school and family and all the new experiences I’d be having.

But honestly, I’ll cross that bridge when and if we come to it. We’ve been together a little while now but we’re just having fun together and not thinking too deeply about anything.

If I told Mum that, I’m sure she’d be thrilled. She knows about Simon (though she doesn’t know we’ve been together as long as we have) but she absolutely cannot stand him. 

I love Mum but I also love to antagonise her a little, so I just let her believe I want Simon and I to be in true love forever and ever.

Lately though, she really only cares about the fact that I’ve decided I want to go to college. She is ecstatic about it.

Dad is happy too but Mum is something else!

We had Christmas at our place this year and me and Georgina applying to college was almost all Mum would talk about. 

She’s absurdly proud of the both of us and we haven't even actually got in yet!

I was pretty relieved to be at the “kids’ table” outside, so I didn’t have to listen to too much of it! We shared the table with our cousin Willow. Willow was the only little kid at the table and she felt very grown-up because of it.

She’ll probably have to work on her table manners a little before she’s a real big kid though!

That goes double for Gabriel, who is so revolting at the table. 

Peter and River are too young even for the kids’ table. They ate a little earlier and were scribbling on paper outside while we ate lunch.

And Wren was too young even for that! 

She is adorable though! She’s the first redhead born into our family, so I’m curious to see what she’ll look like when she gets older.

Everyone loved passing her around for cuddles. Especially my grandparents, who are always after more grandkids but are pretty sure Wren will be their last.

It was really hard to get Willow inside to open presents. There were some butterflies in our garden and she was desperate to catch them so they could be her pets.

I don’t think butterflies would be too happy about being kept in a jar, so I hope Willow directs her attention to the gift our family got her - an ant farm! 

Grandma and Grandpa never know what to get us, so we always get cash from them. 

Not that I’m complaining. They always want to know what we’re going to spend it on. This year, I’m going to buy some good hiking boots with it. I really want to get more into hiking next year.

Now that Christmas is over with, Georgina seems to have forgotten we’re still off school for another month. She's been poring over all the information booklets and brochures from Suffolk and basically has her entire life mapped out already.

She’s going to finish high school, then major in Arts/Education at Suffolk, get her Master’s in education and then eventually become Education Minister.

I’m happy for her and I totally think she can do it all but she’s kind of making me look bad!

I thought I was organised just deciding I want to go to college. I have absolutely no idea what I might study when I get there, let alone what job I want once I get out!


  • Title is from Roads by Portishead.
  • Merry (late) Christmas from the Notts! I hope those of you who celebrated had a wonderful day with your families and other loved ones. 
  • I'm playing it by ear with Georgina and Brendan but I don't see Annabel and Simon going the distance! I don't think either of them are committed enough to try too hard to make it work when they eventually separate. Which is fine. They're young and have plenty of time for serious relationships when they're older. In all likelihood, they'll split up when Annabel goes off to uni. 
  • I didn't mention it in the update, because the girls probably wouldn't have done the SAS yet at this point in the Sullivan calendar. But this is the last time we'll see them as teens, so I will reveal that both girls got into college easily. Georgina scored a 49 and Annabel was just a few points behind with 47. Good solid scores but they don't get them any fancy discounts or anything!
  • I actually have some ideas for Annabel's future career but I won't reveal them until Annabel figures them out for herself! I am quite excited about them though. :)
  • And that's the end of the round! I'm housesitting (well...puppysitting, actually) for a couple of days, so you may not see me around. I'll have internet access but whether or not I reply to comments promptly will depend on whether I can be bothered to reply on my phone. ;) If I don't get back to you right away, replies should definitely be up by Monday. I'll be around on Twitter if you need a reply any sooner. Or if you want to see the Instagram puppy pics I will probably be posting, lol!


  1. So glad they got in, enjoy puppy sitting :)

    1. I'm glad too - was pretty sure Georgina would get in but Annabel was more of a wildcard.

      Puppysitting went well but I'm happy to be back home with my older, placid dogs! Puppies are exhausting!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I adore Annabel. She reminds me of my little sister. I don't blame her wanting to make nice with the kids to get to use the pool! I might have too.
    I do hope Georgina and Brendan stay together. After all the tine she had to wait, I know she won't let go easily. At least she's kept her head about it. And I'm sure she'll reach her goal easily.

    1. I love Annabel as well, much of because she is sort of a mix of Maia and Tessa to me. I like it when sims seem to exhibit personality traits of relatives other than their parents. It's so realistic to me.

