Saturday, 1 June 2013


Round 34: April 2040 (Autumn)

David Sitko is 58 and Kirstin is 56.
(Charlie is 28, Camilla, Lila and Connor are 27, Sebastian is 24, Adelaide is 22, Grace and Everett are 10)

Narrated by David Sitko

Kirstin and I are really pleased with the neighbourhood we live in these days. Anyone would say it’s a lovely place to live and it’s close to so many things we like to do as well.

Our favourite place is probably the new restaurant/pub that opened a few months ago. 

Kirstin and I aren’t big drinkers, so the bar doesn’t hold too much appeal but we’ve grown to really like the restaurant. 

It’s just a friendly place to go to unwind after work. Kirstin and I both have fairly stressful jobs, so we need that. 

Especially Kirstin, who tends to bring it all home with her sometimes. 

I still feel a bit young to be a grandfather to such big kids sometimes but ten years later, I think Kirstin and I are mostly used to it. 

When Camilla and Charlie bought a house, it ended up being very close to ours! The kids can walk over here on their own and they take full advantage of that. 

You’d think they’d be more interested in their own house, where all their toys are, but I guess we do have that pool!

Kirstin almost refused to buy this place because of the pool and she still complains about how dirty it gets sometimes. But personally, I’m glad we have it, even if just for Grace and Everett.

They’re the only ones crazy enough to swim in it at the moment, though they do try to get Camilla and Charlie in when they come over together.

I know I shouldn’t but I’ve asked Camilla a couple of times when we can expect another baby. 

She just smiles and says she’s not sure. She used to say there wouldn’t ever be one, so I’m hoping she’s changing her mind a bit.

I know Charlie would really like another, so I guess we’ll wait and see what they decide. 

Our other daughters are not thinking about children yet. Adelaide is, for the first time, very focused on her career. She’s going to start work at the governor’s office next week and she’s so excited about it. 

Until now, she’s been working with Lila but it didn’t take her long to start to loathe the business world. She’s thrilled to finally be getting out of there.

It was Kirstin who helped Adelaide get her foot in the door. She had a word with Zaria and was able to set up an interview. 

It’s a pretty lowly position but hopefully Adelaide can make a good impression and get either a promotion or a good reference in order to find a better job elsewhere. 

Adelaide and Kirstin have clashed a few times since Adelaide left home but they’re getting along better than ever these days. 

Adelaide is so thankful for Kirstin’s help with the job thing, so they’re not snapping at each other lately.

Kirstin is just grateful Adelaide has some direction finally. We were both worried about that.

For a while in college, her only career aspiration, if you could call it that, was to follow Sebastian around the world once he became a rock star. So far, Sebastian isn’t even close to a rock star, so I’m happy Adelaide has her own goals now. 

Not that I don’t like Sebastian, because I do.

We don’t have all that much in common but he makes Adelaide happy, so that’s enough for me. 

Kirstin and Sebastian are a different story. They mostly just tolerate each other. 

I don’t think Kirstin would be all that sorry if Adelaide broke up with Sebastian tomorrow.

He’s been around for 10 years now though, so she’s resigned herself to the fact that he’s the one Adelaide wants. 

After months of searching, Lila and Connor have finally bought their first home. To my delight, it’s here in the suburbs, near me and Kirstin.

They’re not quite as close to us as Camilla and Charlie but close enough to hopefully make visits much more frequent. 

Right now, they’re living with little more than the bare essentials. They just moved in a few days ago and aren’t all set up yet.

Lila is very excited about the potential for improvement. They’re planning on changing pretty much everything, all as cheaply as they can. 

They’re beginning in the bedroom, because Lila wants to go to bed and wake up in a room she really loves. 

The rest of the house is secondary to her. Neither she or Connor are very social types, so they’re not planning on having huge parties or anything. 

I was glad to note that they have a decent sized backyard. They’re not thinking about kids there but I like knowing they’re in a good house for it, when they do take that step.

Mostly though, I’m relieved to see Lila and Connor settled. It took quite a while for them to find something they liked that was in their price range but they’re so happy with this place.

It’s nice to go to sleep at night knowing I don’t need to worry about any of our daughters. They’re all doing very well. 

  • Title is from Amity by Elliott Smith.
  • Don't mind that blank frame in the living room - it's for Adelaide's graduation portrait, which I haven't done yet!
  • Lila and Connor are living in a cute little house by Starr, the Yellow Provencal. I downloaded it when she shared it at N99 a little while ago. It's not decorated yet but I plan to make it awesome. :)
  • I'm considering letting Camilla have another baby. Charlie wants one so much and I feel too sad for him, lol. Such a softy, I am!
  • I still haven't actually made my "behind the scenes" politics career for Adelaide but I think I'm just going to get down to it and at least put the titles in. I got that far with it, at least!
  • Also, I know it's been over two weeks since my last update. I'm trying to get these out as fast as I can but decorating a house for every damn family is taking a LONG time, especially working it around that pesky job of mine. On the bright side, Victoria and Finn (who are up next) are already moved into their house and I'm quite excited to decorate it. So I'm hopeful about getting that update done a little faster than this one. 


