Friday, 23 April 2010

You say it's your birthday, Summer 2024

Gordon and Lia Nott's twins are due in just three months. They're getting a little last minute shopping done before the babies arrive in Autumn.

Caitlin Romilly is now a whole year old!

Here's her dad Finn as a toddler...

...and her mum Victoria. She's looking like a bit more of a mix than her older brother Declan, who is almost a clone of his dad. Those are definitely Victoria's eyes!

Pamela Gray will have her hands full with pre-schoolers this year - there are five new students! The first is Timothy Lane.

Joining him is Edmund Gentry...

...and Edmund's twin sister Louisa.

Jessica Royce-Nihill will also be starting pre-school this year.

Her best friend Emma Gottlieb is also along for the ride.

Three new 12 year-olds starting high school this year! The first is Charlie Benton. Charlie would like to be a prestidigitator when he grows up.

Brother Jack is also 12 and has a slightly more mundane dream; he'd like to be a business tycoon.

Audrey Lachance will be joining the Benton brothers in Grade 7. She would one day like to be a world class ballet dancer.

Ethan Novak is now 18 and has just arrived at Novak Hall. He's not sure what he wants to major in, or what he wants to do when he graduates, so he's still weighing up his options.

Matilda Jacobson will be one of his dormmates while at Novak Hall. She hasn't yet declared a major but she wants to be an actress one day, so she will likely major in Drama.

Josie Benton is now 22 and living back in Sullivan. While attending medical school, she'll be working at a science lab to earn some extra cash.

Josie's best friend Patience Draper is completely finished with her studies. Like Matilda, she also dreams of being an actress but the only paying job she could find was as a body double. Lucky she's so outgoing?

And finally, Magdalena Novak has just turned 60! No plans for retirement in the near future but she is looking forward to the arrival of her first two grandchildren this autumn.

And now for some graduation spam!

Patience graduated with a degree in Literature and a 4.0 GPA.

Her boyfriend Rob visited for the occasion... did her family.

Josie now has a degree in Physics and also managed to graduate with a 4.0 GPA.

Troy's dorm is just up the road so it wasn't really very far for him to travel.

Josie's family had a little further to travel but graduating with a 4.0 is something to celebrate!

  • Note to self: set up that baby store as a real store soon. I gave it a name and everything (Lullabies, if you're curious) but I've only used it for quick set up shots because Sims can't obviously buy anything from there without an owner.
  • I was a little concerned about Caitlin because I think she looks a little strange right now. I aged her up to check though, and she'll be less odd as a child and very, very pretty by the time she's a teen. So no surgery is necessary, yay!
  • I kind of love that tomboy Tatiana has ended up with a daughter who wants to be a ballerina. I so often ended up putting Audrey in pink, so it fits for me, even though her OTH is tinkering.
  • Josie's parents will be paying for her med school tuition, so she gets to start as soon as I play her next (which will be this round). Finn is paying his own way through his post-grad, so he's waiting a couple of years.
  • I'll have to remember to throw Jace and Magdalena an anniversary party (it's Magdalena's LTW). I almost always forget that LTW. It's so easy to fulfill but it always slips my mind. The only one I remembered was Maria and Filippo's.


  1. Wow, Ethan looks great and Lia is so big! Wow-it was a lot of birthdays.

  2. Oh wow that's a lot of birthdays! All the kids look so cute, but wow, Audrey grew up pretty! Ethan grew up cute too!

    Awww, Lullabies!!! That's the best name ever! OMG, I want to send my Sims to Sullivan just so they can shop there! *sigh* :)

    Oh good, glad you aged up Caitlin to check. (I always do, lol!) It usually turns out that the most gorgeous and unique looking Sims look strange as toddlers and children.

  3. Tessa, thanks!

    Apple Valley, I'm pretty unsurprised about Ethan, as he's a clone of Aaron. ;) I meant to change Lia to one of those H&M outfits, because the preg morphs are HUGE and she's having twins. I'll do it for their next update, I guess!

    Laura, if any Sim had to have a clone younger sibling, I'm glad it was Aaron! GOOD genes in that family! Audrey's my favourite of the Lachance kids (I think she might be Jonas's fave too).

    Maybe Samantha will end up having a reason to shop at Lullabies by the time she comes around to Sullivan. I have no idea what she'll have been up to by then.

    I don't always age my toddlers up - just the ones who look a little odd. And Caitlin kind of does, lol. I'm glad she turns out pretty though.

  4. They're all so cute! I can't even say who's the cutest. Caitlin does look a bit odd but it's true what Laura said. The weirdest looking toddlers usually turn out really pretty when they grow up.

  5. Caitlyn looks odd? From face on, she looks fine to me and she's got her daddy nose and lips and everything else looks like her mom's.

    I think I'm most excited for Gordon and Lia's twins. Can't wait until they make their appearence

  6. I'm surprised you thought Caitlyn looked odd. I think she looks less odd than Victoria did as a toddler, and she's adorable now. I'm looking forward to seeing what she looks like now that you've peeked ahead. :p

    Emma is super cute, and Mathilda too! Ethan as well... really just a lovely bunch here. WTG Josie on that graduation, seems like just a month ago she was dropped off, and waiting for her Dad to just leave already.

  7. Sari, I have a different favourite every time I look! Right now, it's Timothy because I cannot believe how much he looks like Luc. Cordy and Luc must look way more alike than I assumed they did.

    I think the game just has trouble squishing certain adult features on toddler faces. No matter what they look like as older Sims, most toddlers have roughly the same shape faces. I've never had an odd looking toddler look worse as a child though.

    rome_raven, to me, she does look a little odd, though I'm kind of getting used to her as I keep coming back to this thread and seeing her!

    There are four more family updates I have to get through before Lia's twins are born but I'm excited too. :D

    Maisie, oh, Caitlin definitely looks less odd than Victoria did. I can't remember if you were reading then but I'm pretty sure I did some fretting about Claudia and Victoria when they first aged up. The situation didn't really improve much for them as children and they still looked odd when I temporarily aged them to teen, so I did surgery. If I knew what I know now, I'd have aged them to adult, done the surgery and then aged them back down.

    Emma looks a lot more like Sophie now, which I wasn't really expecting. And oh gosh...I forgot myself about Josie being dropped off at college! LOL, poor Tate! And she started trouble seconds after I put her on the lot, if I remember correctly.

  8. I can't believe Caitlin is a year already!

    Lullabyes looks really pretty.

  9. Francesca, me either! I checked about a dozen times to be sure I wasn't aging Caitlin up early! But yes, it's been a year. Both kids were conceived in the autumn, because I always play college then, so they're both summer babies.

    I'm dying to find someone suitable to own Lullabies. I'll have to put my thinking cap on!

  10. Great looking batch of kids! I can't wait to see Caitlin all grown up. I don't think she looks *too* bad. It looks like she just woke up or something lol. Timothy is adorable and of course I love Emma and Jessica. And man, Josie and Charlie definetly look related, though I thought that since he was a child. That Kirby nose is dominant! lol But I think he's cute and I like Jack as a teen. And Aubrey's growing up! :-( She's still so pretty.

  11. Danielle, I won't spoil anything but when I played Caitlin's family, she was hilarious and she totally won me over! I don't find her so odd any more.

    Yeah, that Kirby nose! Victoria was the first descendant not to get it (she's got Megan's nose, which is very similar to the Kirby nose anyway). It seems to be extremely dominant!