Monday, 22 February 2010

Something good

Round 25: Winter 2021
Principal Betsy Carmody is 50, Kendal Draper is 45, Sarah Carmody is 16, Ethan Novak and Matilda Jacobson are both 15, Adrienne Novak is 14 and Rebecca Kirby and Tessa Novak are both 12.

With such a small enrolment this year, Betsy has been able take on a non-teaching role. Kendal's been teaching long enough now to handle all the students on her own and now Betsy's admin work won't have to take a back seat this year. Maybe she can finally get on top of everything!

Since the death of Matilda's mother earlier this year, Kendal has been keeping a close eye on her. Kendal is sensitive to children who've lost a parent, after her own experiences with her sons and later with her step-daughters.

So far, Matilda seems okay. She's a little quieter than usual at times but she's not withdrawn or depressed and her grades are as high as ever.

Kendal is surprised at the musical talent displayed by Rebecca Kirby. She was awful at music in kindergarten but persistence on the part of her grandmother turned that around. Rebecca doesn't quite have the passion for music that Leontine had but technically, she's nothing short of impressive.

The same could not be said of Rebecca's best friend, Tessa. Although Tessa thought her compositions sounded pretty good, what they actually sounded was pretty awful.

Ethan wasn't too bad but he was more interested in pulling rock moves than actually improving his abilities. Ethan's a very shy boy but even the shy boys want to impress girls.

Right now, the object of Ethan's affections is Sarah Carmody.

Sarah is grounded right now. The only place she can see Ethan is at school so they've been sneaking into the music room at lunch time to spend time alone together.

Were Betsy to catch them, Sarah would probably be in a heap of trouble but she's busy in her office at lunch time and Sarah and Ethan are always careful to head the cafeteria, where they're supposed to be, after a few stolen kisses.

The pancakes the cafeteria serves for lunch are so delicious than Tessa loses what little she knows about table manners. Rebecca is mortified to be sitting next to her. She was expecting Tessa to completely embarrass her at lunch in front of the older kids and Tessa didn't disappoint!

Adrienne takes some time out at lunch to practise her yoga. The only boy at school might be her cousin but you never know where else you might meet a cute guy and she wants to look good when she does.

She manages to coax Matilda into shooting some hoops with her, but basketball isn't really Matilda's thing.

In her free time, Matilda prefers games of the video variety but at school, she's quite happy to hit the books.

Perhaps some of her better study habits will rub off on Adrienne, who is this close to getting that MP3 player confiscated!

Rebecca is a fairly conscientious student too but Tessa is another story. She is completely uninterested in anything school has to offer. She's desperate to start dating but the only boy on offer is Ethan who is a) currently very taken and b) not her type even if he wasn't. This school is so lame!

  • Title is from Something Good by Bic Runga.
  • Can't believe how small my high school gang is this time! I don't think it's been this small since SDHS opened! I have four aging up this coming summer though, another two the summer after that and only one graduating before the next time I visit the school. So next round will be a little busier! And thank goodness for that, because I'm missing the drama!
  • Because I don't update on my non-playables, I'll just mention here that Matilda's mother died early in 2021. She was a lot older than Matilda's dad, so it was just old age. It's just Matilda and her dad now.
  • I really don't know what I'm going to do with all these boyfriend-less girls! I have three boys aging up next year but Adrienne will be too old for them (at least right now) and two of them are related to her anyway!


  1. You know, I'm beginning to become more and more interested in Matilda. I wonder what's going on inside her head. Bah, let the girls remain boyfriendless, sometimes you have to "suffer" through high school without a boyfriend and instead have a rocking good time before heading out to college.

    I love Matilda's hair with the subtle highlights and the sweater set that Adrienne is wearing. I've seen it before, and it's so cute.

  2. I was wondering what happened to matildas mom.

    I feel for all these boyfriend deprived girls. We have a boy draughts in my hood and what's the good in being in high school if u can't kiss a boy.

    Sarah and Ethan are all about that kissing eh? If Betsy ever found out that wouldn't be good.

