Wednesday, 14 April 2010

You say it's your birthday, Spring 2023

...with bonus tax rundown, seeing this is such a short birthday post anyway!

Lia's baby bump is barely there but it is, finally, there and she and husband Gordon couldn't be more excited!

Can you believe there are two babies in that tiny belly? The Notts are expecting twins! The babies are due in Autumn 2024.

Gordon and Lia's wedding was just in time for tax season in Sullivan, meaning they could claim a $1500 deduction for filing jointly. It's a shame the babies aren't born yet - the $3000 dependent deduction would have really come in handy for this young family.

A little run-down..

The richest list hasn't changed since the last time we did taxes...

Benton 1 - total worth of $1,216,000 (paid $134,000 in taxes)
Royce-Nihill 1 - total worth of $867,000 (paid $96,000)
Draper 1 - total worth of $752,000 (paid $74,000)

but the poorest list has...
Kirby 2 - total worth of $900 (paid $100)
Kirby-Romilly 1 - total worth of $11,100 (paid $900)
Nott 1 - total worth of $22,500 (paid $2500)

Governor Gottlieb collected $669,000 in taxes this spring.

  • Man, I spent way too much time on pictures for a pregnancy update but Lia's so adorable and I couldn't help it! I seriously took about 25 pictures and from just about every angle I could think of. It was so hard to pick which ones to use as well.
  • The twins benefit strikes again! Gordon and Lia both have it, so the twins were not completely unexpected.
  • Finally, Henry and Araminta Romilly make it off the poorest list, as did Caleb and Cara Moretti. Those poor Sims have been on the list consistently since I started keeping records. Things are tight for Claudia and Finn and Victoria now but I haven't played them yet, so they haven't earned any wages so I'm expecting that will improve. I'm hoping Lia and Gordon's financial situation improves a tad. Their unit has 3 bedrooms but I really don't fancy trying to keep a family of four plus a dog there for too long, so I'm hoping they can find somewhere else to live soon.
  • I'm pretty happy with how my richer Sims' funds are dwindling, LOL. My top 3 really have way too much money! I like knowing that the money is all being put back into the hood too. I really needed that money back too. The treasury was empty because when I was trying to fix Sullivan, I accidentally loaded the hood without my hacks in and everyone lost their bank accounts!


  1. Oh, I wish you had put in a few more of Lia. She's so cute pregnant.

    My poorest Sims have $91 to their name right now. I just started using the mod that keeps each college grad from getting the $20,000, so they are the first to leave without any money because they didn't have any saved.

  2. Yay! Twins!!! (And yes, Lia and Gordon = Adorable :P )

    I guess the treasury is happy about the taxes too, so... yay?

  3. Francesca, isn't she adorable? I knew she would be.

    Most of the other pics are just these two from different angles but I might put one or two in outtakes anyway. We'll see Lia again at Rose and Joanna's wedding this spring (2 more updates before I post the wedding) and she'll still be pregnant in the summer, when I'm due to play her and Gordon.

    The only reason Claudia even has that much money is because I sold a few things she was carrying around in her inventory. ;) She's in a bit of debt, the poor girl - I needed her to take out a loan to furnish her house.

    Tessa, I think I would have been disappointed if it wasn't twins! It works out quite well too, because Gordon isn't related to anyone else in the hood, which will make it easier for me to start pairing the twins off in 20 years or so (yes, I think ahead!)

    The treasury is nice and full now. Athena needs that money to pay for the university overhaul. I'm not even finished the library and already it's running over $30,000.

  4. Yeah on twins! I figured it was pretty unlikely they'd have only a singleton. We will see lots of Lia pregnant. :)

    I bet it feels nice for the Romilly/Moretti families to be off the list.

    Wow on the amount u collected. Very excited to see the library.

  5. Maisie, yeah, I wouldn't have put any money on them having a singleton either! I was trying to think of cases where my Family Sims haven't had twins and the last Family/Family couple who didn't were Henry and Araminta - 3 singletons!

    The library is almost done - I have one more room to go, but it's an annoying one. I'm making it annoying for myself by being so anal-retentive but it'll look better for it in the end.

  6. Yay, twins! As everyone has said, it was very likely they would get twins. I'm sure the kids will be as adorable as their mother.

    Wow, I always forget some of your sims are really loaded with money. My richest family doesn't even come close. I'm glad the Romillys and Morettis finally made it off the poorest list, they've been there forever!

  7. Too bad a ROS for a mandatory donation hasn't come up for your affluent families. That surely would have helped.

  8. Sari, they're more likely to look adorable if they look like Gordon than if they look like Lia, unfortunately. I opened up Gordon in Body Shop last night just to see if he is, as suspected, a male Kendal (he is) and checked what Lia looked like as a guy. Oh man...NOT GOOD! Surgery for real if they have boys and they get Lia's mouth. Cute on girls but absolutely hideous on boys!

    LaurelCrossing, ha, well, there's no reason I couldn't throw that in myself if I really wanted to. I think the taxes are doing their job pretty well though!

  9. I'm thrilled for Lia and Gordon! It's been a long time coming...great to see they married and are expecting twins! (I've been gone awhile.)

    And you've got some really rich Sims, wow! I don't have any millionaires in my hood yet. I think it'll be awhile before my Sims make it to that status. hee-hee.

  10. Simmington, I'm so excited about the twins and I just find Gordon and Lia a bazillion times more adorable since they got married!

    Of the top three families, only the Drapers came by their money honestly! The Royce-Nihills and the Bentons got a lot of theirs due to a glitch. Ben and Tate were both in the custom Graphic Design career (Tate still is) and there's a chance card that is supposed to give you $500 but it gives you half a million instead. Back then, I was putting most of my Sims' money in Monique's bank accounts so it built up crazy fast!