Friday, 12 February 2010

Leontine Kirby, 1942-2021

by Rose Draper, Summer 2021

Retired musician Leontine Kirby died yesterday morning after collapsing at her Sullivan home. She was 79 years old.

Leontine, with granddaughter Victoria and great-grandson Declan.

She is survived by her twin sons, Tate and Trent (51) and her six grandchildren, Claudia and Victoria (both 20), Josie (19), Rebecca (12) and Jack and Charlie (both 9). Leontine also recently welcomed her first great-grandchild, Declan (8 weeks).

Leontine, pictured with twin brother Pascal.

Leontine Kirby (née Lachance) was born in Sullivan to parents Sacha and Emmy. She had three siblings - older sisters Georgette and Vivienne and twin brother Pascal. Leontine was the last surviving Lachance sibling, after the deaths of her sisters in 2019.

Leontine showed a strong talent for music from an early age and after graduation from Suffolk University, she forged a successful career.

While attending university, Leontine also met Brandon Kirby, the man who would become her husband. The couple were married in 1964 and were together until Brandon's death in 2011.

In 1970, Leontine gave birth to the couple's only children, twins Tate and Trent. Until her death, she lived with son Trent, daughter-in-law Megan and granddaughter Rebecca on the family farm in Sullivan.

  • RIP Leontine! I think she was the first great-grandparent I've had in a while who actually lived to meet her great-grandchild. The last one I can remember who did that was Raffaella, who lived to see Aaron born, and possibly even Ethan. She wasn't particularly old for a Sim and James wasn't that young when Aaron was born but Augustin and Hanna were very young when they had James. They were 20 and in college, just like Finn and Victoria.


  1. Leontine certainly aged gracefully and led a productive life, in terms of the legacy of a wonderful family. I'm so glad she met her great-grandchild.

  2. Francesca, I just couldn't kill Leontine off without having her meet Declan first!

  3. Leontine led quite a life eh? A bit of music. Glad you let her meet Declan firs. I like the picture of her playing her guitar, her expression is great.

    It's been a long while since one of mine made it to great grandparent, but I think I have one, maybe two who might again. I got their deaths configured (ROS excluding), so it just depends.

  4. I'm glad that she was able to meet her greatgrand son before she died.

  5. Awww.. RIP Leontine. I loved the shots of her as a young sim. The looking back is always such a lovely little touch.

  6. The last of Pascal siblings! It's the end of an era.

    RIP Leontine! Like everyone else, I'm glad she got to meet her great-grandson.

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Maisie, a lot of music! She started out with ballet when she was little and then switched to guitar as a teen. When she picked up music again after college, she was all about the piano and violin - multi-talented. ;)

    Looking at my deaths list, there are going to be a few Sims who almost definitely will meet their great-grandchildren. And one who might possibly meet their great-great-grandchild!

    Riverdale, me too! I think it was sweet.

    Lunar, I'm glad you like the retrospective because I really like putting them together.

    Sari, that's what I thought! It definitely feels like the end of something major with Leontine's death.

  8. RIP Leontine! :( It was good that she got to meet her great-grandson before she passed away.

  9. Awww :) What a nice obituary. It's nice that she got to meet her great-grandson.
    Just another question... How do you configure their deaths? Do you just pick a random age?

  10. Tessa, thank you!

    I use the Days Left Shrub from SimLogical to figure out how many days they have left to live, then I figure out what year that would be. So I know when every single elder in my game will die.