Thursday, 8 April 2010

Aphrodite Nihill 1945-2023

by Gordon Nott, Winter 2023

Aphrodite Nihill (née Harper), of Sullivan, died yesterday morning at her home of natural causes. She was aged 78.

Aphrodite Nihill was born in 1945 and moved to the Sullivan area to attend Suffolk University in 1963. It was at college where she met future husband, Charlton.

After graduating with a degree in Mathematics, Aphrodite moved to Sullivan with Charlton, marrying him in 1980.

Daughter Madelyn arrived just a few short months later.

Aphrodite leaves behind husband Charlton (78), daughter Madelyn (43) and her three grandsons Aaron (20), Ethan (17) and Connor (10).

  • RIP Aphrodite! Aphrodite was totally my best-looking elder lady. At least one more elder death coming up this round and I'm really sad. :(
  • Did you notice my conspicuous avoidance of mentioning Aphrodite's career? She was a criminal mastermind before retiring but I chose careers either by LTWs or at random back then and never really tried to make the career part of the Sim's character. So crime doesn't really suit my idea of Aphrodite. If I had my time over, I'd probably put Aphrodite into business or politics instead.
  • While I was going some old pics for this, I remembered that Aphrodite had a miscarriage before Madelyn was born which made me a little sad. I always kind of wished Charlton and Aphrodite had had another baby but they never tried after Madelyn was born.


  1. Wow, she was a beautiful elder.

  2. She was. Madelyn's lucky - she's basically a clone of her mother, so I think she'll age very gracefully.

  3. Sad. I've always liked her and charlton. I remember when she aged up, I actually thought elder suited her better. Sad about the miscarriage.

  4. RIP Aphrodite. It's a shame she and Charlton only had one child. She really did look good as an elder.

  5. She looked amazing as an elder, and I'm sure her family is very sad to see her go.

  6. RIP Aphrodite! She was a very pretty elder, she aged so gracefully.

  7. Thanks for reading, everyone!

    We won't visit Madelyn and the rest of the family until Summer 2024 but Aphrodite will definitely be missed and I'll be dealing with that in the next update on this family.

  8. Oh, I was sad to see an obituary, just by the title. Aphrodite will be missed, I'm sure. She was also stunningly beautiful even in her late 70's.

    Interesting about her career--like my Sandy Surfer, who wanted to be a criminal mastermind, so I've never really shown her career much.

  9. Awww, RIP Aphrodite! She was a very pretty lady!

    Wow though, I never would have guessed she was in crime, lol!

  10. Yeah, see, it didn't suit her! I probably would have worked it in so it did suit her these days or just chosen a different career!