Friday, 9 April 2010

The Nott-Novak wedding

Round 26: Winter 2023

Gordon Nott is 27 and Lia Novak is 26.

Winter has just begun in Sullivan and the first flakes of snow fall on the morning of Gordon and Lia's wedding.

Thankfully, they've chosen an indoor venue for the ceremony and the reception. They're still planning on having their photos taken outside, so hopefully the snow will hold off.

All the guests and members of the bridal party have filed into Sullivan Community Church for the wedding. Steve (Gordon's friend and co-worker) and Luc (Gordon's former room mate) are serving as groomsmen. Next to Luc is Maia, Lia's sister and bridesmaid.

The bride's other sister (and other bridesmaid) Tessa, is seated across the hall with Jace and Magdalena.

Fortunately, everyone is seated by the time Gordon and Lia are ready to exchange vows and rings.

And finally, 8 years after they got together and 3 years after their reunion, Gordon and Lia are husband and wife!

To save money, the reception is held at Lia's childhood home. Even if they'd had the money for a fancy wedding at a hotel, Lia thinks she probably would have opted for a home reception anyway. Family is so important to both Lia and Gordon, so a reception at home seems perfect for them.

Once the guests arrive at the house, Lia's best friend Ione is the first to congratulate her...

...followed closely by Jace. Even though Lia hasn't lived at home for 8 years, her dad still feels a little sad about "losing" his daughter today.

Another reason to hold the reception at home? Magdalena got the opportunity to put her cooking skills to good use! Lia's mother has been cooking all week and she's pretty confident everyone will be very satisfied with her offerings.

Magdalena even made a very elaborate dark chocolate wedding cake for her eldest daughter and her new husband.

It's almost a shame to cut into it but Gordon feels that cake is meant to be enjoyed!

Lia fell in love with Gordon knowing he wasn't the neatest guy on earth, so she can't do much but laugh.

She thinks he may have got some cake in her eye though.

Lia still can't believe she's actually married!

Over cake, Gordon ends up sitting next to Maia's boyfriend Nick and they discuss how completely terrifying they both find Jace. Nick thought maybe Gordon had some advice on how to get on his good side but Gordon isn't exactly Jace's favourite person.

His number one tip would probably be to avoid making out with Jace's daughter in the dining room. That's probably not going to go over well.

Tessa, meanwhile, is using the wedding to check out boys. Or men, really, as everyone here is way too old for her. And in Calvin's case, way too gay for her.

And Steve just isn't interested in anything she has to say. He's not usually so blunt with people but Tessa just won't let up.

Tessa might have switched her focus to Luc, if he'd tear himself away from Asha for 3 seconds. No luck on that front though.

There's no room for a real dance floor in the Novaks' living room but there's just enough space in front of the fireplace for Gordon and Lia to share their first dance as a married couple.

Inspired by the bride and groom, Maia and Nick find a little spot behind the couch for a quick waltz.

Tessa is doing some dancing of her own, though it's not quite as elegant.

Even kind-hearted Lia can't help but laugh!

Time for the father of the bride to give his toast!

Jace is happy if Lia's happy and he can tell Lia is very happy. That doesn't mean he's going to stop watching out for Gordon though. Someone has to!

It seems six months of living together hasn't killed the romance for Steve and his girlfriend Olivia. Seven years on and these two are still very passionate!

Lia's been on her feet all afternoon, mingling and playing hostess.

Normally, all these people would make her nervous but everyone at the wedding is either a family member or a close friend, so Lia's feeling quite at ease.

She's still pleased when she finally gets a minute to relax on the couch with Gordon.

Gordon's been busy too. He's spent his afternoon doing the wise thing and making a good impression on his new mother-in-law.

It's not really necessary. When Lia forgave Gordon, so did Magdalena, so there's no bad blood between these two.

Nick feels like he's finally making some headway with Jace. When he first came home with Maia to meet her parents last year, Jace seemed immediately suspicious of Nick.

Now, he seems a lot friendlier! Nick's certainly not planning on doing anything untoward, so hopefully, Nick will be more well-liked than poor Gordon is!

After the reception, Lia and Gordon head straight back to Lia's unit (where Gordon is now also living) where they catch the shuttle to the airport.

For their honeymoon, Lia and Gordon are staying in Takemizu Village, at a luxury resort. It's a little warmer there than it is in Sullivan right now, so they can do things like lounge around by the pool. No one is doing that at home at the moment, that's for sure!

They've also got themselves a very nice hotel room they're planning to make good use of. Gordon's pretty excited but Lia's a little nervous. It's her first time, so there's that but Lia's a nervous person in general.