      As always, I'll let the sims guide me with Georgina and Brendan. I'm not sure how they'll go but I can imagine Georgina being concerned. It's probably about 50/50 with my college-separated couples.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I like the difference in these girls, even though they are twins, it shows in several things: one looking on trying to make it work when her boyfriend moves away, the other already saying she won't wait for her boyfriend once she moves away. One having a well though through plan about her future while the other is thinking about going to college, and thinks she's thinking about the future.
    I love how these 2 charactes come out!

    The Christmas gathering was nice, I always like getting a glipse of your other sims :)
    And it gave Lia the perfect chance 'brag' about her girls applying for college. She's just a proud mom, I'm sure Annabel will see it like that one day too :)

    I was wondering if they lived in the same house they lived in in Sullivan 1.0?

    1. Well-spotted, Tanja! Yep, this is the same house from Sullivan 1.0. I swapped the kitchen and living room around though, because I'm not sure why I ever had the kitchen where it was in the first place!

      Ha, for Annabel, getting that far into thinking about the future is pretty good! Georgina is going a little overboard but she's very ambitious and wants to do well. I really like the contrast between these two. Georgina is quite like Lia, in that she is more studious and also fretful but Annabel reminds me a lot of her aunt Tessa and also Maia.

      Assuming both girls graduate, Lia will be 2/3 of the way to completing her LTW. So she has more reason than most parents to be proud!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. A belated Merry Christmas to you, too!
    The end of a round and getting started on the next always feels special, doesn't it :-)

    1. Thanks! I absolutely adore new rounds. I'm halfway through my birthdays and am enjoying aging up my sims and adding some new CC for them. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I'm so excited that you finished this round! I could totally see these girls breaking up with the boys, whether before or just after some time. They were cute relationships during high school though. It was nice to see the family for Christmas, and Willow is too cute, excited to see Wren age up! Peter and River outside at the table was really sweet, it is nice they will have each other to grow up with. I adore this whole extended family, glad we got to see them for Christmas.

    1. LOL, not as excited as I am! So glad to see the back of it, as much as I enjoyed it. I've been playing it since JULY 2012!

      I could see Georgina and Brendan going either way but Annabel I can definitely see ditching Simon! She's not invested in the relationship much past the present moment.

      This is my favourite family to do Christmas with. It's relatively small, so it's very manageable. And I love them all so much. Peter and River are another two I aged up yesterday - they'll start pre-school together this coming year. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Nice Christmas update! Annabel as the narrator was pretty funny, I love the voice you gave her!
    She seems to know what she wants in life already, well at least with her relationship with Simon. Shame her mother doesn't like him but too funny that she likes to antagonize her mother, lol!

    Knowing what to study at college and what job to get is never easy, she seems pretty confident though so I'm sure she'll make the right choice. :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I had Annabel narrate because I thought Georgina had done it last time but nope - it was Annabel then too. Oh well. I like her a whole lot anyway.

      Annabel is not so much confident as just incredibly easygoing, in a way her sister and mother are not. She's not really that fussed that she doesn't know exactly what she wants yet. She'll figure it out but it might take her a bit longer.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Lovely update to wrap up this round, I'm excited about next round and the fact that the girls got into college. Looking forward to reading about them in the future when they've ditched their high school sweethearts and moved on :)

    1. I'm glad you liked it! I'm quite excited to send the girls off to college, though it still won't be for a while. I get to end Caitlin and Brendan off before then though, so that will tide me over. ;) There's a relatively good record for high school sweethearts in Sullivan but still, who knows what will happen when these two couples are separated?

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. I love how loose and easygoing Annabel is about her young love with Simon. It's definitely a good, realistic option to keep everything low key given the uncertain nature of their futures. Her comments on Georgina's opposite approach were cracking me up. She's very to the point!

    Her pulling the wool over Lia's eyes is pretty funny, too. I'm sure she'll be too relieved to bother be angry... hopefully. And even if she is, Annabel will be at college. ;)

    1. Lucky Simon's likely on the same page with Annabel about this or else he could be in for some heartache! Georgina very likely thinks she's going to marry Brendan. Maybe she will - they have fairly good chemistry - but it's not a given!

      Lia just kind of asks for antagonising, lol! She gives good reactions, which Annabel finds pretty amusing. I imagine she'll be tying herself in knots once the girls are away at college. She likes her kids close, where she can keep an eye on them. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  9. I love how different Georgina and Annabel are. Georgina is so serious and straight-laced, and Annabel just isn't. Georgina definitely takes after her mother! I'm curious to see how Georgina and Brendan's relationship fares in that year apart. And oh the things that teens will suffer for pool access.... ;)

    1. Georgina has 7 playful points but doesn't seem to make use of any of them, which is just like her mother! I think she and Annabel will serve as a nice balance to each other as they get older. I'm sure Lia is counting on Georgina to rein Annabel in a bit once they get to college.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!