Wednesday, 24 February 2010

You say it's your birthday, Spring 2021

It's spring and it's time for us to wish a happy 1st birthday to Timothy Lane!

Let's take a look at his parents when they were toddlers, for comparison purposes!

Here's Eliot...
...and here's Cordy. To me, it looks like he has Cordy's eyes, nose and mouth but Eliot's brow, weird pointy cheeks (which smooth out fine, so we won't worry!). I'd say those are Cordy's ears too, seeing they don't look like Eliot's.

Timothy spam!

That second pic just kills me - too cute!

I also did taxes this spring. I won't do a big run-down like I did for 2017, as I don't have as much time right now as I did then (my game is way ahead of the blog right now, which is the only reason updates are still coming out so frequently). But I did note down Sullivan's richest and poorest families.

The Bentons - $1,493,583
The Royce-Nihills - $1,010,170
The Drapers - $817,893

Poorest:Nihill-Novak - $20,516
The Morettis - $32,912
The Romillies - $41,185

Oh day, poor Araminta and Henry are going to be off that poorest list!

In total, the governor collected $708,000 in taxes this year.

Next spring, I'll announce the candidates for the election for governor. I was going to announce them early but I still haven't decided!


  • I'm so happy with Timothy. I wanted Cordy's genes to carry on, because her looks are more unusual in Sullivan. Eliot is a good looking Sim but he looks very similar to his brother James, who already has two clone sons who also look a lot like him.
  • I'm going to start doing taxes once per round, instead of once every two rounds, just to make things a little harder for these Sims financially.


  1. So what plans have you for the 708,000 in taxes?

  2. Cute little Timothy!

    I'm also curious about athena's plans for all that money.

    I hear ya on being on the busy side. I'm glad you're still able to update though. :)

  3. Wow @ the Bentons! That's HUGE! Are you including business worths in that, or is that all personal? I think my wealthiest family probably doesn't even have a third of that in personal worth!

    I'm also doing taxes more often, starting this round, lol! I actually ran out of all the money I collected the first time!

  4. Yay for taxes! Well, maybe for the taxman, lol.

    So did you use Laurel Crossing's tax return form? I hope it made things easier. It does for me.

    I plan on having taxes due every spring, but if it ends up being too much, I'll do every other spring. Because I factor in taxes from townies/npcs, I estimate to have three quarter mil. I use the taxes for the college and social programs, such as welfare, scholarships and reduced healthcare.

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Francesca, I actually have plans for the money this time. I didn't last time, apart from the school, so Athena actually has close to $1 million in her account.

    I'm doing a university overhaul, and the money I spent on that will come out of Athena's account.

    Maisie, you've already seen a little bit of what I've done with the money, with the community lot I kept taking my college Sims to this round. But there will be more to come! I built one especially for Nick last weekend (and any other tinkering Sims who come along).

    I'm glad I've still been able to get some updates out too. After next week, I'll likely be less busy for a while and I'm looking forward to it so much!

    Laura, nope, that's just personal wealth! I didn't think to include Tate's restaurant or Caterina's gym and Max's vacation house.

    Both Ben and Tate were recipients of that Graphic Design career chance card glitch, which gives you $500,000 when you're supposed to get $500. I'll get around to fixing it one day but I thought it would be fun to have some insanely rich Sims in the hood. The Drapers came by their money honestly though. ;)

    I think I might run out of tax money too - I've got big plans!

    Laurel, I didn't use it this time because I kind of completely forgot about taxes until it was time for me to do them! I'm going to have to have another look at your form and see if it will work for me. :)

    Every other spring is when my taxes will be due, mainly because I don't really want to do it every year! But the governor needs more money than one can collect every four years, so every two years works out well for me. Hopefully.

  6. Timothy looks adorable! I want to pinch those cute little cheeks LOL

    Wow, that's nice money for the government! Can't wait to see your university after the changes.

  7. Sari, I love Timothy - he's probably one of my favourite toddlers right now!

    When I get a few more lots done, I'll post a bit of the university here. I'm working on Patience's university right now, for her exchange trip. :)

  8. You've got BIG plans! I never fail to be amazed by Sullivan--the way you integrated everything.

    I rationalized building PSU, that generations of people from all over a state contribute to the development of a university, but I really admire you for building based on your taxes.

  9. Timothy does look a lot like Cordy, but with a thinner, higher face. He's going to be adorable when he gets older :) You have a really nice tax system worked out, building only based on your money... that would drive my friend Luke insane! Yay, can't wait for another update!

  10. Francesca, well, this is a new thing I'm trying, having the taxes actually DO something! Most of the improvements made in Sullivan have been made without taxes. The primary school and the upgrade I did to Central Park before Evan and Ione's wedding were the first things Athena paid for.

    But it's really fun playing this way.

    Tessa, yes, you're right. He's got his dad's face shape, with most of his mum's features. I think he'll turn out pretty cute too. I'm wondering if he'll end up looking a lot like Luc, Cordy's twin brother.