Thursday, 15 April 2010

Collette Sitko 1945-2023

by Rose Draper, Spring 2023

Collette Sitko (née Nihill), of Sullivan, passed away late last night of natural causes. She was 78 years old.

Collette, with twin brother Charlton, c. 1947.

Collette Sitko was born in 1945 to Cedric Nihill, a teacher and his wife Justina. Justina was a scientist, a career Collette would later enter into. The Nihills also had two sons, Collette's twin brother Charlton and a younger son Ben, who died in 2019.

While at university, Collette majored in physics. University was also the time she began her relationship with Galen Clarke, who was engaged at the time.

Collette, with son Owen c.1979.

The relationship continued after Collette's graduation but ended shortly before the birth of their son, Owen.

It wasn't long before Collette met Julian Sitko. They soon fell in love and the couple married in 1979.

Owen with Kirstin, c. 1986.

1984 saw the completion of the Sitko family, with the arrival of Kirstin, a younger sister for Owen.

Collette with husband Julian, daughter Kirstin, son-in-law David and granddaughters Camilla, Lila and Adelaide, in 2021.

Collette leaves behind husband Julian (73), son Owen (46), daughter Kirstin (39), as well as 5 grandchildren; Adrienne (16), Malcolm (13), Camilla and Lila (both 10) and Adelaide (5).

  • So when I said in the Round 26 ROS post that I was dreading one of my elder deaths this round, this is the one I was talking about! I've had plenty of time to get used to it but still! It's Collette! :(
  • She was such a crazy old hag, I loved her. I have a few Sims who are probably destined for crazy old hag status once they age to elder but Collette was the original and still the best. And the whole Galen thing was one of the first big scandals in the hood, so I could have adored her for that alone.
  • I'll have a Sitko family update tomorrow and the next update after that will be Rose and Joanna's wedding.


  1. Oh, I was so sad to see Collette's obituary. Five grandchildren! None of my Sims have accomplished that yet.

    So even at the start of Sullivan, in '47, you were taking good pictures!

  2. Francesca, 5 grandchildren is nothing for my Sims! LOL. Maria had 13! I consider Filippo to have 13 as well but the game doesn't, because Nathan and Hope are his stepgrandchildren.

    If I count back, Sullivan actually would have started in around 1919! Crazy! But no, I really wasn't taking good pics back then, at least not consistently. When I do an obit, I have to comb through a LOT of crap before I find some decent ones. I think it'll be easier to find nice ones when the Sims born in the last 25-30 years or so start dying (sniff!) I'm not really satisfied with my general skills until about then!

  3. Very lovely. Collette's legacy will be one never forgotten. :)

  4. RIP Collette. She was such a character! She will be greatly missed.

  5. It's like the ending of an era here... Collette, Maria... sad times. :( I was thinking of this family, though I was thinking of Julian, whom I adore... I'm glad it wasn't him. ROFL.

    She was quite a character though. I have to say I love your obits, they don't play nice.. "great life, wonderful humane sim.." they bring out loads of dirt.. affair.. love child.. Sullivan's obit writer tells all. ;) Highly more fascinating this way.

    I've noticed that your older sims have very unique skin tones as toddlers, I'm guessing you did an overhaul on that at some point?

  6. Tessa and Sari, thanks for commenting!

    Maisie, LOL, I know you love Julian. He's a little younger than Collette was, so he aged up after I extended the lifespan, so you never know - he may have many more years left. ;)

    I think when I did Galen's obituary, I was playing nice, regarding Owen and Tatiana but I just decided to write whatever I felt like here. These aren't really like real obits anyway! Or maybe Rose is just less tactful than Abigail!

    And yes, for the first 12 or 13 rounds, I was using Xianah's Soft Touch skins. I actually still prefer those but there aren't enough tones to get me the genetic variety I want. But that's why the early pics are different. It's most noticeable with the Sims who have Collette's skin tone. The medium with my current defaults is a little darker and has a slightly yellower undertone.

  7. Awww, RIP Collette! What a character she's been! She was probably one of the very first I really remembered from when I started reading this. When she got knocked up with Owen, lol!

  8. Laura, ah, memories! That all feels like so long ago. I guess it was, seeing Owen is in his mid 40s now!