Saturday, 6 February 2010

You say it's your birthday, Summer 2021

Evan and Ione have only been married for three months and already they're facing a move and the impending birth of twins! Yes, that's right - come winter, Evan and Ione will be the proud parents of two new babies!

They had hoped to be able to squeeze a crib in somewhere in their tiny house, at least for a little while but a new house has now become a necessity. One crib might have fit in their current house but two definitely won't!

Also expecting twins are Jesse and Abigail Carmody! They weren't even sure they'd be able to conceive one more baby and now they'll have two. The one downside is that they love the house they're in now, but it's definitely too small for three children and three adults, so like Evan and Ione, they're currently house hunting.

Finn is up late one night, doing - what else? - some study, when Victoria comes downstairs from the bedroom. It's time for Baby Romilly to arrive!

At least Finn shows visible concern at seeing his girlfriend doubled over in pain, unlike a certain other someone we know.

It's a boy - Declan Sean Romilly!

So far, Declan is looking a lot like his dad - same blonde hair, same grey eyes, same complexion. We'll have to wait for his first birthday to see if he's inherited anything at all from his mum!

Anthony Moretti is now 4 and is ready to start pre-school.

And of course, his twin sister Veronica will be right by his side on his first day.

Rebecca Kirby is 12 and entering Grade 7 in 2021. She's quite keen to start dating but given her sister's current predicament, her parents might be a little reluctant! Lucky she's got a good head on her shoulders and wants to do well at school, as well as meet boys.

Tessa Novak is also 12 this summer and has decided she wants to be a business tycoon when she's older. Unfortunately for her, that requires a college degree, which is something she has no desire for at this point. She's got 5 years to change her mind, so we'll see how she goes!

Aaron Novak is now 18 and one of the incoming freshmen at Suffolk University. He's heading towards a career in journalism.

Joining Aaron is his boyfriend, Calvin Clarke, who's not quite sure what he wants to do with his life.

Calvin's twin brother, Troy, is also living at Novak Hall. He has no current aspirations, beyond losing that pesky virginity of his!

Fortunately for Nick Moretti, he and ex-girlfriend Josie smoothed things over a couple of years ago, because now they're living in same dorm. Hopefully, things will stay civil between them! Or not, because it might be entertaining for us. ;)

  • Evan and Ione's twins were a result of that twins benefit Ione has, because ACR definitely said one baby when I heard those chimes on their wedding night! I had a feeling it might turn into twins though, seeing Evan is also a twin himself, so there were two factors working in favour of there being more than one baby in there! Jesse and Abigail's twins, however, are natural. I knew it was twins when I wrote their update but they wouldn't have known yet, since she was about 5 minutes pregnant , so I saved it for birthdays.
  • How cute are Tessa and Rebecca, despite the fact that they both kind of look like their fathers in drag? ;)
  • LOL, Troy rolled the want to woohoo as soon as he got out of the taxi. None of the other freshmen are virgins, so I guess he's feeling a little left out!


  1. Holy cow, two sets of twins! That's A LOT of babies LOL

    Rebecca is very pretty! And Calvin and Troy both look very handsome.

  2. Lots of twins coming up! Wow!

    Yeah for little Declan, what a sweet name, should have had red hair to go with the name.

    Man, two sets of twins, that's going to be a wild ride!

    The new teens do look a lot like their fathers, and the twins are looking pretty cute!

  3. Awww, welcome Declan! Love that name!

    Happy birthday to everyone! I can't wait to see what kinds of trouble the new freshmen get into this year :)

    LOL, Troy! Good luck to him on that mission, lol!

  4. I've been meaning to ask, do you remember where you got Nick's hair? It's so cute, but different than the other shaggy curly styles I have.

  5. Sari, I know, eh? I couldn't believe it. Two sets!

    Calvin and Troy look good from the front but I still hate their cheeks. They look really weird from the side.

    Maisie, heh, I was kind of hoping Declan would be a redhead too. Very stereotypically Irish, then!

    Laura, Declan is one of my favourite names too.

    Troy has already tried to flirt with one girl at the dorm (dormie, not one of mine) and was shot down. LOL.

    Nick's hair is a Raonjena mesh but I don't like the original textures so I use some recolours that Xandher did. You can get them here. :)

  6. LOL, Troy is very ambitious, I see. ;)

    Love Declan's name! :)

    You're going to be busy with all the twins soon! Everyone looks great, especially Nick. He's a very handsome young man! :)

  7. Thanks for the link! I love that hair! It's so hard to find good hair for the guys :)

  8. Declan is here. OMG! I'm so excited. Happy birth day guys!

  9. Shana, yes, so ambitious! Sex and sandwiches, that's all he thinks about! His LTW is to eat 50 grilled cheese sandwiches!

    Laura, you're welcome. And I know, every time I see a guy's hairstyle I haven't got, I pretty much pounce on the blogger. "Where?!? Where did you get it?!?" LOL.

    Riverdale, I was so excited for Finn and Victoria's baby, you don't even know!

  10. Awww, Declan Sean...welcome to the world!! He's so adorable and I'm so happy for the both of them. Can't believe my 'little Finn' is now a father!

  11. Simmington, I know, right?! I was looking at pictures of Finn as a little boy just the other night and I just cannot get over the fact that he's a dad now!