Monday, 16 February 2015

Do it anyway

Round 35: August 2042 (Winter)

Mitchell Carmody is 23 and Eddie Gentry and Tim Lane are 22. 
(Abigail is 59 and Caitlin is 19)
Narrated by Mitchell Carmody

Not too long ago, I was promoted to executive chef at the restaurant. It basically means I'm in charge of everything to do with the kitchen. 

It’s a big achievement for someone my age but our staff is really small and there really weren't that many people ahead of me. 

Still, I am getting paid more now, which is really nice. Living at home last year, I was able to put away a fair bit of cash as well, so now that I'm living with Eddie and Tim, I have no problems paying the rent.

Even though I have repeatedly insisted that I’m fine, Mum will still drop in just to make sure. 

We sometimes don’t lock the front door when we’re at home and she just wanders right in and starts calling out for me. She says she’s my mum and she’s allowed. 

She’s really not the smothering type, normally, but me living away from home for the first time has her a bit worried.

But things here in our apartment truly are working out pretty well, even though Tim nags me and Eddie about housework from time to time.

Eddie and I are not particularly inclined to be tidy but Tim is a neat freak. He’s always seeing messes around that to us are just not there!

Eddie and I are kind of lazy with housework, I admit. It’s very much a “I’ll get to it later” attitude when it comes to cleaning, which drives Tim a bit nuts. 

I do do almost all the cooking but Eddie…well, Eddie doesn't do much at all. We probably do need to up our game a little bit. 

But that’s really the only disagreement we've had the whole time we've been living together, so I’d say we’re doing okay. 

Tim is way busier than either of us. He started med school in March and he’s really thrown himself into it. 

He’s working as a legal secretary at his mother’s law firm part time and spends most of the rest of his time studying or in class.

He and Marius are still together and going strong. 

Most of the “dates” they go on these days are right here at home. Tim doesn’t really get out too much any more. 

Marius is studying too though - a Master’s in Architecture - so he gets it. They often end up studying together.

Marius will be finished his degree way before Tim is finally out of med school but for the next two years at least, they’re in the same situation. 

Eddie and I are both done with college forever and couldn't be happier about it.

Eddie’s really not sure why he even went. He had a good time but he had no clue what he wanted to do until senior year and probably could have saved his parents several thousand dollars!

He works for the fire department now and he’s really enjoying it. 

The other guys are older than him but they’re good guys. They have hung out outside of work a few times. 

He’s glad he’s found something he can be happy doing, because for a while, he wasn't sure he would.

Eddie and Caitlin have been together for about six months now and things seem to be going well for them. 

He’s brought her over a few times, he’s met her parents, she’s met his, so they’re officially a thing now. 

It was a bit weird seeing Caitlin again. She had kind of a crush on me for a few months several years ago, when she was 12 or 13. She seems to be well and truly over that, fortunately for Eddie!

She’s not over here too often though, as she’s still studying but Eddie tries to go out and see her a couple of times a week.

His work schedule is sort of irregular but seeing Caitlin is a student who is only in class for a few hours a day, it works out all right for them anyway.

I don’t know if they’re thinking long-term yet. I’m just glad to see him happy again, as he was pretty upset after he and Lauren broke up.

I know what that’s like. I found it really hard to move on after Dixie but I finally have.

I started dating Christina a little while ago and I really like her. She’s a bartender and I actually met her when I was one of her customers. 

I would probably not have gone to talk to her of my own accord - too worried about seeming creepy - but Eddie wouldn't let it go, so I did. 

I still thought she might be a little freaked out but fortunately, I talked to her on her break and it was fine. She said she’d was hoping I’d talk to her anyway.

My brother Austin is the only one of my family members who knows about her and he still doesn't know much, though he’s dying to.

I'm taking things pretty slowly with Christina. My experience with Dixie has made me much more cautious. 

I really did think Dixie and I would end up settling down together, so I'm being a little more guarded with Christina.

