Thursday, 18 February 2010

Pot kettle black

Round 25: Autumn 2021
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Finn Romilly and Victoria Kirby are both 20, Declan is 5 months old.
(Claudia Kirby is 20, Araminta Romilly is 58, Henry is 56, Elspeth is 7, Ione Moretti is 25, Trent Kirby is 51 and Megan is 49)

Narrated by Victoria Kirby

Declan is 5 months old now and I feel like Finn and I aren't ever going to get to sleep in again. When we were in the dorms, I used to love cuddling up in bed if we didn't have anywhere to go in the morning.

Now though, we're up before sunrise every morning. Declan doesn't always cry but we end up getting up anyway - he usually needs something.

I like to think we're doing okay with him though. He's kind of like his dad, in that he's usually very cheerful.

Usually. He has his cranky moments but he's a pretty easygoing baby.

I will say that is actually nice having our own little place, even though I loved living in the dorms. I didn't love the food in the cafeteria or having only one room to call my own. Finn says he hated just about everything in the dorms but I think he mostly just hated Amar.

Finn and I both know that we'll get married eventually, though we're not actually engaged yet. We're more like engaged to be engaged, I guess. I think Finn wants to ask me properly, which I am not at all opposed to!

We don't want people to think we're getting married just because we had a baby, so we'll probably wait until after graduation but I'm already getting excited. Finn is such a good dad and he's going to be a great husband too.

It's almost like we're already an old married couple anyway. All of our "dates" are at home now. I hate asking Claudia to come and watch Declan and we don't want to pay for a babysitter when we're supposed to be saving for a house.

Claudia insists she doesn't mind babysitting though. She comes over almost every day and she makes a beeline for Declan.

I'm sure she'd rather be spending time with Jacob than dealing with a squirming baby though, especially a smelly one.

But I really do appreciate it when she comes over so I can go to class or study. Classes are definitely harder for me with a baby. Finn just seems to show up and his professors fall all over themselves to give him As but I'm not so lucky. My GPA has dropped a little since Declan was born but if I keep working, I might still be able to graduate with honours. A 4.0 is out of the question now though.

Finn's family has been so amazing through this whole thing. We were both so worried about telling them when I got pregnant. I don't think either of his parents were thrilled but they were supportive from the very beginning.

And it's not just his parents either. Finn's little sister Elspeth is always wanting to hold Declan. She's a little young, so we haven't let her yet but she really loves being an aunt.

Finn's older sister is awesome too. She's due with twins any day now, so we've swapped pregnancy stories a bit and I'm sure we'll have plenty more to talk about once the babies arrive. I'm so glad Declan wasn't twins! I was a little afraid he would be, seeing I'm a twin, Dad's a twin and my grandmother was a twin. Twins seem to run in our family!

Finn actually has more experience with babies than Ione does. Not just Declan, but when Elspeth was born, Finn was old enough to help but Ione was away at college when she was really tiny. So dealing with two babies will be something else for her and Evan!

Having Declan hasn't been quite as disastrous as I assumed it would be when I first looked at that pregnancy test.

Except Mum's reaction. Her reaction was as bad as I thought it would be and it was exactly what I had feared all along. Once he got used to the idea of his daughter being pregnant, Dad was fantastic.

Dad is a great grandpa, even if he probably still would have been happy for me to not get pregnant for at least another 5 years.

It's only recently that Mum has started to be at all engaged with Declan, which I have to admit was really worrying me.

Mum and I are still on shaky ground but she's better with Declan at least, and I think we might be getting there. I suspect Dad might have had words with her, or maybe even Finn. I'm glad to see even little signs of improvement. She barely even spoke to me while I was pregnant and has been a little icy ever since.

But she's been oddly non-critical over the past couple of weeks and I feel like things are getting better. Though sometimes when I'm doing something with Declan, I can feel her watching me over my shoulder, probably biting her tongue. I wish I didn't think that way but it's hard not to, when she spent the first few months of Declan's life picking at everything I did. It's been quite nice to not hear that everything I'm doing is wrong. It's hard enough to have a baby at university without that.

I really wish she'd try harder with Finn though. He gets a lot of blank looks when he tries to talk with Mum and I have the distinct impression she's not all that interested in much he has to say.

