Saturday, 31 January 2009


Round 12: Days 56-60

Julian Sitko was new to Sullivan. He loved his new apartment but he'd have to do something about the decor. No time for that now though. He was hungry so he headed downtown for a meal at a small diner.

Friday, 30 January 2009

The denial twist

Round 12: Days 56-60

Almost as soon as Stan, Xanthia and Araminta had moved into their new home, Xanthia was ready to give birth to the newest little Benton.

She was in Araminta's bedroom when she went into labour. Araminta didn't know how to help and called out for her father, but he didn't come.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

No answer

Round 12: Days 56-60
Maria was quite lonely since Anton's death. She was glad to have Emil, even if he constantly reminded her of his father.

Girl inform me

Round 12: Days 56-60

Pregnant Collette has taken her parents up on their offer to move in with them. The last house was too small for grandparents, mother and baby, so they've bought a brand new house.

Moving into the new house had tired out Collette, so the first thing she did when they'd finished was relax on her brand new bed. The bedroom she'd chosen was right across the hall from another bedroom, which would become her son's nursery.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Men's needs

Round 12: Days 56-60
As usual, Magdalena's friend Araminta had come home with her after school. After Magdalena finished her homework, the girls spent most of their time giggling and dancing to the stereo in the dining room.

Heavy heart

Round 12: Days 56-60
Now that Betsy was a little older, she was able to appreciate Joseph's guitar skills almost as much as Vivienne. Sunday mornings in the Carmody house were often spent holding impromptu concerts in the living room.

Joseph had been a little concerned about approaching middle age recently and Vivienne had suggested a new hairstyle for him. His old style might have been okay when he was 18 but he was approaching 40 now. Joseph was rather horrified by his new cut - it looked like it would take some getting used to.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Black and blonde

Round 12: Days 56-60
When Arianna woke up on Sunday morning, she missed her brother and twin sister and started to wonder if maybe she should have worked harder at school and gone to college with them. She was also unemployed. The law firm she worked at during school was happy to keep her on as a teen but were unwilling to pay her adult wages now, unless she went to college and earned a degree. Which definitely wasn't happening.

Nothing special

Round 12: Days 56-60
Brandon started this round with a bit of bad luck. He was late one too many times and was fired from his job in Counter Intelligence. His workplace was pretty far from the farm but the higher-ups did not accept that as an excuse. At least the farm was still profitable and Leontine was still employed.

Overhauled Exeter and family housing

As always, these pics are thumbnails so click for the larger version if you would like a closer look.

We'll start with the family housing first. Disclaimer: I didn't build or decorate these.

Family housing is set a little way back from the rest of the university. All five houses are identical. You can see the house where Augustin and Hanna are currently living here. You can see from here that each house currently has a hot tub. I will probably pull those out - it's not realistic to me that the university would provide that! Augustin and Hanna's has complely different furniture now, as you would have seen in their update.

As you can see, the interior is very small but it's fully decorated. I tend to pull everything out of fully decorated houses and replace it with different stuff but it's nice to be able to leave it if I have to.

Upstairs, there's a small bedroom which just fits two cribs and a changing table. For one baby, it would be plenty of room but it's a tight squeeze for James and Naomi.

And there's an equally small bedroom for the students themselves too.

I also had a go at building a beach for Exeter yesterday. Everything is fully functional but it doesn't feel finished yet. I left it for now because man...beach lots are SO annoying! The weird stairs are an attempt to avoid the enormous stairs that you usually get on a beach lot, which I hate. I'm not completely happy with them but it's an improvement on the beach lot I had in my previous hood.

Arianna drove down here last night, so you can see it in action later when I post the Moretti update.

The beach from the hood screen, in the day and at night. The large building is the gym. The building right across the street from the beach is the Old Brick, as seen in this entry. The little building right next to that is Isaac's store. Then from top to bottom, there is the Ball & Biscuit (one of Pascal's pick-up joints), Be Real nightclub and a little diner that I haven't used or named yet.