Still, I do like her a lot. She’s incredibly smart and I can always count on having an interesting discussion with her, on just about anything.

We don’t always agree but it’s never boring, that’s for sure. 

She and Tim met recently though, when I brought her back to the apartment after a date, and it didn't go too well.

It was a very icy reaction from both of them and I just wasn't expecting it at all.

I just figured that Christina and I get along, Tim and I get along, so why wouldn't they get along with each other?

I approached Tim about it to try to get a bit of an idea of what the problem was but he wasn't very forthcoming, other than to say he didn't like her. 

He said he’d try to be more open-minded about Christina in the future but I have to admit that I’m feeling a bit uncertain about things now. 

I really like Christina and was starting to think I could possibly get serious with her one day. 

I'm just scared Tim is seeing something in her than I don’t and I’m not sure what to think any more. 

  • Title is from Do It Anyway by Ben Folds Five.
  • Mitchell makes more than twice what Tim and Eddie make. Financially, he's doing incredibly well.
  • Abigail's visit was autonomous. I was doing something with one of the boys, swung the camera around and there was Abigail, just strolling in like she owned the place!
  • The last time Caitlin and Mitchell were in the same update, I think, was probably the winter formal. She had quite the little crush on him back then!
  • So, Christina. Yikes. I forget how she and Mitchell met. She probably served him a drink at some point, as she really is the bartender. But anyway, I noticed they had two bolts, so I let them go on a date. It went well. Then she gets back to his place and meets Tim and all hell breaks loose. They hate each other. I check her personality and the girl has ZERO nice points! She also only has two playful points - quite different to Mitchell. I do think he'd be the type of guy to put a lot of stock in what his friends think, especially an old, close friend like Tim. So, uh...not sure how this is going to go, lol! I don't think wedding bells will be ringing any time soon though. 


  1. So funny about Abigail strolling in like she's entitled to!

    Maybe Mitchell will eventually want his own place, if Eddie doesn't start pulling more weight around the place, but really, Mitchell sounds content even though he's neater and makes a lot more money.

    I'm surprised Mitchell and Christina have 2 bolts, since as a culinary sim he's probably pretty playful and I think from his numbers in his profile, also nice (but I don't remember the order of the personality scales.)

    It was fun to see Caitlin again right away! Although in my head I keep getting her mixed up for a moment with Maisie's Caitlin, who is a very different sim!

    1. I get parents doing that a lot in my game! Abigail is just the latest. ;)

      Mitchell is actually a bigger slob than Eddie is but because he likes cooking, he gets to look like he's pulling his weight. ;) Tim's the neat one. It'll be a while before he can even afford to live on his own, with med school and his current crappy pay (I have him frozen at Legal Secretary level).

      Well, one thing that you might want to remember about my sims is that many of them do not have the One True Hobby they were born with. I hate how EA assigns them according to personality - it has never made any sense to me. So I've been using my own system to decide hobbies for a long time and had been randomising them for even longer before that. I have no clue if Mitchell's hobby matches his personality! I'm not sure where the attraction is happening with Christina. If she shares an aspiration with him, that is always a massive factor, in my experience. They could also be borderline 2 bolts. An attraction score doesn't have to be super-high to get to two bolts. I think it's something like 40?

      But anyway...not sure how these two will go!

      I never get my Caitlin mixed up with Maisie's Caitlyn but then again, she's my sim. ;) Maisie spells her sim's name with the 'y', if that helps at all! And I pretty much try to work Caitlin into any update I can, because I love her so much!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Funny that Shannon gets the Caitlin/yn's mixed up, they are so different to me! Caitlin has the traditional spelling, mine has the spelling of the girl I grew up with.

    So! Lauren! You remarked somewhere at N99 about possibly changing her aspiration, and I totally agree! I never thought romance fit Lauren very well by her behavior and updates, pleasure would make sense, though I've always thought she was a bit more classy than a pleasure.