Behind Victoria's head, you can see a bulletin board with some postcards pinned on them. I have some postcard racks (as well as the greeting card racks) in my newsagent on campus and between them, Finn and Victoria have bought four autonomously. Finn seems a bit confused, as he's bought two Christmas postcards and it's autumn in Sullivan but I hung them up anyway. I have crap from four years ago on my bulletin board!

  • Title is from Pot Kettle Black by Wilco.
  • Finn's still got a 4.0 but Victoria's GPA has dropped to a 3.7. Which I think it would have done even without Declan - she doesn't get the want to skill all that much.
  • Megan rolled the want to play with Declan this session, so I figure she might slowly be getting over some of her hang-ups about the way he came into the world. Trent rolled a lot of wants for him when I played the Kirby house but I don't think Megan ever did. About time she started acting a little bit more like a Family Sim!
  • As for Megan and Finn, none of that was set up, sadly for poor Finn! She really is quite standoffish with him. She stops short of actually scowling or rolling her eyes but she'll look around the room as if she's bored and cross her arms a lot. She doesn't enjoy Finn's alien talk, apparently (that's what he's talking about in the first picture!)
  • OK, so Jacob didn't end up being in this after all but I did note down his attraction scores. I did it for all the girls he's currently at college with, just for fun. He has a mind-blowing 136 with Josie, which is weird because I know that I had written down that they had only one bolt when she was a freshman. He already had the Romance bonus then and she still doesn't have it, so I'm not sure what's up there. She hasn't tried to flirt with him for a long time, if you're wondering. I think she really was doing it to bug Maia!
  • Speaking of Maia, he has a 61 with her and a 60 with Patience. I said this in Comments yesterday but his total score with Patience is 53 and hers is 115. I guess that's because he's "going steady" with Claudia and is hence less likely to cheat. He has an 86 with Claudia and an 88 with Victoria.
  • I can't believe Finn and Victoria have only one year until graduation! Finn needs to study more still but I'll have him do that back in the hood, most likely. I still haven't figured out exactly what I'm doing with that but it'll be another couple of years and I may hold off on it until they've settled themselves for a while.


  1. ROFL @ Finn and the post cards. Poor guy! I'm glad that they are getting on so well with the baby, and VIctoria is able to keep ontop of her classes. It's always a wonderful thing when you have family supporting you along the way.

  2. Yeah that Megan is wanting to spend time with her grandson. And wow Ione will be having hers soon! Exciting.

    I adore Victoria and Finn as parents. They are super sweet.

  3. Are they really that old? Wow, one more year. Question-why does Finn need to study more?

  4. Thanks for looking up those attractions! Oh wow, that's almost three bolts with Claudia then, that's not bad! But wow, 136 with Josie!!! I wonder if anything will ever come of that!?

    Awww, poor Finn! Megan needs to lighten up a bit, lol! Her daughter could have gotten knocked up by someone much, much worse!!! LOL!

    I can't believe they only have a year left either! Declan is just adorable! I can't wait to see him as a toddler :)

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Riverdale, Victoria's not a particularly motivated student but she's only got one more year, so hopefully she can keep up with it for just a little bit longer!

    Maisie, I was glad to see Megan roll up that want too. And Ione has her babies - you'll see them tomorrow in Birthdays, as well as Abigail and Jesse's twins and Emma Gottlieb's first birthday!

    I love Victoria and Finn as parents too. They're very sweet and attentive. I don't actually need to micro-manage them that much because they take care of Finn pretty well on their own. And if not, Claudia comes strolling in to take over. She walks in uninvited a lot of the time, which seems realistic, seeing she and Victoria are twins.

    Apple Valley, yup, they're really that old, LOL! Finn needs to study more because I'm working in some of Laura's career rules. Finn wants to become Education Minister, and he'll need an extra two years of study to be able to progress that far. I don't really see him reaching that until he's at least 40 anyway though, so there's not a real rush.

    Laura,, yeah, he and Claudia are a pretty good match but they took me surprise. Pre-Massive Attraction, as teens, they'd flitter between one bolt and no bolt, so to go up to almost three bolts is quite the achievement!

    And yeah, Josie...gosh, I'm really hoping not! Jacob's got himself into enough trouble without adding a girl who is his ex's best friend AND his current girlfriend's cousin into the mix. He's rejected her each time she's tried but she hasn't tried in a while. Probably because she's with Will.

    So true, Victoria could have got knocked up by someone like Amar. Let's pause to imagine that disaster! Megan doesn't realise how lucky they all are that it was Finn and that he's a good guy.