  3. I love Matilda's hair!

    But aww! Poor girls! If they do manage to get another boy in there, there is definitely going to be some drama.

    And sneaky Sarah and Ethan. At least this way there's no possibility of having a little one!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Apple Valley, Matilda is a lot of fun. She'll almost definitely go to college when Ethan goes (that's 2024, if he gets in) and I'm looking forward to playing with her a bit more.

    I'm not too worried about boyfriends - it just makes it a little more interesting for me. I have plenty of Sims who go to college without ever having had a boyfriend or girlfriend (not many lately though!)

    I downloaded Matilda's hair when Laura linked to Summer Phoenix's hair at LH a couple of months back. It was from GOS and I went a little crazy downloading from their unnatural colours forum. I'm only just getting around to using some of them.

    Maisie, I was sad to kill off Matilda's mum but it was bound to happen. She was already an elder when Matilda was adopted. It was only because she was already a child that she even saw her enter high school.

    Ha, no, boy droughts are no fun! Or girl droughts, for that matter.

    Betsy already suspects, quite correctly, that Sarah and Ethan have done a lot more than kissing. None of that business at school though!

    Lunar, next time I play the school, there'll be three more boys but also three more girls. So yes, I'm expecting some teenage drama next round!

    Ha, I seriously couldn't find Sarah and Ethan at first, before finally spotting them in the music room. I think Sarah might be the sneakiest teen I've ever had!

  5. You have to feel kind of sorry for Ethan a bit, going to school with just girls. Lots of estrogen filling up those halls, lol! ;)

    But oh, could you imagine the possible fights that might ensue if a new boy moved into town? lol!

  6. Shana, wow, can you tell it's early here? I called you Ethan in the first draft of this comment!

    Ethan's lucky these girls mostly get along, so he doesn't have to deal with too much bitchiness!

    Sullivan might be a little large to move in extra Sims at this point, but I'm so tempted now that I'm thinking about it! If I did, I'd make a family with four teenage sons and watch the sparks fly!

  7. Ha! "This school is so lame!" I love that comment.

    Maybe with so few boys, and relatively low drama, the girls can focus on something else for a while. But then again, they are teenagers!

    Wasn't Sarah the one who snuck Ethan over to the house while Kimberly and Betsey were gone?! Those two may provide enough drama for everyone this school year!

  8. Francesca, well, Matilda and Adrienne (and Tessa, even though she's so young) are already spinning up all sorts of boy-related wants. Flirting, dates, first kisses.

    And yeah, Sarah is Betsy and Kimberly's daughter! This is the last time we'll see her at high school but Ethan will be there again next time I play the school.

  9. Ha, poor girls! It's a wonder that Ethan doesn't have to fight them off. But maybe they're all intimidated by Sarah who is the eldest in the school.

    I love all the cute clothes your teens have, mine always end up using the same outfits.

  10. Sari, not many of the girls like Ethan very much! Not in that way, anyway. And Adrienne is his cousin, so they're obviously not going to happen!

    I've been thinking of reorganising my custom content posts, just to add some more sites and creators I download from a lot. Hopefully, I'll figure out where I got some of my teen clothes!

  11. LOL, a family with four teenage boys! Even more drama if there was only one though... and a CUTE one ;)

    Do you not have any townies show up at your schools? I usually teleport in all my students, and then let the remaining spaces fill up with townie kids. That's the only way my Fiona ever had anyone to date, because the only boys out at the Bluewater school are her brothers, lol!

    But awww, those poor girls! High school without any boys to look at!?! Let me tell you, I would have gone crazy!

    Yes, I know, they're there to learn 'n stuff...

  12. Laura, *snort* mine aren't! My primary kids do more academic stuff than my high schoolers! I'm terrible because I run my high school as more of a social venture!

    I don't use townies in my schools because generally, I have enough playables to fill the spots. I could have used some townies this round though, but all my townie boys right now are so incredibly ugly. They need some serious surgery before any of my girls are allowed to touch them! I'm so shallow, LOL!