    Very interesting about Christina and her wants, I would likely add one to that nice, I did for Zilla who had no nice and no playful ether. She detested her brothers until I gave her a point or two in each. Is there chemistry with any possible playables for him to maybe hold out for?

    Their new place looks great, and it is nice to see the boys. I like how Mitchell and Eddie are slobs, and Eddie looked great at work, did you make his Fire Dept shirt? It's great! Marius always makes me think of Les Miserable, which I listen to nearly daily, only because it is the first song on my phone when it plays. So I'm often thinking of your Marius too! They were adorable studying in bed, and being a cozy couple.

    Can never get enough of Caitlin and Eddie! Super adorable, I do love that interaction, I just always forget it exists! I need to get that invisible one again too.

    1. I sometimes wish I'd gone with the traditional spelling for Keira as well, which is Ciara. I feel like Finn would have chosen that. I just pretend Victoria got her way on the grounds of practicality. ;)

      Yep, I'm still thinking about changing Lauren's aspiration. It will definitely happen, though I'm not sure what it will be. Pleasure is a possibility but I've been thinking that she's on the serious side, so I think maybe Popularity would be better.

      I don't want to say too much but Mitchell does have chemistry with a couple of playables I'm thinking about. ;) Absent that, I would probably edit Christina's personality a bit (which I have done before with townies, like Steve) but given that he has other options, I'm seeing how it plays out as is.

      No, I didn't make Eddie's shirt - that comes with the Fire Service career. Eddie is at the Driver/Operator level but I think that outfit is used for most of the lower levels. I have trauma from reading Les Mis (It was literally 1000 pages longer than it had to be), so I honestly have never made the connection with my Marius and the one in the book!

      Caitlin and Eddie are cute. Though I can never decide if I think they're cute or if I just think everything Caitlin does is cute, lol! Pru linked to the invisible booth in Today I'm recently and I also have it on my Pinterest, if you're looking for it. It's either in Comfort or Mods.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. So because I"m so far behind on my reading, I'm just going to jump right on in and try to work my way backwards lol. I'm always a little wary when I meet someone I like and the people I care about are like "um no way." In my experience, there's usually something to it. And if my dog doesn't like you, you're automatically out lol. I'd be interested in seeing what other options Mitchell has! And I'm a sucker for a red head so I absolutely adore Caitlin! She and Eddie are definitely cute together.

    Loved seeing the guys together, roommates are always so much fun! Everyone has their own unique personalities and the way they mesh together is a recipe for some very interesting play sessions lol.

    1. Ha, catch up however you like! Whatever works for you!

      I don't know if I've ever had the experience that Mitchell is having here but it would make me think twice about the person too. I've definitely been on Tim's side of it though. I think people can become very defensive and/or starry-eyed about people they're seeing and that can often blind you to their more negative qualities!

      Yeah, I always have fun with my roomie sessions. I have at least one more coming up this round - Anthony and Noah - and I'm already looking forward to it. :D

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Looks like Blogger ate my comment. So, yay roomies! I'm wary of this Christina, especially since you mentioned chemistry with other playables, and now I'm so curious, I must know! LOL

    1. Glad everyone else likes roomies as much as I do. So much fun!

      LOL, I knew you guys would all jump on that. You'll find out about the playables one way or another eventually. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I love reading about your roommate-household! For some reason my sims always move in with their partners after college, but I really like reading about roommates!

    I like the couples in this update. Eddie and Caitlin were something I didn't expect when they got together, but now I really like them and I hope to see more of them.
    Tim and Marius have been together for some time now, and it's nice to see they are still going strond.
    And the new couple, Mitchell and Christina seem pretty cute together, I hope to see more of them.

    1. I used to move my sims in with their partners but I rarely do it these days. I really like roomie households and waiting on setting up house as a couple lets me have more of them. :)

      Eddie and Caitlin seem pretty happy so far and I would put money on Tim and Marius eventually becoming permanent (Tim doesn't have a lot of choice, though that's not the only reason I'll probably keep them together!) Mitchell and Christina...not too confident about them though!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!