Monday, 15 February 2010


Round 25: Autumn 2021

Amar Hamilton, Jacob Weaver and Claudia Kirby are all 20.
Trent is 51, Megan is 49, Finn and Victoria are both 20, Declan is 3 months old and Patience and Maia are both 19)

Narrated by Claudia Kirby

Jacob and I have been dating for almost a year now and I think we're getting serious.

I met his parents when we went home for our break last spring and just a few weeks ago, Jacob met mine when they came up to see Victoria and the baby. The meeting went pretty smoothly, considering my mother can be a bit intimidating. Jacob had met my parents before, because we were friends when we were kids but Mum was still ready to play interrogator. She loosened up after a while, thank goodness!

Jacob scored some major brownie points when he mailed a condolence card to my parents after my grandmother died. He didn't tell me he'd done it, I found out when I got a phone call from Mum, who was very impressed.

I'm really happy with Jacob. Giddy, even. It's not like with Amar, when I spent so long wondering if I even liked him that much and then when I decided I did, I find out he was cheating on me. I don't want to jinx it but it feels different.

I really regret the last couple of years, because I've got some skeletons in the closet now and sometimes they leap out when I least expect it. Like Trace. I hadn't seen him at all since freshman year and then all of a sudden he's sliding into the booth and greeting me like we'd see each other every day.

I was worried he was looking to start something up again, so I made sure to tell him I was with somebody. He looked disappointed, so I guess I had reason to worry. I remember being so taken with Trace a couple of years ago but I don't feel anything when I look at him now. Maybe I was just desperate to be with anyone but Amar.

I managed to shoo him out of the booth just before Jacob came back with our drinks. Really don't feel like introducing Trace to Jacob!

We're hanging out a lot at the new bar on campus lately. Not many people know about it yet, so it's usually pretty quiet.

It's a good opportunity to escape Amar. It's a pretty challenging task to avoid your ex-boyfriend when you're living in the same dorm as him. In adjacent bedrooms, no less!

I don't know how much clearer I can make myself. I'm not interested any more.

If he's not trying to hit on me, or generally make me uncomfortable, he's glaring at Jacob and me when we dare to show any form of affection to each other.

Because we both kept ignoring that, Amar's new tactic is trying to make me jealous. I don't know what his goal is but if it's to make me think he's a bigger asshole than I already did, well, he's succeeding. I feel sorry for those poor girls he's luring into that hot tub. I've been in that position before, unfortunately.

Jacob and I tend to go out a lot, just to avoid him. The other night, we ran into his ex-girlfriend, Patience.

Patience and I ended up talking for a while, so Jacob wandered off to the bar and ended up sitting next to his other ex-girlfriend, Maia. It looked pretty awkward.

I know there was a lot of animosity between Patience and Maia while Maia was with Jacob so I guess I should just be thankful Patience didn't try to start anything with me. I'm not falling all over myself to trust her completely but she was okay with me. Maybe because she's friends with Josie and Victoria? I don't know.

Speaking of Victoria, it's nice that I have Jacob here for company but I miss my sister. This is the first time we've lived apart and it's really strange. Obviously, she and Finn couldn't have Declan in the dorms though, so they had to move out to family housing.

The units aren't that far from the dorm though, so I walk up there to visit almost every day. I think Finn was probably secretly happy that they were forced to move out of the dorms but Victoria misses living there a little bit, so I have to keep her apprised of all the goings on. It's just Amar idiocy right now, so she's not really missing much.

Victoria's always saying she doesn't want to put me out by having me watch him all the time but I insist on babysitting while she and Finn are at class. Like I mind! Declan's adorable and he's a really good little baby too.

Finn finishes class before Victoria so he takes over with Declan when he gets home. Sometimes I almost want to take him back to the dorm with me but then I smell his nappy or think about how little sleep Finn and Victoria get now, and I'm just thankful I can give him back!

The greeting card system - it is awesome:

See? Jacob really did send a greeting card to the Kirbies! Who knew Jacob was such a sap though? Each card has a different cover and message inside.