This is an exclusively residential part of town that hasn't been touched much in the overhaul. Elias and Nathalie's new house is at the top of the screen.

Central Park is still the focal point but the view from the lot is now much more interesting, as it's bordered by skyscrapers on one side and an extra community lot on the other. Blue Velvet is a club I've used a few times (it's where Mina and Pascal met) and is on the left and right next to it is Sparks Sports Park, which is a Maxis lot and will probably get a name change. I haven't used it yet.
This is an area that has changed quite a bit. None of the original apartments I had here have remained, apart from Pascal's old building in the lower right. And the only reason that's still there is that I forgot to demolish it. His new building is the browny-red one right next to his old one, so he didn't move far. Nor did Floyd and Drusilla, who live in the white building across the road - their old place was just down the road a bit.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Round 11 Summary

I've decided to do a summary after every round, to list all the major events in Sullivan and link to the posts where they happened. I stole the idea from one of your lovely blogs, I'm sure! Whoever did it, I always liked it and am going to try it with my own little hood.

Births: 5 (Betsy Carmody, Emil Collins, Samson Clarke, James Novak, Naomi Novak)
Deaths: 1 (Anton Collins)
Engagements: 2 (Anton & Maria Collins, Pascal Lachance & Mina Collins)
Marriages: 1 (Anton & Maria Collins)
Break-ups: None
Graduations: 1 (Mina Collins)
New residents: 1 (Aphrodite Harper)

Total population: 46 Sims (24 female, 22 male)
Babies: 3
Toddlers: 4
Children: 2
Teens: 4
Young Adults: 5
Adults: 27
Elders: 1

On your own

Round 11: College (Augustin and Hanna)

Last update: Augustin/Hanna

Augustin Novak and Hanna Gottlieb were another couple who had decided to skip the dorms and get their own place on campus.

You just don't do it for me, friend

Round 11: College (Ben, Caterina, Filippo, Mina)

Instead of living in the dorms, Ben Nihill and his girlfriend, Caterina Moretti opted to pool their scholarship money and rent a little house on campus.

Their own house affords them a bit more privacy than in the dorms and a LOT more privacy than at home with their parents, where Caterina's sister, Arianna, is still stuck.

Ben and Caterina were fairly conscientious students but neither of them were above sweet-talking a professor to get out an assignment or term paper on the odd occasion.

Ben was thrilled to be living with another Fitness Sim again. He'd missed having a Tai Chi partner ever since his brother Charlton went away to college. If things went well with Caterina, he wouldn't have to worry about that again. Caterina was even more accomplished than he was.

Seeing they couldn't rely totally on their charm and have no room for a computer in their house, the couple spent a good portion of their time at the library.

Ben often took the opportunity to do some extra research.

Caterina was usually too stressed out after typing up term papers to do any more study and was very grateful for the pool hall next door!

Ben was very worried about his older sister, Collette, after hearing of her pregnancy and then that Galen, the father of her baby, had reconciled with wife Georgette. Any day he didn't hear from her, he called her himself to make sure she was okay.

After getting off the phone, he usually sat on the couch and ranted about Galen to Caterina, who listened patiently.

Caterina made sure to keep contact with her family too. She received frequent phone calls from her parents and sister and her brother Filippo visited all the time.

Ben was good friends with Filippo too but he sometimes forgot he was his girlfriend's brother.

There were things about his sister that Filippo just didn't need to hear.

Over in the dorms, Mina's engagement had inspired her to get fit. So for the first time ever, Mina set foot in her dorm's very small gym. She was glad she was alone in there, because it was soon pretty obvious she'd never used a treadmill before.

Filippo, meanwhile, was quite taken with one of the dormies, Corrinna. Nothing serious yet, just some flirting but they both have a little crush on one another.