  1. I love the second and the final picture of Kirsten and David.They look so smitten with each other after a long marriage.I even took a peek at their wedding photos because I was too curious.I like how their attire suits their personalities.I can imagine Kirsten's face when Sebastian walked in with those buckled pants.But after ten years of dating her daughter, she's probably used to it.I can't believe Adelaide and Sebastian have been in a relationship for so long, because they seem so young.

    1. Kirstin and David have always been one of my high three-bolter couples, though they're only two in this hood. :( Must be something to do with turn-ons, as everything else is the same. Anyway, I've always liked them together, different though they may be at times.

      Of her daughters, Lila is probably the only one who has picked a guy similar to who Kirstin would have picked out for them. Sebastian is especially grating to her though. And yeah, Adelaide and Sebastian got together when she was 14! I didn't think they'd last this long.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. I thought that was the Yellow Provençal, but it seemed bigger. I guess it's just the empty space to the side. Are you using the 1x2 or the 1x3 version? This couple is so cute, I love the new hair that Kirsten has, it fits her so well. I can't believe that Adelaide has been in a relationship that long, she is so young!

    1. LOL, there's a lot of empty space all over the neighbourhood at the moment! I'm not sure if it's the 1x2 or the 1x3 though. I didn't realise (or remember) you had two versions. I just counted the tiles across the front and there are 10, but that's probably the "1".

      Isn't Kirstin's new hair lovely? I decided not to add her old style back to the game and went on a hunt for a new one. It's a bit more sensible and suited to her.

      I just realised that my friend and her husband got together at the same age Adelaide was when she got together with Sebastian. They started going out at 14 and are now 32 and married with 2 kids. :) I wasn't expecting Adelaide and Sebastian to last this long at all though!

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Oooh, I love Connor and Lila's new house! I can't wait to see what you do with it as far as decorations go. :)

    Children love pools. All grandparents should invest in having at least a small one, haha!

    I really like the look of that new pub.

    1. I'm pretty excited to do up Connor and Lila's house too. :) Starr made a great canvas for me to work with but I'm going to wait until I have a little more CC to decorate it. :)

      Ha, none of my grandparents had a pool! I remember, as a kid, being invited to my cousins' grandmother's house and she had a huge pool. I was so jealous. That became the family meeting place for a while, so I think the adults probably liked it too, lol.

      I really missed having a community lot that I'd decorated, even if I mostly just swapped out the furniture and changed the walls in this one. It just makes it feel a bit more like my game, seeing I chose to have everything in there. :)

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Aww Grace and Everett are so cute, I'm gonna miss them being children when they grow up! I hope Charlie gets his way and they get a baby brother or sister :D
    I can't wait to see Connor and Lila settled down in the house, hopefully there will be a house your coming up in the future...
    I'm glad that Adelaide and Kirstin are finally getting on! Its good to see her having a focus on her career.
    Can't wait for the next update!

    1. Yeah, I think I'll miss Grace and Everett as kids too, though hopefully, I'll love them just as much as teens. Seeing they're both such little Charlie clones, I'm hoping Charlie gets his way too, if only to get Camilla's genes out there a little.

      If I'm especially happy with how Connor and Lila's house turns out, the request for a tour has been noted. :)

      Kirstin and Adelaide are very close personality-wise, which can causes clashes sometimes and they're both fairly abrasive types sometimes. I wouldn't count out the possibility of another one somewhere along the line but currently, they're doing all right. ;)

      Thanks for reading!

  5. Lila and Connor's house is beautiful! The entire update was a good read along with my morning coffee :-)
    I know what you mean about taking some time before the next update; I've not been overly busy with work, but I've not been on my own in a while, and of course I do not retreat to my room to play The Sims when I have a house guest.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, especially seeing it was such a long wait for this one!

      Yeah, things keep popping up and getting in the way of my simming! The good news is I'm almost ready to play Victoria and Finn - I only have one more room of their house to decorate, plus their backyard. But that's tiny, so it won't take long. And I have a long weekend coming up this week! :D

      Thanks for reading!

  6. Yes on the additional baby! It's too hard to tell them no when they actually want one, lol! :)

    I don't see Kirstin and Sebastian vibing on the same level any time soon, but if Adelaide is happy, I'm glad she'll tolerate him. That's the most important thing. I'm surprised too that it's been ten years! Wow!

    1. It's been so long since one of my families has had only two children, let alone one, so that should attest to my lack of ability to say no! I just love sim babies!

      I think Kirstin and Sebastian will probably always just tolerate each other, at best. There's not a whole lotta love there. But it's civil, for Adelaide's sake, which is nice. :)

      Thanks for reading!

  7. I keep saying it, but only because it's true, you make your empty nesters look so interesting to play!
    It's good to see that Kirstin will tollerate Sebastian, epsecially since Adelaide and he aren't close to breaking up at all!
    I do like them together, and I'm really interested to see both their careers develop.

    I'm really excited that Charlie and Camilla might have another baby, but then again, I'm always happy when it comes to babies, even if it gets me a massive baby-boom, lol!