I am so going to be making use of this mod again! It's supposed to be quite easy to make your own cards so hopefully, there'll be lots more cards soon. As well as bereavement, I've found wedding and Valentine's cards and I think the mod comes with Christmas cards as a default. You can get the mod here.

My university overhaul:

That's about it, LOL. Personally, I'm really happy with my new uni bar, though it doesn't look like Claudia agrees! I know it's a bit dingy, Claudia but you've only got two more years of uni left and you'll never have to see this place again!

Next door to this place on the same lot is a newsagent/internet cafe, which is also pretty nifty. I'm going to see if I can make some posters for the internet cafe but we'll see. It might be something quick to do after work this week, so I might actually get some done!

  • Title is from C.I.A. by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.
  • Grades, before I forget: Claudia still has a 4.0, Jacob has a 3.8 and Amar has a 3.6.
  • Jacob spun up a want to fall in love with Maia again and Claudia had the want to fall in love with Amar. Seeing they spun up while they were on a date though, I ignored them. When they spin up under normal circumstances (like with Abigail), then I pay them some attention. Under normal circumstances, Jacob and Claudia are currently only rolling wants for each other. So we'll see how it goes.
  • Patience is not in Jacob's friend zone but she shockingly did not attempt to flirt with him this time, even though she's still actually in love with him. Interesting. I'll have to keep an eye on her when I play her lot.
  • Next update will probably be on Wednesday. It'll be a big one though, because I have 7 kids in the other dorm and there's all sorts of shenanigans going on!


  1. The new postal system looks exciting and I'm glad Claudia and Jacob are working out. I'm still a bit wary of him, but if she's happy, then yippee.

  2. The new bar looks very nice! :D

    Oh boy, I'm not sure I'm on board with Claudia and Jacob. Jacob hasn't been that great at keeping relationships stable, LOL. And he's got a LOT of baggage (Maia and Patience, yikes!) so Claudia better keep an eye out! ;)

    That greeting card thing is neat!

  3. Thanks for reading, guys! You both have to get that greeting card thing; it's so cool!

    Apple Valley, I'm a little wary of Jacob too but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt for the meantime. They seem quite happy though.

    Mao, thanks, you'll probably be seeing a lot of it in my next college update, so it's a good thing you like it!

    Jacob definitely has some baggage. Claudia has plenty of her own but all of Jacob's former partners were actual steadies, while two of Claudia's were one-offs. I'm not too worried about Jacob though. I'm still in the middle of playing Patience and Maia's dorm and I won't say what's happened yet. I'll just say that I think Jacob hooking up with either of them again is looking much less likely!

  4. Finn as a dad is really adorable, lol. Maybe it's the sweater, or it's the hair, or it's the glasses, but he certainly does have "dad" written all over him already.

    And Claudia, I can tell you from personal experience that nieces or nephews are the best. Because they go home and they pretty much think you're cool even when you're so not.

    The whole Jacob thing also made me laugh. Poor Claudia; she really can't take him anywhere.

    And the cards-- I've had that in my game since it came out and been downloading cards for it, but I haven't actually tried it yet. How awesome it looks!

  5. Lunar, well, Finn is just cute all the time so it's no surprise that he's pretty adorable as a dad too!

    I think that goes for anyone else's kids! It sure is nice to give them back sometimes!

    I don't quite know where Jacob and Claudia are going yet. This whole love triangle thing is still yet to be determined.

    It took me ages to use the cards too. I don't often build or renovate shops, so I download these things and then forget about them! But this one is a lot of fun and I'll have to remember to put a rack in one of my shops in the main hood.

  6. I love those cards too! I wanted to give a stab at making some cards but I don't know. We'll see. Maybe oneday when I actually have the time to sit down and try it, I'll see how the come out.

    Claudia and Jacob, I don't know. I guess I want him back with Patience is a bad way. LOL Oh, well. Guess we'll have to wait and see. This is college though, so anything can happen.

  7. I don't know which is more surprising, the fact that Claudia and Jacob have already been dating for almost a year or the fact that Megan likes him! I think they make a lovely couple but who knows what the future brings. They both have a good amount of baggage so I guess it evens things out a bit.

