Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Cliche Guevara

Round 26: Autumn 2023

Adam Gottlieb is 68, Athena is 62, Amelia is 34, Wade is 33, Sophie is 10, Noah is 5 and Emma is 3.
(Hanna is 68, Rose and Joanna are both 28)

Narrated by Wade Gottlieb

Mum just received word that final vote counting for the elections is done and she can now officially start her second term as governor! Everyone's very proud around here right now.

Mum talks about business even during her downtime, so it's obvious to anyone how passionate she is about the job. I think Dad was half-hoping she'd not run again and settle into some kind of semi-retirement, like he's done.

Mum's two years away from pension age though and she's not keen on slowing down. It's a stressful job though. She gets phone calls from residents about this and that 7 days a week.

One thing Dad is happy about is that Mum's position as governor has meant she's become closer to my aunt Hanna, Dad's twin sister. It wasn't that they didn't get along before but they never had much to do with each other. Now they're good friends and she's over all the time.

Much of the time, they're talking shop. Aunt Hanna is the education representative to the city council, so she's got a lot to do with the university overhaul which Mum is overseeing. Right now, the library is the big project. The students are apparently getting a little restless without one!

Sophie's already thinking about her own career, it seems. For the past year, she's been begging Dad to let her work at the restaurant with him and he finally relented.

She wasn't so thrilled that she had to wear her good clothes...

...but she was so excited that she had a "job".

Dad was a bit worried that Sophie would annoy his employees but she's charmed them all, apparently. Dad's host, Corbin, has daughters close to Sophie's age, so he doesn't mind her company.

Dad says she goofs off a lot. Sophie misses the spiral staircase we had in our old house and she's apparently been going nuts with the staircase in the restaurant.

But she does actually help out, in the limited way that she can. Sophie's too young for actual cooking or serving - maybe in a few years.

A few times, she's played piano for the patrons. Mum is very proud of her 10 year-old granddaughter performing somewhere other than a primary school music room! She taught her to play, so she claims credit for Sophie's talent.

A couple of weeks ago, Amelia and I drove back to Exeter and had dinner at La Magnifique.

There were plenty of people there in their slob wear, seeing there's no dress code like there is at the Claudette.

It was a special occasion for us though, so we were dressed as such. Amelia was promoted to Executive Chef and we thought that was worth a celebration. Amelia is very excited that she's now her older brother's superior at work.

We celebrated a little more once we got home too. I always think Amelia is gorgeous but she looks so amazing when she's all dressed up.

We both fell asleep very happy that night.

I feel like I'm enjoying my time with Amelia so much more now that I know there's no more kids coming. Amelia still wants a fourth but she's content to stop at three. Three is good.

We're thisclose to having all the kids off at school - Emma starts pre-school in a matter of months and it's going to give us a lot more freedom.

Pre-school cannot come fast enough!

Of course we love Emma but she's a very demanding three-year-old, much more so than Sophie or Noah were. Her current trick is refusing to use the potty just because she can.

At least we got her walking and talking with little issue.

I haven't said much about Noah and that's because he's a pretty quiet kid. He's not shy - none of our kids are - but what he really seems to like doing is his homework. He runs up to his desk with Dad every afternoon and they do it together.

He'd probably be happy doing anything with Dad though. Both Sophie and Noah idolise him.

It's a shame doing homework with Grandpa has lost its sheen for Sophie. I guess she takes after me and Amelia. Amelia just wanted to be done with schooling forever the second she finished high school. I somehow managed to graduate college, despite not really studying that hard. So we're not academics.

Sophie would rather practise baking. I can't blame her, but we have to be responsible parents and get on her back about the whole homework thing. Skipping it won't do her any favours. We promised her she can choose her own dress for Joanna's wedding if she does her school work every afternoon and so far that's working as a bribe.

Mum and Dad are paying for Joanna and Rose's honeymoon as a wedding gift to them. Rose was a little reluctant to accept it but Joanna feels it's her right, seeing they paid for our honeymoon. They did, so I guess she's got a point there.

