Saturday, 4 October 2014

Open mind

Round 35: January 2042 (Summer)
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Nihill 1 household profile

Steve Nihill is 47, Olivia is 45, Ramona is 15, Jacinta is 12 and Theo is 7.
(Ruby is 15, Marcus is 13 and Everett is 12)

Narrated by Ramona Nihill

Jacinta will be attending Sullivan High with me this year and she’s pretty excited about it.

When I was about to start high school, I couldn’t wait to have the opportunity to take all these new and exciting classes but Jacinta couldn’t care less about classes. Jacinta barely cares about anything at all, except for boys.

She’s often pretty flirty with Everett Benton, when he comes over.

Over the summer, she’s been tagging along with me when I go to Ruby’s place, just for “something to do”.

She rarely hangs out with us for more than 15 minutes before rushing off to find Marcus, yet another crush of hers.

I don’t know if they have all that much in common or if Marcus is interested in her but he doesn’t fob her off. 

I think he enjoys the attention, at the very least. 

I asked Ruby if it annoys her to have Jacinta mooning over her brother all the time but Ruby doesn’t give a crap.

As far as she’s concerned, Jacinta being busy with her brother just means she’ll stay out the way of the boys Ruby can actually date.

I don’t know who all these boys are. They definitely don’t go to our school. The boys at our school are either taken, too young or related to Ruby.

I never would have thought it before now but Ruby and Jacinta actually have a lot in common!

Mum and Dad are a little terrified, especially Dad. I was never very boy crazy.

Jacinta’s ready to start dating now, so I think they’re a bit worried about what she’ll decide she’s ready for by the time she’s my age.

I’ve had a boyfriend for a little over a year now and it’s going pretty well.

We’re allowed out on solo dates now though, which is nicer than having our friends tag along!

Jonathan is very into nature and the great outdoors, so we end up spending a lot of time outside. 

My idea of fun outdoors is hanging out in the pool and Jonathan is more about hiking but we find time for both.

Mum and Dad have met him more than once and they like him a lot. 

He comes over for dinner every now and then, or they’ll see him when we’re hanging out here at home. 

I’ve had lectures from both of them about not getting too serious too young, which I roll my eyes at.

I know they’re right though and they really don’t have anything to worry about with me. 

Jonathan and I have a lot of fun together but I just don’t want to get too focused on any one thing right now either.

I have a lot on my plate already. I kind of like keeping myself busy with lots of different things. 

This summer, I took a cooking class, just because I was bored and wanted something extra to do.

I really like to cook and it was nice to be able to add a few more dishes and techniques to my repertoire. 

I cook most of our dinners at home. Mum and Dad don’t get home until 6 and Dad is hopeless in the kitchen anyway, so it just makes sense for me to do it.

Theo likes to complain about what I make sometimes, just because he’s 7 and going through a picky stage.

Mum told me I should just serve him what everyone else gets and if he doesn’t like it, he can deal and make himself a sandwich or a bowl of cereal afterwards.

I’m way too nice sometimes though and agree to make him whatever he wants. 

Occasionally, I’ll go help Mum out at her work. I don’t do anything too glamorous - I mostly just get coffee for people and other kinds of errands like that - but it’s fun.

I don’t think it’s anything I’d want to do when I get older but I like seeing how Mum spends her days.

This year, I’m going to be getting an actual paying job after school or on weekends, though I haven’t found one yet. Most of my friends have the same plan.

They’re looking for someone to help clean up the science lab after school and I was thinking of putting my hand up for that.

Ruby thinks that would be the nerdiest job ever! She could be right but I could deal with that if I got paid for it!

Ruby’s parents are making her get a job this year too and she’s not too thrilled about the prospect. 

She says she’d be okay with working if she could do something exciting but none of the jobs they hire 15-year-olds for are all that thrilling. 

Ruby is still insisting she’s going to hold out for something more exciting than fast food.

I think she’s going to find herself disappointed but I know her well enough to know that you can’t tell Ruby anything!


So this happened. I was predicting Jacinta would kiss somebody by the end of the session, because she's so obsessed with boys already. She didn't have the want for her first kiss but she gets tons of wants to flirt and to date!

  • Title is from Open Mind by Wilco.
  • Ramona is pretty much the opposite of her sister. She has a boyfriend but rarely rolls wants for him, unless they're on a date. I'm pretty sure this will just be a high school thing for her, as I don't think she's very attached to Jonathan at all!
  • So there's Vestiti in action, albeit a pretty small glimpse of it! I know Maisie was asking, either here or at N99, how it was all going to work. Naomi showed up on the lot (as the owner) and I also teleported Camilla and Adrienne in (who didn't appear in the pics, in the end). I took control of them and they were able to use the sewing machine with no issue, which was also the case for Olivia. I did not get the option to choose textures for what they were making and I think the creations might have gone into Naomi's inventory. But for photos, it'll work fine. :)
  • I did Ramona's career criteria, seeing this is her second-last update as a teen! Can you believe it? But anyway, she scored 5/5 for Political Strategist, Journalism and Business, so she's got some thinking to do.


