Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Draper-Gottlieb wedding

Round 26: Spring 2023

Rose Draper and Joanna Gottlieb are both 28.

Joanna and Rose's wedding day comes almost exactly a year after their engagement.

After fending off protests from both sets of parents (who wanted to hold a more lavish do), they've been able to have the wedding they always wanted - a simple ceremony, in their backyard at home.

After all, the most important thing is that they're married at the end of it.

Presenting Rose and Joanna Draper!

And now for the mingling, despite Luc's apparent objections.

For some guests, like Eliot and Ione, mingling entails gossiping about the other guests.

Others, like Amelia, refuse to be drawn into that kind of careless talk!

Amelia's son Noah has found a new friend in Chris, who is now his...cousin? Uncle? Nothing at all?

Chris started out playing with Sophie, Noah's older sister.

Sophie, however, being almost 11 and gainfully employed, has decided she is far too mature for cops and robbers.

It's way more interesting to see what the adults are up to.

Still not too mature to dance on Grandma's toes for a while!

The littlest guest, Emma, is ignoring all of that and has her eyes on the prize.

Fortunately for the brides, Emma's daddy is there to keep her grubby little mitts off the wedding cake Joanna has spent so much time on.

Adam is really looking forward to that cake!

Rose gets the first taste...

...I think that means she likes it!

Adam has finally reached the cake, only to be interrupted by Emma, who wants to be held and wants to be held NOW! And it's got to be Grandpa, no one else.

It's not that Emma's shy - Emma is far from shy!

In fact, she introduced herself to just about everyone at the reception, unprompted. Emma is turning into quite the little social butterfly, and she's only 3!

Lia and her husband Gordon have just announced that they're expecting twins and Lia is telling anybody who'll listen how excited she is! Troy is probably a good choice, seeing he's pretty keen to start a family himself one day.

Ione might be as excited as Lia and Gordon are! She has her own set of twins at home and can't wait to meet Lia's.

Ione has a ton of twin stories to share with everyone and Lia is only too happy to listen. She should probably take notes!

Where are the newlyweds amongst all this? Busy talking about their honeymoon plans! They've decided on Cape Elizabeth - seeing Joanna has been just about everywhere, she let Rose choose their destination. But they're not being particularly good hostesses right now!

Although socialising is not really Joanna's strong point anyway.

Adam's not surprised to see Joanna copping an attitude with her new stepmother-in-law. He's all too used to Joanna's attitude, having lived in the same house with it for 17 years.

Speaking of attitudes, Rob was a little troubled by Lake's attitude towards him when he met Patience's family recently. The reception will be only the second time Lake and Rob have met and he's kind of freaking out. Patience is trying to assure him that Kendal has warned Lake to be on his best behaviour.

Lake knows Kendal is watching, so he is, indeed, on his best behaviour but Rob is still dubious.

Patience decides to leave them to it and catch up with Rose instead.

By the time she returns, Lake and Rob are getting on like a house on fire. Patience isn't quite sure what to think now.

She can at least hope for a reduction in awkwardness at future family get-togethers. As long as Kendal is watching, anyway.

After a short "first dance" (Joanna is not really into dancing, especially not for an audience), the couple is finally able to get everyone out of their house. Now they just have to clean up!

Or maybe they'll just leave it and go and enjoy their honeymoon!

Enjoy it as much as one can enjoy anything with the raging case of sunburn Rose is sporting, anyway!


So along with my posed pics, I took a few other shots that didn't really fit in anywhere in particular, so I'm lumping them all here at the end!

Lia and Gordon decided to share a dance in the spare bedroom. I don't know what they were doing in the spare bedroom, though they were selectable for the duration of the reception, so I could probably take a wild guess.

Emma was pretty much wandering around killing me with her adorability for this whole session.

Will you look at this kid?!? She's aging up to child this summer, along with her friend Jessica! I'm going to miss these two as toddlers!

I never did figure out what Amelia was so happy about but I just think they're both so cute here!

Oh yeah...and I had a wedding!

Here's one I posed...

...and here's how Rose and Joanna posed once I unfroze them. So cute. Way better than my one, lol!

Rose and her sister, Patience. Apart from their colouring and their noses, they look nothing alike! Patience is Lake all over (except for the nose) but Rose favours Ottilie.

Rose and Patience, with stepbrothers Calvin and Troy, plus their half-brother Chris. Note to self: get more male child formalwear.

The couple with Rose's dad and stepmother. How cute is Kendal? I actually loaded her up in Body Shop the other day and confirmed that she is, in fact, a female version of Gordon.

Joanna and her brother Wade. The Gottliebs are a slightly less complicated family.

Joanna's parents, Adam and Athena. I like this one. Adam is a very co-operative Sim for posing!

  • Phew. Pretty happy with how this one turned out, visually. I'm not a huge fan of coloured wedding dresses (although I'm considering one for a Sim who's not even engaged yet!) but I liked that these were two different styles and colours but they still looked like they co-ordinated. I think they're supposed to be bridesmaid dresses but I don't think I've ever used them for their intended purpose! And the balloons on the chairs matched their dresses! I was so geekily excited about that but I put those chairs down for nothing because no one was in their seat by the time the wedding started. Lame!
  • Gah, just remembered I meant to do a picture with Joanna and her nieces and nephew and I forgot. I don't normally do that but Joanna is pretty close to hers and I had an idea for a pic I wanted to try out. Damn. I'll do it next time I'm in game.
  • We'll visit Rose and Joanna for real in Summer 2024. I have zero idea what's in store for them this round!