They're both insistent that they will still be getting married and having the reception at their house, no matter how much Mum and Dad try to push them to go for something bigger. Rose already had to lay down the law about that with her dad right after they got engaged and they're got the same issue with our parents now.

Joanna knows Dad's not trying to be pushy. He really is just excited. He's excited for the wedding, for Joanna being married in general and he's definitely thinking about more grandkids!


Okay, so it's really late here right now but I took cute photos and I want to use them, dammit! So, I give you pic spam. :D

Filippo is my best grandpa. He's got like 6 gajillion grandchildren(okay...he has 13) but he rolls up wants for all of them. While he was over at the Gottliebs' place, he wanted to Talk to Hope and Talk to Nick. It's very sweet.

Will you look how cute Noah is? I made the kids a bit shorter last time I did everyone's heights and the 4 and 5 year olds are super cute.

  • Title is from Cliche Guevara by Against Me.
  • Wade has 27/30 bugs and I think when I checked Aaron and Maia the other day, they had 26 each. Hopefully, one of them can finish the collection before they die. Fingers crossed!
  • Speaking of Wade, it would be really nice if he'd roll up a skilling want so he could get promoted past Scatmaster. Apparently, he's quite happy to work with excrement the rest of his life.
  • Poor Lia...will her library ever get renovated? I'll get around to it eventually but I've been distracted by my university overhaul. I figured she's not really the type to be really pushy about it, so it makes sense that her request might be pushed to the side. Lia has plenty of other things on her mind; next time I play, I'm doing the wedding!
  • Confession: I was not especially fond of Amelia when she was a teen but I just like her more and more each time I play her. She's very endearing! Do you ever have Sims like that? They just grow on you sometimes.
  • I make it a point to reply to all comments but if I happen to miss one of yours over the next few days, don't take it personally! Blogger is being stupid right now and isn't displaying the comments correctly. I had two disappear completely from an update a couple of days ago, and one disappear the day before that. I managed to reply to them before they disappeared but it's possible that that won't always be the case. So feel free to post your comment again if you notice yours is missing and would still like me to answer. I love reading all of your comments and I don't want to miss any because Blogger is being an ass! :D


  1. Congratulations Athena! I'm sure she'll do a fantastic job, as she has in her last term. And pic spam is always welcome, especially with your cute kids!

  2. Tessa, yeah, I never mind a bit of pic spam on other people's blogs, so I figure most don't mind when I put it on my own. :D

  3. Congratulations Athena. I'm happy she won and I'm not ashamed to say I voted for her. I think she's done a good job so far so why not give her a second term.

    For a moment I thought maybe all that celebration would lead into another baby but apparently no.

    Blogger deletes comments? That's weird but don't worry. My computer had deleted my firefox while it (the computer) was off! I tried to get online and it just kept saying firefox ain't there!

  4. Athena looks really happy to be re-elected! I think it was a good selection, and am looking forward to all the changes to the university.

    I was thinking the same as Sari... another baby.

    Sry about the blogger crap. Hope it's all remedied quickly.

    I have had sims grow on me, quite a few actually.

  5. Congratulations to Athena on her win. She'll do great. Aww, Sophie got a "job" so sweet.

    I didn't know about the blogger eating comments either-thanks for the tip.

  6. Congratulations to Athena, I'm sure she will do great, as she already did one trem!
    I'm also looking forward to the changes you're doing with your university! I actually have a lot of questions about your university and schools, and how you play them!

    It seems like Amelia and Wade have their hands full with little Emma, I can understand they're not going for a 4th child!

  7. Congratulations, Athena! She seems to have done a good job as governor so far, so I'm sure she'll go great in this term too.

    I like Amelia, I always think she's gorgeous every time you post pictures of her. :) Aw, Sophie is so cute at her new job! All of their kids are cute, but I can understand not trying for a fourth! They've already got their hands full and are already close to being able to relax a bit more once all the kids are in school. It would be exhausting to have to start all over again, lol!