  1. I can see why their parents would be a little bit terrified of Jacinta having gotten to the stage of liking and wanting to date boys. It'll be a little distracting for her as well I'm sure! And she does seem awfully different from Ramona in some ways, but then that might be the age difference as well but overall Ramona seems much more calm and less like she feels like experiencing everything RIGHT NOW which is how Jacinta feels to me.

    And those are some interesting careers for sure! Will be interesting to see what she ends up with :)

    (I also seem to have quite forgotten what account I usually respond with on blogger, so I'll just stick to my gmail/blogger account.)

    1. Ramona and Jacinta are very different! Ramona has always been the more responsible one, while Jacinta is a bit more flighty. It'll be interesting to see how they change as they get older. But yes, Jacinta is pretty keen to grow up at the moment. Her parents definitely won't mind if she decides to slow down a bit. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. My goodness, I know Olivia and Steve are terrified of Jacinta's actions, considering that Ramona's still friends with Ruby and they can see firsthand what could be in store! But then Jacinta just became a teen so maybe the knowledge aspiration will kick in a little later.
    Now that means I need to put together a career lot for Stephanie, since yours is so amazing.

    1. Ha, yes, Steve and Olivia are not too thrilled at the prospect of Jacinta turning into another Ruby! Though Ruby is a brat in general and Jacinta is not, so there's that. Thank heavens for small blessings? LOL.

      I would love to see your career lot, when you get around to it. :) It was really fun for me to put this one together.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Yay, an update! :)

    Ramona is a real cutie! It's sweet of her to help out her parents by making dinner for the family and also giving in to her little brother with his meal requests. lol It will be interesting to see what career type she chooses later on, since she has the brilliant trait.

    Jacinta is a bit of a worry tho with boys on the brain all the time and she is only 12! Her parents should probably keep an eye on her. ;) She's a pretty teen too, looks just like her mother, so it's probably not surprising she gets a lot of attention from the boys.

    1. I kept you guys waiting long enough, huh? LOL.

      Ramona is a Cuisine sim, so she genuinely enjoys cooking anyway. Her making dinner works out well for everybody. :) As for her future, I can see her going on to further study after university but that will depend on what career I choose for her. :)

      I didn't really realise how much Jacinta looked like Olivia until this update! But yes, she's a very pretty girl. Steve and Olivia are pretty on the ball, so hopefully that will help keep Jacinta out of trouble!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Jacinta is going to give her parents premature grays if she's so boy crazy already. Hopefully it's nothing more than some innocent flirting. Hopefully Ramona's sweet nature and good influence rubs off on her sister and on Ruby. I do love how different Ruby and Ramona are but, as they say, opposites attract.

    1. I reckon Steve and Olivia must have a couple of greys already from Jacinta, lol! She's a worry. She is a sweet kid too though, so she and Ramona have that much in common.

      I wonder if Ramona and Ruby would have become friends if their mothers weren't encouraging it since they were born! I have a photo of them together as babies. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I like Ramona! She has a good head on her shoulders, enjoying her young life without going over the top. It was interesting to see "Vestiti" in action!

    1. Ramona is a really great kid. :) She has a real thirst for learning, so she likes to try a lot of different things to satisfy that.

      It was fun to finally get in and play with Vestiti a bit - it works really well for what I want to do with it.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Wow, it looks like they will have their hands full with Jacinita. Can't wait to see what Ramina chooses to go into, so exciting

    1. Jacinta is a totally different animal to Ramona, lol. I'm quite keen to figure out what kind of career Ramona might suit as well. There's no rush, I guess, but she seems like the sort of kid who'd want to have some direction before uni. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Jacinta’s dad’s face at the table says it all. He has that deer-in-headlights look that his little girl grew up so fast, but her mom looks much more calm. So Jacinta is finding boys that Ramona didn’t even know existed, hm? I guess the first kiss was prompted by ACR? I think that’s a threshold for ACR, so now you’ll really have to watch out with her!
    Jonathan seems nice, and Ramona seems pretty sensible. Vestiti looks great in action, I’m glad it worked well.

    1. Ha, I know, poor Steve! He had an easy introduction to teenager daughters with Ramona, I think. The boys Jacinta is into are too young for Ruby and Ramona. There's seriously nobody for them to date in my playable pool! Two or three years' difference is a bigger deal at that age than it might be later on.

      Yes, I think you might be right about ACR! Not that I wasn't already watching Jacinta like a hawk! I really need to pay more attention to Ramona too though - Knowledge sims still get themselves into ACR-related shenanigans!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!