    I really like the house Connor and Lia bought, I downloaded it myself and planned on adding it to my game when I loaded it next time (and now I realise that I've loaded the game without adding it!) I can't wait to see more of those 2 living together, and their house :)

    1. I'm glad you think so, Tanja! Empty nesters are families that I still often struggle to know what to do with but I guess it seems to work out in the end!

      Adelaide and Sebastian seem pretty solid, so I think Kirstin has just forced herself to get used to it! I'll have to put Sebastian's custom career back in the game, so he can actually get somewhere in it. ;) I haven't been putting careers back until I'm playing a sim who needs it.

      I was pretty sure there'd be no objections to another baby for Charlie and Camilla. I was thinking of letting them try sooner rather than later, just to shorten the age gap between the baby and Grace and Everett. But we'll see. :)

      Connor and Lila's house is great - way more space than there appears to be from the outside and the backyard is surprisingly big! I'm looking forward to actually decorating it and I'd love to see what you do with it eventually as well. :)

      Thanks for reading!

  8. Wow I can't believe that Adelaide and Sebastian have been together so long! They really are still together after all of these years. Poor Kirsten. I don't really see how they are still together, given their different goals in life, now that they are both growing up and into themselves. So maybe they won't make a marriage out of it, and Kirsten can hope for a son in law she has more in common with.

    Their dining out was really lovely, I really like where you sent them, and Kirsten's new hair is beautiful! Really excited about Connor and Lila's new place, it looks like it will be great once they have the money to decorate it to their style, and really make it a home.

    As for Camilla and Charlie, they definitely need to have another one now. They are really settled in life, and come along way, and I think it'd be great to have them do it over again, and enjoy the younger stages more. Plus they have cute kids. ;)

    1. Yeah, I guess Adelaide and Sebastian could have grown together or apart and mostly, they've grown together. Adelaide has diverged from the path she thought she would follow but she and Sebastian both seem very into each other still. So who knows? Marriage won't be any time soon, I know that. No interest on either end!

      I still have to check Connor and Lila's old bank details, to see how much money they're supposed to have. They'll have to work with what they've got, because neither of them are the type to take out a loan! But it's an option, at least, now that I have Monique's computer back in the game.

      LOL, yeah, it would be a good time for Camilla and Charlie to have a baby now. If they did, I would have to build some kind of extension for her sewing room (some kind of shed, maybe) but that's not a huge deal. And they did get two really cute kids and I'm curious about what a third would look like. Grace and Everett look so much like Charlie.

      Thanks for reading!

  9. I agree with the comment above - you make the empty nesters seem fun and interesting to play, which I don't usually experience in my own hood. :)

    Poor Kirsten, I can definitely see myself having the same kind of resignated dislike for someone like Sebastian, even though I think parents can't really expect their kids to pick partners based on their personal prefences either. :)

    1. I'm glad you think so! I enjoy reading about your empty nesters too, so if you don't enjoy playing them as much, it doesn't show in your updates. :)

      No, Kirstin and Adelaide are quite different people, so it figures that Adelaide might not pick someone her mother would pick! Hopefully they can all cope. :)

      Thanks for reading!

  10. Adelaide? DIRECTION?! I thought that would never happen. I was sure she and Sebastian woudl be slumming it, depending on him to make it big. I'm proud of it.
    Lila and Connor's place is darling. I love it.
    I'm starting to enjoy the empty-nesters' posts more, since I can catch up on the kids. It's like extra mini-updates on them, lol.

    1. Yes, I know! I wasn't sure what would become of Adelaide but going into the political world turned out to suit her pretty well. I imagine her household was fairly political when she was growing up too, so it kind of makes sense for her. I really need to add Sebastian's career back in, so the poor guy can at least try to make something of himself!

      All credit goes to Starr for Lila and Connor's place, as she built it. I've hardly decorated it at all so far, because I just haven't needed to.

      That's been my view of the empty nesters for a good while now. I still don't have as much fun with them as with my other sims but being able to extend the kids' storylines a bit is a nice little perk.

      Thanks for reading!

  11. Aww, I LOVE reading about so many of your Sims from the parents/grand-parents' eyes! That's so nice, and I love the caring/worrying tone you have then. :)
    I'm TOTALLY for another baby for Camilla and Charlie! These two ones are too cute, and they make such adorable kids!!!! <3
    Adelaide is going to work at the governor's office! Wow, I woulnd't have bet a penny on that few months ago! :D
    I chuckled at the relationship between her mother and Sebastian! :D

    1. I'm always happy to hear you guys enjoy the empty nester updates! They're often not terribly exciting as most of my middle-aged and elder sims are pretty settled.

      Another baby for Camilla and Charlie is a definite possibility. I'm very excited about the idea myself; I do really want to let Charlie experience parenthood with a newborn as he didn't get to with the twins.

      Adelaide's growing up, lol! I'm working on a custom career for her. It's in my game, but it's just titles at the moment. No job descriptions or chance cards. :) I'll finish it eventually!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!