  8. Sari, I'm glad Athena's got a second term too, seeing the first term was more of a practice term and she wasn't actually elected.

    Amelia has the want for another baby but I've put my foot down. The house is the perfect size for the family, so no more!

    I've since found out Blogger weren't actually deleting comments, they were just hiding them. The "deleted" comments reappeared sometime yesterday afternoon.

    How weird about your Firefox though! Hope it wasn't too annoying to fix!

    Maisie, I'm hoping to at least have the library done by the time Ethan and Matilda are ready to start college. I really love it so far (I'm basing it on my RL university's library) and everything is coming together nicely!

    Precious few of my couples are allowed to have 4 children! I think Jonas and Tatiana are only the third who I've let have that many!

    Apple Valley, I love Sophie, she's adorable. I had to let her go down to the restaurant - she's been so interested in Cuisine since she was 4!

    One of your comments was one of the ones eaten by Blogger, actually, but it's back now!

    Tanja, if you've got any questions about my university or schools, feel free to post them. I don't mind answering if I can. :)

    Emma turns 4 this summer, so hopefully she'll be a little easier to handle then. They're still not having another baby though, barring any birth control failures!

    Shana, Amelia's so pretty, isn't she? I could never really tell if she takes after Maria or Filippo, so I guess she's probably a mix. Those are Moretti eyes for sure though!

    Exhausting for me and Wade and Amelia, yes! LOL!

  9. Amelia definitely looks like a Moretti. And I wish I had more grandparents like Fillipo. Actually, come to think of it, I don't have hardly any grandparents, but the ones I have act like they don't realize they have grandchildren, even though they go to their houses.

    Good luck with Lia's wedding. And I look forward to seeing the library.

  10. Awww, Sophie is adorable in that restaurant! She reminds me of when my Natty was still a kid and would run around her mom's restaurant! *sigh, memories* lol!

    Those pictures are so sweet there at the end! I'd love to give one of my Sims that many grandkids - I know I certainly have a couple itching for that many, or more!

    Yay, I voted for Athena too! :)

  11. Francesca, I would usually agree that Amelia is totally a Moretti but lately, I've been thinking I can see a lot of Maria in her too.

    I do have a lot of indifferent grandparents, so Filippo stands out! I don't tend to write them as indifferent though, because it makes me sad. I don't mention it or I pretend. ;)

    The wedding is done, as you can see but the library is another story. Still plugging away! I keep thinking of certain posters I need and of course, they're too nerdy for anyone to have actually made so I have to make them myself.

    Laura, oh, I forgot about your Natty in the restaurant! What a cutie she was!

    I don't think any of my Sims will ever have more grandkids than Filippo but who knows? But it's fun to have one huge family like that in the hood. I might do another grandkids portrait one day - Justin and Xavier weren't born yet in the one I did before Maria died.

  12. Sohpie's going to work with Adam was TOO CUTE! LOL! Really adorable pictures. I'm sure she charmed the pants off of everyone she met. She's going to be the perfect replacement for Adam one day.

    Oh Adam! *sniff* Now he's an old sim, he's going to pass away one of these days and I'll be sad. Neither of his children have made me fall in love with them as he did. Isn't that funny? But I think Sophie will be that one, haha.

  13. Lunar,Sophie's going to be a teen next round. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Ahem. I can't, obviously, even though she's my own damn Sim. I've basically decided to eff whatever her LTW turns out to be. Because she's basically going to be a chef and will run this restaurant, dammit!

    Adam is getting up there in age. I know exactly when he'll die (dreading it already!) but I'm not going to say. I've got 3 elder deaths coming up this round and I'll tell you right now that Adam isn't one of them.

    It's weird how Sims do that to you! There are just certain Sims that I'm totally in love with, for whatever reason. Some haven't even done anything particularly interesting in their lives. And Adam's one of them - he's not ever been caught up in much drama, he just sort of happily exists. Yet they're totally charming, for whatever reason.