  1. Looked lovely! I loved Amelia's dress, it was really nice looking :) And toddler pic spam is always welcome, as is any pic spam :D

    I've also been meaning to ask for a while, how do you get your pregnant woman out of the non-EAxis preggo wear, because, pardon my French, but those outfits are a bit fuggly.

  2. Aww, such a wonderful time. The kids were too cute, bewteen Emma and Sophie there were lots of adorable moments.

  3. They both looked lovely! And what a gorgeous setting for the wedding. Very fitting for the both of them.

    And what cute pictures! Emma is too cute and funny, lol. Some kids are just like that.

    Plus all those after wedding pictures... awww! I love the one Rose and Joanna modified. The best pictures are like that and that one is perfect.

  4. The picture of Amelia and Emma is one of the best I've ever seen on anyone's blog. Amelia is positively radiant and she looks so realistic too. It is so cute that Emma went around introducing herself.

    Rose and Joanna had a lovely wedding. Best wishes in their continued life together! I think Rose needs some aloe, though.

  5. Jessica and Emma are too adorable. I don't want ether to grow up.

    The wedding was quite lovely. Their dresses looked perfect for the occasion. Joanna still has issues on being agreeable in conversation I see.

  6. Thanks everybody! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I was out all day yesterday and was exhausted when I got home and then this morning I ended up sleeping in until 11:30! Oops! But I'm here now!

    Tessa, thank you! Amelia's dress is from All About Style, if you want to grab it for yourself. I wasn't sure if I liked it but I downloaded it anyway. I like it on Amelia.

    I force my Sims into non-Maxis wear with InSim's Wardrobe Adjuster. The changes don't "stick" when you go to a new lot but I just spawn off the adjuster again and fix it. In my default replacements post in the sidebar, there's also a link to some maternity defaults I use (they are EAxis outfits but nicer ones). I only leave my Sims in those if I'm lazy or if the outfit suits them. But those are the two options I use. There's a Squinge hack but I don't use it. I want the option of being lazy and not picking out a maternity outfit if I want and I don't think I'd have that with the Squinge hack.

    Apple Valley, Emma and Sophie are real characters! I love them. Not only will Emma be a child this summer but Sophie will be a teen next summer! Just remembered that!

    Lunar, Rose and Joanna's wedding was individualised for them and economical. They really don't have much money right now!

    I think I'll end up framing the picture where Rose and Joanna posed themselves over my one! A lot of my favourite pics are the ones where the Sims have turned their heads without my permission, so I agree with you there. I have a ton like that of Caleb and Cara!

    Francesca, yes, radiant! That's exactly how Amelia looks in that picture. I wish I'd thought to get rid of the thought bubble in the background though.

    Poor Rose...she's got the same complexion as Patience but she never seems to get sunburnt!

    Maisie, LOL, well, they have to grow up so they can grow up more and have more cute babies for me! ;)

    Joanna will always have issues. She's BFFs with Kendal and that's how she talks with her! Kendal's lucky she didn't stick her fingers in her ears and refuse to listen, like she normally does with people she doesn't know!

  7. I loved this wedding. It was beautiful and simple and fitted them perfectly.

    I love that picture of them "unfrozen", they look so sweet and so much in love.

  8. Sari, thank you! I'm so happy with how the whole thing turned out. :)

  9. Congratulations to Joanna and Rose! Their wedding was beautiful and they look great in their gowns! I'm glad they didn't give in to their parents and had the wedding they wanted. :) Emma is so cute, going around visiting all the wedding guests. And Lia is a really cute pregnant Sim! Poor Rose, that sunburn does not look fun!

  10. Oh! That picture is so sweet! So candid and intimate! What a pretty little wedding! :) I too like those colors together - they do look matched.

    FYI - I'm pretty sure they can still change into default maternity at their dresser with the Squinge hack. That's what I'm using in my hood. Out of the shower though, they'll be in their everyday clothing.

  11. Laura, thanks! Rose and Joanna let Adam and Athena pay for their honeymoon (because they paid for Wade and Amelia's) and I suspect Lake might be a little put out about that. He wanted to contribute something. He might get them an awesome gift or something. ;)

    I'm convinced Rose's sunburn looks worse than any of my other Sims have had, even though I know it's just the same overlay added! It looks very sore. She ended up tanning later on but the tan overlay looks like leather with Rose's skin tone. She looked like Donatella Versace or something, lol!

    Laura, I know, isn't it gorgeous? There was another cute one that I took when they turned their heads another way but I didn't use it. It looked like Joanna was gazing adoringly up at Rose and I don't see Joanna as the type to gaze adoringly, even on her wedding day. But it was cute.

    Hmmm, maybe I should look into this Squinge hack then? I think there's a special version for Inteen, so I'd have to get that one, if I did. I'll have a look today.

  12. Rawr...obviously, the first part of my reply is directed to Shana, not Laura! Sorry for the confusion, guys! I was replying to a few of Laura's comments this morning - muscle memory, I guess!

  13. Great wedding and pics, as usual. I remember those pics from N99. And little Emma was so adorable. Especially in the pic where Amelia is holding her.

  14. Danielle, thanks! I wasn't sure what to do for Rose and Joanna but I think it all turned nicely in the end. And it seemed to suit the kind of couple they are too.

    Heh, I think Amelia is actually cuter than Emma in that pic!