Flirtation with Corrinna doesn't mean Filippo viewed woohoo with other women as off limits though. He just couldn't resist Mina.

He kept his eyes open for any other girls who might take his fancy too.

Which was probably a good thing, because Mina was not intending to break things off with her fiancé Pascal. He still came up to visit her most weekends.

It didn't seem to bother Filippo at all.

So close to graduation, Mina decided to start taking advantage of the pool. She held midnight games of Marco Polo every night...

...and ended it with some hula dancing, even though Suffolk University's weather was never really bikini weather, especially at night.

She was actually quite sad to be leaving when it came time for graduation. Into the real world now, where she'd have to get a job and work for a living.

  • Ben and Caterina will. not. stop. woohooing! It is unbelievable. They do it at least twice a day. They are 3 bolters, with an attraction score of 122. I am scared of what will happen once Mina and Pascal are in the same house together - their score is 153!
  • Ben has maintained a 4.0 GPA, while Caterina has a 3.5. They're both Philosophy majors because neither of them could be bothered to tell me what they actually wanted to major in.
  • Mina graduated with a 3.6 GPA and Filippo is still maintaining his 4.0. I've plopped Mina into Pascal's apartment, so we'll see what they get up to. Presumably a wedding, but Raffaella and Lukas were engaged for years (and had one child) before they got married, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Round 11: Days 51-55
Galen and Georgette have been experiencing marital difficulties (caused by issues known only to them) but are still together, at least for the meantime.

Galen and Georgette had both been somewhat distracted lately and it had completely slipped both of their minds that rent was due on Monday, not Friday. Claudius Atkins knocked on the door early Tuesday morning to collect payment. For once, he wasn't a complete jerk about it.

Apart from when they would sometimes meet in their tiny bathroom, Galen and Georgette avoided each other.

Galen would go up to the loft and play guitar...

...while Georgette ate a lonely breakfast downstairs.

While a pregnant Georgette (unbeknownst to Galen)was sleeping the day away...

...Galen was working out on the balcony.

Phoebe the Rosella seemed to be getting more attention that Galen and Georgette were getting from each other.

One night, that all changed. Galen realised Georgette was expecting and that he didn't want their child being raised in an unhappy home.

They started spending more and more time together from that moment on.

Unfortunately, Georgette was on maternity leave and Galen still had to work. Georgette found herself waiting outside on the front step most of the day, hoping someone would pass by that she could talk to.

If she was lucky, someone would wander by who had time for a quick game of chess with her.

Georgette was still napping a lot of the day, which left her too rested to sleep much at night.

It was on one of these sleepless nights that that baby finally made his appearance.
Galen was too tired to realise what was even going on!

They had already agreed on the name Samson Luc if the baby was a boy, so Samson Luc was his name.

Galen (finally) joined his wife in the nursery to celebrate the birth of their new son.

The celebration didn't last long, at least for Georgette. She was really enjoying her job as a paralegal but without warning, she was demoted to Legal Biller.

It was nice to be working with her friend Charlton again, who was still languishing as a Legal Biller but she couldn't hide her disappointment.

She moped around the house pretty much all evening. Galen had been demoted the same day but he didn't take it nearly as badly as Georgette. He was probably getting used to it, as he'd been jumping from Battle of the Bands judge to Roadie and back again for quite a while. He had almost given up on ever advancing.

Georgette did at least manage to pull herself out of her funk and attend to Samson when he cried.

Georgette had the day off the next day and she quickly realised that stay at home motherhood was not the right lifestyle for her.

There were only so many times a day the baby needed to be attended to. She was glad this was just her day off and that she had a job (albeit one she hated) to go back to in the morning.

  • I really wish you could read Sims' minds. I have no idea what made Galen have a change of heart. I was all ready for them to divorce this round. Good news for Georgette and Galen but not such good news for Collette. If she'd known about the problems they were having, I'm sure she would have been hoping they'd break up. So I'm still not sure what will happen with Collette.