Gordon puts her at ease though and they don't do much else for the next couple of days.

All that sex might be the cause of Lia's sudden nausea.

Some newlyweds probably wouldn't want a baby so soon but Gordon and Lia aren't among them. Nothing would make them happier!

Back at home after their honeymoon, Lia heads to the doctor to confirm what she and Gordon have both already been assuming.

Yep, she's definitely pregnant! Gordon and Lia are both very keen to start a family, so the news couldn't be more welcome for the pair.

Posed pics! Not quite spam, really, because man - I'm really blabbing today!
Aw! Lia's dress is probably the dress I would have picked out for myself when I was 8 years old but I see Lia as the type who's probably been planning her wedding for that long anyway! I also think she'd go conservative and traditional. And it's a winter wedding, so sleeves!

This one isn't really for framing. I'm just such a nerd about my weddings that I take a full length shot of every bride where I can see the dress really clearly and keep them all in a separate folder so I don't double up on gowns! I've doubled up a couple of times but it was either intentional or there was enough time between the weddings that I didn't care.

With Lia's parents. Gordon, in the grand tradition of townies, appears to be an orphan. I'm still deciding if I want to make up a back story for him (and for Steve and Rob, seeing they're all new enough that I could do it if I wanted to).

Lia got sleeves but her bridesmaids weren't so lucky!

I'm seeing a slight resemblance between Tessa and Maia and Lia now that Tessa is older. When she aged to toddler, I didn't think she looked anything like her older sisters. Lia and Maia are very similar.

Gordon and his groomsmen. Gordon is my only male Sim whose height is set at below the default. I just always pictured him as short. He's 0.98, Lia is 0.96. Steve and Luc are both above the default (Luc's waaaaay above it - he's my tallest Sim at 1.06)

And the whole bridal party! I'm glad I bought Celebrations because I can have matching dresses for adults and teens. Not many CC creators have done that.

  • Technical stuff: I moved Gordon in with Lia seconds before I sent them to the church, threw a wedding party and got them married. Once I had all the pics I wanted, I exited to the hood without saving. Then I moved Gordon and Lia in with Jace and Magdalena (Gordon's dog Paddy acted as a placeholder so that all of the furniture and household funds stayed in place) and threw another wedding party at the house. You have to do it that way, or else you won't get any interactions with the wedding cake and there's no "toast to newlyweds" option on the champagne either. Post photos, I moved Gordon and Lia out and back in with Paddy, where everything was just as they'd left it and then they headed off on their honeymoon! It seemed to work pretty well!
  • Oh, Tessa...she followed several of the guys around heart-farting at them for the whole reception. She's also rolled up the want to go steady with Nathan. She'll have to ask Jace and see what he thinks of that!
  • Boy was Lia ready to get married! "Have Very First Woohoo with Gordon" was a constant want for her. Didn't even need to lock it. I was pretty sure Lia would get pregnant on the honeymoon and seeing I haven't actually played a Sim in the later stages of pregnancy for a good while, I scheduled Lia and Gordon's proper update for Summer 2024, assuming she'd be in her third trimester by then. I bet Lia will be an adorable pregnant Sim! There's just one baby in there right now but she and Gordon are both Family Sims, and both have the twins benefit, so that could possibly change!


  1. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was very nice, and very complicated to set up, it looked lovely though, so my compliments to you!

    "Tessa, meanwhile, is using the wedding to check out boys. Or men, really, as everyone here is way too old for her. And in Calvin's case, way too gay for her." LOL! I laughed really loud at that and my mom just stared at me. I may have gotten my sister into Sullivan, however, so i guess it's a good thing you're so funny :)

  2. So, you know in photography they usually give the tip to check behind the subject cause something in the background may give the subject horns or what-have-you. Well my dear, I see a photo of yours that gave me a double take and a laugh.

    In that photo of Jace and Gordon talking Lia is kind of hidden behind Gordon and it appears as if she ether toots flowers or perfumed her tush with that plant behind her. Which oddly enough I find fitting for pristine Lia. If she had to toot in public it'd definetly be rosey. Lol.

    I love the first wedding photo in your spam section. Beautiful couple and wow Gordon looks like a teen next to Luc, no?

    I think her wedding dress was perfect fit for Lia. Very modest and traditional.

  3. I also thought Lia's dress was PERFECT for her, and a winter wedding. And knowing she had waited for the honeymoon, I was like, what are you doing by the pool, girl!! But I'm not surprised she had that want for first woohoo with Gordon so strong.

    She will be so cute pregnant.

    When I did Maria's wedding, which is posting soon, I also re-did it two times without saving, for the pictures, and so I could enjoy playing it knowing the pictures I really needed were taken already. But I didn't think of redoing it at various venues for the reception. Good idea!!

