Thursday, 4 February 2010

Cavalier eternal

Round 24: Spring 2020
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Jace Novak is 63, Magdalena is 56 and Tessa is 11.
(Gordon is 24, Lia is 23, Maia is 18 and Rebecca is 11)

Narrated by Jace Novak

Magdalena and I are both missing having Lia and Maia living at home with us but I have to admit, it's been kind of nice as well.

Tessa is relishing the undivided attention she's getting and we're enjoying the quiet.

It's been about 10 years since we've been without a teenager in the house, although with the amount of time Tessa spends on the phone, it's almost like we still have one. And we will have one again soon - Tessa will be 12 next year.

Tessa is a pretty good kid. She's very similar to Maia in that she's currently obsessed with bug collecting. We've been getting a lot of rain lately and she hasn't been able to continue her collection.

For a while there, I was concerned that Tessa would take after Maia in the academic department. She was neglecting her homework and fell quite behind. All she needed was the threat of not seeing her friend Rebecca on the weekends to kick herself into gear.

Tessa and Rebecca are going off to high school together next year. I'm glad she'll have a friend with her but I think she'd be just fine even if she didn't. She's a very confident girl and makes friends easily.

Rosa Lucida finally became one of the top ranked businesses in town this month. It's taken me 21 years to get it to this level but it was most definitely a proud moment for me.

I'm happy I've been able to keep it in the family. Previously, I had Lia and then Maia to help me out so I've been a bit hard-headed about not hiring any employees. I hope I can continue to avoid that, but the workload is getting hard, I won't lie.

Maia is on break from classes right now so she was able to come and see us at home.

We had Lia and her boyfriend Gordon over on the same night and it was very nice to have all three girls back in the house with us. As much as we've enjoyed the quiet around here, we do miss them both.

Lia got back together with Gordon about a year ago now and things seem to going well between them.

I know that Lia is happier, which is the most important thing to me but Gordon has another thing coming if he thinks I'm going to take my eyes off him for a second.

All seems to be forgiven between Magdalena and Gordon but I'll be watching him and watching him closely.

We did have a perfectly nice meal together though. Gordon hasn't yet given me a concrete reason not to trust him since he and Lia got together, so he's safe for the meantime.

Over dinner, Maia let it slip that the main reason she'd decided to go to college was because of Jacob, her now ex-boyfriend.

I don't know why she thought we'd want to hear that but Magdalena and I were both a little disappointed by that. We thought at the time that maybe she was taking her post high school life a little more seriously finally.

Thankfully for her, Maia managed to smooth over that faux pas by telling us that she's maintaining a 3.5 GPA, which she's expecting to raise next semester. Magdalena and I were stunned but we're so proud! I'm glad she didn't decide to throw in the towel with uni once she broke up with Jacob, because it sounds like she's really finding her own way there now!

Extra pics:
Is it any wonder Tessa has no table manners, with Jace as an example? Maia is a slob too, but Jace and Tessa have zero neat points. I'm convinced they look more disgusting while eating than my other slobs but I might be imagining it.

  • Title is from Against Me!'s Cavalier Eternal.
  • Tessa was the first child to be born after I started using the LH aging system (though she was conceived under my old system), so I feel like the fact that I'll be aging her up for Summer 2021 birthdays in a couple of days is quite momentous.
  • Tessa is the complete opposite of Lia. Tessa's an outgoing slob and Lia, as most of you would know, is a shy neat freak. Neither of their parents are that outgoing, so Tessa was a bit of a surprise.
  • One more family to go before Summer 2021. I have the Gottliebs scheduled to play first up and they are still homeless. I really better get on that!


  1. LOL, that does look disgusting. Those slobby sims are too funny to me. That could just be because all my family sims were born neat freaks. XD

    And Maia! She's doing good. Why be honest with her family now? Silly girl! At least she's still doing well at school.

  2. Tess and Rebecca are so cute. I can see them as teen giggling and having slumber parties already. Good, I'm glad papa is with me on Gordon-keep your eye on him. The evil eye on Gordon. :p

  3. I'm glad Maia has been doing well in college even if she went for less than academic reasons.

    Jace keeping his eye on Gordon is a good thing. Dads always need to keep an eye out for their daughters.

    Tessa is adorable with her friend. I'm excited to see her as a teen.

  4. It seems that Gordon is up for a real ass-whooping if he ever strays from the righteous path LOL!

    I checked Jacob's profile and wow, he has quite an impressive romantic history for someone so young.

  5. Keep a very close eye on Gordon, Jace! Maybe he'll think twice about breaking Lia's heart again with her dad watching him so closely.

    lol, I love how Magdalena is just sitting there calmly while Jace and Tessa throw food all over the place and eat with their hands. I guess she's used to it by now! ;)

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Lunar, ha, yeah, if Jace was one of my playables, I probably wouldn't have made him a Family Sim, because I tend to choose neater Sims for that aspiration too!

    And Maia, well, she just has a big mouth, the poor kid! But she's doing really well in school.

    Apple Valley, I aged Tessa and Rebecca up last night for birthdays tomorrow and they are both really cute!

    Jace is friends with Gordon but it might be a case of "keep your friends close and your enemies closer", you know?

    Maisie, Maia has surprised me at college, although I dropped in last night to enroll the new freshmen and Maia rolled the want to skip class. Lucky I have free will on and they go autonomously!

    Jace showed up outside Gordon and Luc's place earlier this round, so he knows where Gordon lives, should any funny business start going on!

    You won't have to wait long to see Tessa as a teen - birthdays tomorrow!

    Cissie, oh yeah, Jace won't stand for anyone hurting his girls! He's very protective and so he should be!

    Jacob has definitely got quite the colourful history for a 19 year-old! I'm hoping he doesn't add any more notches on his bed post, but we'll see!

    Shana, Magdalena would have to have become resigned to her family's slobbiness by now! I bet she misses Lia going around mopping the floor and cleaning the sink though!

    Gordon is very aware that Jace is watching him, so hopefully, he'll keep that in mind!

  7. Tessa is adorable! I can't wait to see her as a teen!

    Maia, lol! Well, at least she's keeping her grades up. She'll find her real self in time.

    And I'm keeping my eye on Gordon too! Better watch out, buddy!

    It was so neat to see all the girls together like that :)

  8. Laura, yeah, I think Maia just needs a bit of time! She's had a lot going on in the past year.

    Gordon really better watch himself with Jace and all of you guys watching him!

  9. the inside of their house is really pretty! I esecially love the curtains.

    and the windows/doors at Rosa Lucida!

    Maia is one of my favorites and im happy she's doing well in college! I remember she BARELY squeaked in.

    Tessa would be even cuter if she got some table manners!

    What an attractive family!

  10. bbop, thanks, I love their house too. The curtains are from Holy Simoly but I downloaded Rosa Lucida from somewhere and only decorated the inside, so I'm not sure where those lovely doors and windows come from.

    I'm really happy Maia's succeeding in college so far too. I've played her halfway through college now and she's still passing, by a good margin.

    And your comment reminded me of a funny out take I forgot to upload for my end of round post! I'll pop it in once I finish this comment!