Saturday, 6 February 2010

Round 24 Outtakes

Is it just me, or is Finn kind of rocking the kilt? Or, at least, rocking it better than Brandon Lillard does?

So mean, Sarah! Your nose job does not entitle you to bogart the monkey bars so that the little kids can't get on.

Have you ever seen humans looking so maniacally gleeful while using a treadmill, like Megan and Linnea here? I usually just look out of breath! The animations for the exercise bike are better - they wipe their brow, and huff and puff.

See, it's not just Emil who has a wandering eye! Anna takes any opportunity she can get to check out any cute college students she sees.

Emil, that's...creepy. I think I actually jumped when I saw him standing there. It would have been cute if Anna could react to it too.

Velcro baby!

Oh, Collette! At your brother's funeral?!? She must have been confused by the pop-up in the corner, informing us that it is, in fact, party time.

Sorry Coach, Victoria and Finn are busy with their own workout. Go and bother somebody else.

(click to enlarge)
Oh, Tessa. I have a feeling I might need to watch out for you when you're older. Jacob is much too old for you!

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I'm glad you enjoyed your grandmother's death so much, Troy!

If Kendal wants to keep her close relationship with her stepdaughter in tact (not to mention her marriage!), her fantasies about Jacob Weaver should stay in her head.

I think it looks funny anyway, when the guy jumps into the girl's arms like this, but I think it's extra funny given how much taller Lake is than Kendal. She looks like her knees are about to buckle!

Boys will be boys! Even when they're in their 30s. Find somewhere else to play catch, Evan and Eliot!

Do you know who Trent is applauding for their expert rocking of that photo booth? His daughter, Claudia, who's in there with Elmer Miguel! Very creepy. She's in there with Elmer without my permission, I might add. I'm not pretending it didn't happen or anything but it wasn't mentioned in the update.

Asha, don't you have someone else you should be paying attention to right now?

I really wanted to draw attention to Filippo's disapproving look! Geez, Filippo...they are married now, you know! If you can't do a dramatic kiss like that on your wedding day, when can you?

Also, you can tell this is from Take 1 of the wedding, because Tate, Josie and Cordy are there and they didn't make the cut for Take 2. I cut down on guests a bit when I reloaded after the crash!


  1. Wow Filippo! That's some look there!

    What a cutie that walkby is! Any plans for him, hmmm?

    Uh, Trent... that's wrong, just plain wrong.

    I agree that Tessa might need some extra eyes on her! I've never had a child make that kind of call before.

    I love that Sarah's just hanging there, ignoring the others, and blocking the playground "traffic." What a meanie.

  2. OMG, this post was full of LOLs!!!

    Emil at the window! Super creepy!!!

    Velcro baby, and Asha in the hottub, lol!!! Too funny!

  3. Maisie, heh, the walkby Anna's looking at? I've had my eye on that boy for generations but none of my single Sims have had much chemistry with him. One day, he might get to move in!

    I'm already worried about Tessa. I ducked into her house last night for sone reason I can't remember and she's already rolled the want to go steady!

    Laura, thanks! Outtakes were kind of weird this round, LOL!

  4. I jumped at the window pic. That is creepy. I wish my sims would do that. LOL

  5. I had the same reaction to Emil at the window. Took a second for me to see him there, LOL!

    This post was hilarious. I love these outtakes. They always crack me up.

    And that last one, my he does look very unhappy, doesn't he?

    And Tessa! OMG!

  6. Riverdale, really? Mine seem to wash the windows all the time! Emil is maxed out in neat and perhaps that's the secret?

    Lunar, I've got a few prudish Sims but I never knew Filippo was such a prude about PDAs! He did it with Mina on a bench while he was at college, but perhaps he's become more conservative in his old age! He wouldn't be the first person to do so.

  7. I love the outtakes!
    Emil at the window is hilarious!

    Where did you get the tracjsuits Megan and Linnea are wearing, they look great?!

  8. Tanja thanks!

    Hmmm, I thought I knew where Megan's came from but I was wrong, so I'm not sure about that one. Linnea's comes from All About Style though - I know that for sure! There's a set of 6 or so - different styles but similar colours and patterns.