  4. Hmm, that's a smart way to get everything done properly with the wedding.

    I saw the same photo and thought the same thing-like, what? Pink fart?

    They are a cute couple, I might be making my way off the grudge couch when it comes to Gordon.

    That's cute that you take photos of the wedding dress. I make each bride a custom dress based on their personality so I don't have that problem as much.

  5. Hey carla! I have a lot to catch up with but I thought Id read this one first and then go back since it seemed so sweet.

    And yay! Lia was gorgeous, and so was her gown and the winter wedding. I also liked the idea of a cozy home reception. Loved the bride and groom on top of the cake.

    The very first wedding "spam" pic was great! Frame that one!

    And celebrations stuff was the best stuff pack I ever bought. Its so useful, and I liked the matching teens / adult dresses.

  6. First, wow, what a beautiful church! Did you build that? And second, awww, Lia's dress was just *perfect* for her! Seriously just the kind of thing I imagined she'd wear! The simple wedding and reception suited her too.

    LOL, Tessa was just hilarious!

    And see, girls, you can get pregnant on your first time, lol! ;)

    Maisie, ditto that roses fart, lol! I have to say, I was thinking the same thing!

  7. Laura, that church is by beatdoc, which you should be able to get on the BP/LL30 website. It's the same church I use in Laurel Crossing. I think I have the direct link.

    Wellington, I'll have to use your tip for staging wedding. I had such a hard experience last time I used that lot for a wedding (see my site for details).

    This was a nice update.

  8. I am such a noob! I called you Wellington by mistake. I think it's time for me to hit the sack. It's after 11 right now.

  9. Thanks for your comments, everyone!

    Tessa, it actually wasn't so complicated to do. It sounds like a lot of steps but it all went smoothly, so that helps! I just went in and changed the walls in the church and picked out tuxes for Gordon and his groomsmen. I'd done the girls' dresses weeks ago, right after Gordon proposed!

    And thank you - if your sister starts reading, I hope she enjoys it too.

    Maisie, LOL! I didn't notice that at all, though I would have if it was a posed pic. But yeah, Lia probably would fart roses, if she deigned to fart at all. Which she wouldn't, with her 8 neat points.

    That reminds me of this really cute picture I took of Finn and Victoria when they were teens though. They were being all sweet and cuddling on the grass and I snapped a picture. I went to include it in the update and then saw one of Victoria's dogs taking a dump in the background. So nice!

    The first pic is my favourite too. Gordon would look like a teen next to a lot of my guys. He'd be dwarfed by Liam, Jonas, Emil. Ethan Novak is still a teen and he's already taller than Gordon!

    I almost picked a different one for Lia but the lace on the back was too sheer. Lia wouldn't go for that!

    Francesca, LOL, they actually woohooed as soon as they checked in, as all good honeymooners should! I just happened to put the pool pics first. They were taken near the end of the honeymoon, when Lia was already pregnant. She didn't want to leave the hotel. Seriously, I sent them to a community lot and when it loaded, only Gordon was there, like Lia was like "Eff you, I'm relaxing". Lia wouldn't swear at me though. ;)

    The wedding/reception venue thing was sort of out of necessity. They technically have the money for a wedding at Cedarwood Hotel but I wanted to send them on a honeymoon and possibly have money to buy a house and they couldn't do all three. So having it at the house worked well.

    Can't wait to see Maria's wedding, by the way!

    Apple Valley, I can't believe so many of you noticed the pink fart! It's one of Jace's snapdragon flower arrangements. They're all over that house, actually.

    When I had Lia and Gordon together on the couch in the hotel room, it struck me that they are really quite adorable together. And no one's cuter on the couch than Lia and Gordon. I don't know why!

    I know you meant to say my folder thing is "amazingly nerdy" instead of cute, LOL.

    bbop, thanks! Heh, I picked that cake out especially for the bride and groom actually, so I'm glad someone noticed!

    I will probably be framing a few of these but the first one is definitely going up on the wall.

    Laura, yup, the church is by beatdoc and I'm going to have to take LaurelCrossing's word for it that it's at B/LL30 because it's definitely not at her LJ! I've changed it a little bit. The wall papers are different, the foyer is slightly rearranged (the doors were doing that thing where you only see the outline, from using the move_objects cheat) and the arch had to be moved around too.

    Man, I've had so many Sims get pregnant on their first time! It's a good lesson. At least Lia is 26 and relatively financially stable, not like her aunt and uncle (Augustin and Hanna) who were in college. And then ended up with twins to boot!