    Amar is a creep! I'm glad Claudia isn't with him anymore.

    I'd never even heard about the postal system before this! It looks really cool, I'll definitely try it out.

  8. Ooh the cards is awesome! What a sweet gesture of him to send one on his own. I'm going to have to download that.

    I hope things work out with Claudia and Jacob, I likes him lots. How awkward for Claudia though, having Amar being obnoxious, then Trace just plopping down. Eek.

    Claudia makes a great aunt, how sweet that she helps take care of the little man while her sister is in classes.

  9. Those greeting cards look awesome! I'll have to try those out.

    LOL, poor Jacob, running into two ex-girlfriends while out on a date. I like him and Claudia together, but I hope he's grown up and settled down a lot and doesn't end up breaking her heart!

  10. Thanks everyone!

    Riverdale, I wanted to try my hand at making some cards too. We'll see if either of us ever get around to it!

    Ha, I was curious if anyone had a preference in the whole love triangle Jacob's got himself into. Patience definitely still has some kind of feelings for Jacob but as for whether they'll ever get back together...well, even I don't know that!

    Sari, Megan did not like Amar. At all. I really wish I'd shown some of that when they were in high school but back then, I didn't know he'd turn out to be such a jerk! Megan has pretty decent intuition, apparently! So there might be an element of "anyone but Amar" here but she does like Jacob - they rolled up the want to be friends with each other (Jacob rolled the want to be friends with Trent too, but I didn't notice if it was vice versa). Even leaving aside the Amar thing, Jacob is a very nice guy.

    I like Claudia and Jacob together more than I thought I would. No Finn and Victoria but who is? LOL.

    Maisie, sleeping around is not really something that Claudia thinks is "her", even though she's done a bit of it so it's sort of coming back to bite her in the ass right now. She's just lucky Elmer doesn't go to college or he'd be showing up too! I guess that awkwardness will be saved for a couple of years, after she graduates!

    I wish Sims could really babysit. I was faking it with Claudia. There's a Squinge hack to allow it but a) it doesn't work for me, b) the option doesn't show up on college lots anyway and c) even the AL feature is iffy in my game. :(

    Shana, I hope so too! If they ever break up, I really pray it's not by him cheating on her. We don't want Claudia to get bitter about this sort of thing!

  11. I saw the postal system on mod the sims, and I though of downloading it myself. Seeing it in your game makes me think of doing that even more, it looks great.

    I'm so happy Megan likes her daughter's boyfriend!

    And OMG on Amar! I don't think I would be able to live in the same dorm as my ex, especially when he's such a creep!

  12. Tanja, the postcards and greeting cards are a lot of fun and I can't wait to make more use of them. :)

    Ha, at least Megan likes one of her daughter's boyfriends! She doesn't dislike Finn but he's probably on her bad side right now and she never made friends with him, even with how often he was over at the farm when he and Victoria were teens.

    Amar is really awful. I really don't need to set much up for him and I admit that I do set up a lot of this. But Amar really is that much of a jerk!

  13. Oh wow, so Jacob and Claudia are really making a go of this thing then! I have to say, they are kind of cute together. We'll see if it lasts ;)

    And btw, might we get a rundown of all of Jacob's attractions? lol! It'd be cool to see where all the girls stand in terms of attraction :)

    LOL, Amar! Give it up, buddy!

    I just went and picked up that greeting card system after reading this post! It looks like it'll be a lot of fun! :)

  14. Laura, yeah, I figured I'd let Jacob and Claudia give it a shot, seeing they both seemed so darn keen on each other! Which surprised me at first, because Claudia became more strongly attracted to him in high school when I gave him his Massive Attraction but she never made a move on him, even pre-Amar. And initially, this was all directed by her!

    And yes, I'll do a run-down of all of Jacob's girls and stick it in Victoria and Finn's update. I'm going into the game now and that will be the first thing I check. Jacob will likely appear in that update anyway, seeing he's attached to Claudia's hip. ;)

    I really enjoy making you all dislike Amar. When he and Claudia first broke up, I considered pairing him up with another one of my playables but honestly, I couldn't do it to them! He is such a jerk!