Sunday, 28 February 2010

You say it's your birthday, Summer 2022

It's birthday time again: possibly the only thing I love as much as a Sim wedding!

Declan Romilly has just celebrated his first birthday!

Right now, he looks a lot like his dad Finn did as a toddler.

It's looking like he's inherited that famous Kirby nose from his mother Victoria though.

Adelaide Sitko is now four and all ready to start pre-school this year.

Joining her will be her cousin, Noah Gottlieb.

Dominic Lachance is now 12! Like his mother, family is the most important thing to Dominic, as well as the pursuit of knowledge. Before settling down, he wants to date a few girls - just to be sure that he's found the right one. He's pretty shy though, so we'll see if he has the courage to ask any of them out!

Nathan Collins is only 12 but he's already decided law school is the path for him! Predictably, he's very concerned with his grades but like Dominic, would also like to start a family one day. He hasn't inherited much from his mother apart from her freckles, apparently. ;)

Malcolm Novak also has a career in mind. He wants to be a doctor but it's more about the cash for him, rather than any real thirst for learning.

Susannah Carmody, despite having never shown an interest in food or cooking before now, is desperate to become a chef. Perhaps she'll find some time to learn to cook in between all the dates she's wanting to go on!

Extra:Just one more of Declan, because I couldn't decide which one to use. So you get both.

  • With the SimDNA cheat, I predicted that Declan would be all Finn except for the nose and it looks like I was right. Predicting genetics may be my new favourite game! But wow, that Kirby nose is strong; I just went and checked and every single descendent of Nathaniel Kirby has it. I do, apparently, still suck at figuring out eye and hair colour on babies. I thought Declan had grey eyes but he's got light blue eyes, which are from Megan.
  • Susannah looks quite different to how I was expecting her to look but I still like her a lot. I am relieved to finally age Malcolm up too - I'm not fond of that Nihill chin on children a lot of the time, as it can look a little overwhelming. Malcolm's grown into it quite nicely though.


  1. All the new teens are very good-looking. I think Susannah will grow up to be a real beauty.

    Declan is so cute and obviously Finn's mini-me except for the nose! That's a Kirby nose for sure.

  2. Finn was very cute, but I think that with the Kirby nose, Declan is way cuter and more interesting looking.

    Susannah is a fascinating looking sim. Apparently also quite funny, since she doesn't know how to cook yet but KNOWS she wants to be a celebrity chef!!

    Good luck to Dominic for asking girls out--that can be scary for extraverted 12 year-olds!

  3. Look at little Declan and Susannah, she still looks like the same little gap toothed sweetie.

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Sari, yes, I knew Susannah would turn out to be pretty. She was such a cute little girl. It'll be interesting to see who she ends up with. Nathan's her cousin, so not him but maybe Dominic or Malcolm? Who knows? I love this stage!

    I'm so happy with Declan. He's going to turn out so much like Finn and I love Finn! I'm glad he's got just a little bit of Victoria in him too though.

    Francesca, I think Declan is a little cuter too than Finn was too.

    I wish I could remember if I made Susannah or if she was downloaded from somewhere. I was the one who stuck all the freckles on her, I know that! But she's always been so cute and I'm looking forward to seeing her personality develop.

    Ha, and that's very true! We'll see how Dominic goes!

    Apple Valley, heh, I love the gap in the teeth that these skins have! It's almost a shame when they age up and their teeth fill in. :)

  5. Well Finn can necer deny that he's Declan's father, the resemblance is amazing!

    You have some good looking teens in Sullivan! I love Nathan's freckels!

  6. Declan sure is a cutie!

    Susannah is gorgeous, and I agree that Malcolm has grown into his chin more.

    Look at Dominic all teenaged! Awwe!

    I really like Nathan, he looks like he'd make a good lawyer, and a Lacrosse player.

  7. Tanja, very true! No doubt at all about Declan's paternity!

    And thanks! Nathan's always had his freckles but I think he's really looking good with them as a teen.

    Maisie, I caught young Dominic being flirted with at Tate's restaurant when I was playing Jesse and Abigail last night. He wasn't too impressed but apparently the girls are already noticing him!

    A lawyer and a lacrosse player! A shame he's not a Sports Sim, because he does look quite sporty, doesn't he?

  8. You can really tell Susannah and Nathan are related... they could be siblings instead of cousins!! Love the freckles :D And Declan is a patootie >.<

  9. McTavishams, Susannah and Nathan are cousins but she's actually adopted! When her mothers adopted her though, I remember commenting that she really does look like she could be biologically related to Betsy (Betsy is Nathan's aunt). I never realised how much they look alike until your comment though!

  10. Nathan has Anna's eyebrows. :-)

    And Declan is a cutie, such a sweet little boy.

  11. Aw, Declan is so cute! That's definitely Finn's child, lol!

  12. Astrid, very observant of you! I actually thought Nathan might be a clone of Emil, apart from his colouring but you're right - those are definitely Anna's eyebrows!

    Shana, isn't Declan sweet? I'm pretty sure I know what he'll look like as he grows up but I'm kind of excited to see just how much he looks like Finn as he grows up. Finn already looks a lot like his own dad, so that'll be interesting.

  13. All I know is that I am in love with Declan's nose. It is just absolutely adorable.

  14. It's funny how some features look extra cute on certain Sims. That nose has been around since the beginning of Sullivan (literally - Nathaniel, Declan's great-great grandfather was the first Sim I made for this hood) but I've never found it so adorable before now!

  15. Wow! What a great looking group of kids! I really like Susannah. So pretty and unique. Dominic is Tatiana all over and Nathan is a cutie. And there's Declan!

    I'm catching uuuup! :)

  16. Danielle, so close! LOL. I'm almost finished Spring 2024, so you're a little less than 3 years behind!

    I love all these kids - so cute and they let me mix it up a bit more in the high school updates! I remember being a bit bored with the last one you would have read, with Ethan being the only boy!