    Have you been using that SimDNA cheat that you can use in debug mode? From the readout I'm getting from it, I'm predicting that Declan will likely have Victoria's nose and Finn's eyes. I can't wait to see if I'm right.

  6. No, I haven't tried that cheat yet, but I've seen something similar in SimPe. To be honest though, lately I've been just aging them up to take a peek and then exiting without saving, lol! :)

  7. Their little apartment home really seems warm and cozy. I noticed that as I read their update. I'm so proud of these two, who have always seemed mature beyond their years.

    Declan is in great hands and I expect him to be a well-adjusted citizen as he grows up.

  8. Aw, Finn and Victoria make great parents. :) I'm glad to see Megan is making some progress forward with this situation, but she needs to cut poor Finn some slack. They didn't intend for this to happen and at least he's there and helping raise his baby instead of running off like some other guys (Amar, lol!) might do.

  9. Laura, LOL! I've never done that with a baby because I think I kind of like the anticipation. I've done it with toddlers though but only if I suspect they're going to look a bit freakish!

    Simmington, yeah, they've got a nice little place, though it's not somewhere you'd want to live with anyone you didn't like a lot! They're living on top of each other - it's very tiny.

    I've checked Declan's personality in SimPE and he wasn't going to turn out well-adjusted (1 nice point!) but he will now. I don't like the method EA uses to determine personality, because I end up with far too many mean Sims. So when Declan grows up, he'll have the personality you might expect the child of two nice people to have!

    Shana, yes, I know, poor Finn! Finn and Victoria were doing everything right when Declan was conceived - they were committed to each other and using birth control. Sometimes these things just happen and they're handling it pretty well. Hopefully, Megan will continue to get better about this.

  10. I love Victoria and Finn together! They are such a sweet couple. "Engaged to be engaged", LOL! I love that.

    The shots of Finn trying in vain to chat up his mother-in-law were hilarious! She is not amused.

  11. Mao, Finn and Victoria have probably been engaged to be engaged since high school. They're just the type, to think that far ahead.

    I know I say it all the time but I really love them together too. I know I've said before that I had originally planned for Finn and Patience to end up together but I don't think I've mentioned that Victoria was going to end up with Jacob. I can't imagine either of those pairings now!

    Megan is not amused by much, least of all talk about aliens!

  12. Aw, I like Finn and Victoria together!!!! "Engaged to be engaged" was cute.

    I know all babies look the same, but I've still got a feeling Delcan is going to be a cute toddler!!

    And hmmmm Megan. I wonder what's her problem?

  13. bbop, Finn and Victoria are total cuties. I can only hope Declan is also cute!

    As for Megan's problem, initially, it was that she had evidence that her daughter was having sex being waved in front of her face, so she couldn't pretend it wasn't happening. I think she's over that though and her main problem is her pride.

  14. It's so good to see Finn and Victoria managing well with Declan. I hope Victoria will be able to meet her goals, still. I can't wait to see how cute Declan is! And I totally agree about EA skewing the number of mean sims, especially from nice parents.

    I'm downloading the postcards, which I had never seen before but they are so neat.

  15. Oh, yeah, I also wanted to add I love it that Victoria's twin and Elsbeth both like to take care of Declan when they come over.

  16. Francesca, yeah, I have older Sims who don't cope so well with babies, so Finn and Victoria are doing well!

    Elspeth is a little young to help but she does what she can. ;) Claudia barges right in and takes over though!

    I think I read somewhere that the game distributes the nice points last and that means there sometimes aren't enough left. Which is dumb. I preferred the way TS1 did personality. In any one trait, you could get the mother's, the father's or an average. That's how I do it in SimPE, though I also add in the possibility of it being random.

  17. Ooo-oh, that makes sense, that nice points are distributed last. Because they are only allowed so many points.

    Right now there aren't any in my 'hood, but I've had sims like Claudia who come and head for the baby, and I think it is so cool.

  18. Yeah, I don't know how many points you're allowed though Definitely more than the amount you get in CAS though.

    I was playing with Evan and Ione and their twins last night (that update is not for a few days) and the amount of relatives they have barging into their house is unbelievable. Everyone wants to help out with the twins, apparently! Coming in uninvited is usually an outgoing thing but Claudia (as well as some of Evan and Ione's relatives) are not outgoing.