    That plant farts so much that I'm actually surprised you can only see it in one picture!

    Laurel Crossing, don't worry about it, I've called commenters by my Sims' names occasionally, which is much lamer!

    Let me know how the wedding thing works out for you if you use it. I hope you find it useful.

  10. Such a beautiful wedding! I love Lia's dress! And it's very fitting that she would get pregnant her first time......guess it's good that she waited after all!

  11. of Victoria and Finn... have it handy? Sounds sooo funny, a definite outtake photo.

    I've seen that in photos before too. A girl online kids doing easter egg hunt, and the neighbors dog is taking care of business in the background. lol. just kind ruins the cuteness.

  12. Mizzgin, thank you, I'm happy you liked it.

    I've never used Lia's dress before (in any hood!) but I've always wanted to. She was the perfect girl for it.

    I was pretty much positive Lia would get pregnant her first time. She and Gordon have both been wanting a baby since graduating, so I was sure they'd try.

    Maisie, LOL, I'll go hunting for it today! Shouldn't be too hard because it was definitely on Victoria's front lawn, so I'll just have to comb through the Kirby updates.

    I think I've seen similar pictures online, with dogs ruining what would otherwise be very sweet pictures!

  13. OMG, Blogger ate my comment. I'm sure I left one yesterday but now it's not here!

    Anyways, the wedding looked really nice and Lia was very beautiful on her big day. And congratulations on the pregnancy, that was fast!

    Do you happen to remember which posebox has the pose you used for the full length shot?

  14. Wonderful! And about damn time. Three years! He went sexless for three years? That is devotion!

    Her dress looked absolutely gorgeous on her. A perfect choice for her, most definitely.

    And Tessa, LOL! That's awesome. hormones going a little bit crazy there?

    Loved all the pics at the end. Especially the one of the three sisters. They do look alike, but because Lia and Maia look so similar, Tessa really stands out.

  15. Sari, Blogger was being an ass the day I posted the wedding and yesterday too. It seems to be behaving normally today so fingers crossed!

    And thank you. Lia's been waiting to get married for so long so I figure she would have planned everything down to the last detail, so it would all be perfect. And she's the type to get knocked up on her honeymoon too. ;)

    As for the pose box, I can't remember where I got it but it's called Tuomas Modeling Box or something like that. It should be listed in the directory at GOS.

    Lunar, yup, Gordon has waited three years for Lia! Actually, it would have been longer because I had him date a couple of girls while he and Lia were broken up but it never went that far. So he must have been a little frustrated!

    I think Lia's my favourite bride so far. It's the dress, yeah, but also, I don't think I've ever had a Sim so eager to get married so I think she might be my most ecstatic bride!

    Tessa is totally ruled by her hormones right now. But she's 14, so she's a little boy-crazy. Man-crazy, I guess.

    There's a family resemblance between Lia and Maia and Tessa but like you say, Tessa is still the odd one out. Until taking that photo of the three sisters (LOL, The Three Sisters is a tourist attraction here, so that phrase is making me giggle right now), I thought Lia and Maia were identical but I don't think they are now. They're using the same facial overlay but Maia's eyes seem squintier. Still unmistakably sisters though!

  16. Lia's wedding was perfect and fit her just right! :) I had a feeling Lia would get pregnant during her first time, lol. Good thing they're so eager to start a family! ;)

    Aw, Nick is so cute trying to get on Jace's good side. And Tessa using the wedding to check out all the men cracked me up. She's going to be a handful for Jace!

  17. Shana, thanks! Lia and Gordon are definitely keen. I bumped her up to the second trimester last night, so not long to go!

    Heh, Nick is always cute. I think Nick will probably be able to win Jace over completely. He's too nice not to.

    As for Tessa being trouble for Jace, well...yes, she already is. I played her best friend Rebecca Kirby's family last night and Tessa's already up to no good.

  18. Lia's dress was PERFECT! Gordon's hot with his tux. Can't wait to see their baby.

  19. I totally loved the wedding, and her dress... so cute. I'm glad they are fianlly married and pregnant! I figured she get knocked soon after them getting hitched, so that was no big surprise. Congrads guys. Here's to a long and happy marriage!

  20. Riverdale, thank you! I love that everyone else expected her to get knocked up on her honeymoon - that's how I see her too! She and Gordon are both so darn keen for a baby!

  21. Aww Lia looked like a princess! Looove the dress! I liked all the wedding pics, as usual and can't wait to see what their baby/babies will look like :).

  22. Danielle, thank you!

    I still don't know what the baby/babies look like! I'm yet to age up. I'm in the middle of Summer 2025 birthdays and I need to get to Autumn 2025 before I find out.