Saturday, 24 April 2010

Charlton Nihill 1945-2024

by Anna Collins, Summer 2024

Charlton Nihill, lifetime resident of Sullivan, died at his home early this morning of natural causes. He was 79.

Charlton, with younger brother Ben.

Charlton Nihill was born in 1945 to Cedric Nihill, a teacher and his wife Justina, a scientist. Charlton also had a twin sister, Collette, who died last year and a younger brother Ben, who died in 2019.

While studying biology at Suffolk University, Charlton met the woman would become his wife, Aphrodite Nihill. After graduation, he had intended to go into law but had a sudden and drastic change of heart and entered a career in music instead.

Charlton, with daughter Madelyn, c. 1982.

Shortly before their only child, Madelyn, was born, the couple married at Candlelight Wedding Chapel in Exeter.

Charlton, with grandsons Aaron and Ethan, c. 2012.

Madelyn continued to live with her parents through marriage and raising her own family and was by Charlton's side when he passed away.

Charlton is survived by daughter Madelyn (44) and grandsons, Aaron (21), Ethan (18) and Connor (11).

  • Bye bye, Charlton! Madelyn's parents and aunt gone, all in the same round! An update on Madelyn's family is coming up next (tomorrow or the next day, hopefully), so we'll see how they're going.
  • Charlton was originally a Fortune Sim but he rolled an ROS to change his aspiration and he became a Romance Sim. His only real flirtation (pun intended, lol) with the lifestyle of a Romance Sim was flirting with his brother Ben's girlfriend (later wife), Caterina. I see in the notes for that post I'm talking about him being pretty crap at romancing, so I guess that's why! Anyway, Caterina rejected him but Ben still got all butthurt at both of them about it! He was still pissed off at Charlton when Max was a teenager, to give you an idea of Ben's mad grudge-holding skills, lol!
  • Your feeds probably showed this entry plus a little blooper one with just the title. I accidentally pressed Enter before I'd written anything or post-dated it. So if you caught that before I released the real post, sorry about that!


  1. Carla, it seems like a lot of elder deaths this round--is it three now? Aphrodite, Charlton, and who else?

  2. Wow, another death and so soon after his wife. I guess I have this to look forward to once all my founders come of age. They will be dropping like flies. LOL

  3. Oh my, you're right, they are all dropping like flies! It's so sad to see your founders go :( It's also interesting to see your game progressing so far into the generations and such though.

  4. Francesca, correct, it's now three - Aphrodite, Charlton and Collette. So they were all related too.

    Riverdale, and even closer to the death of his sister too. Charlton is the last of my elders who aged up under my old lifespan. It really only allowed Sims to die between 77 and 79 and seeing these three were all the same age, they all went pretty much together. From here on in, you'll see elders dying much younger and much older than that.

    Tessa, oh, my founders are all long gone! This generation that's dying off now is Generation 2. Charlton's parents were founding members of the Nihill and Novak families (they were both teens when I started the hood).

  5. So sad to see Charlton go. Poor Madelyn, she's going through a really hard time now.

    Just out of curiosity, is there anyone keeping the Nihill name alive? I know Max is a Nihill but his kids are Royce-Nihill. But then again I might be the only one who's anal about keeping the "old" last names alive.

  6. Sari, yes, poor Madelyn! She's lost both of her parents in the last 6 months. :(

    You're definitely not the only one who's a bit anal about keeping the surnames going! I almost regret giving Max's kids the Royce-Nihill name but I had no idea if Max and Zaria would ever marry back then. And I do really like the sound of Royce-Nihill.

    Anyway, I considered letting it die out but I'm going to have Steve take Olivia's name when they eventually marry, so it can live on. Royce though, that will likely die out. I can't see Luc as the type who'd take Asha's name and that's a townie surname anyway, so I'm not particularly attached to it.

  7. Oh god, I totally forgot Olivia!

  8. aww sad. :( They say it goes in threes, and even in the sims, Madelyn can agree. What a rough, rough round for her.

    I really like the sound of Royce-Nihill. It's soo fitting for them to have it that way too, I believe.

    I'm the same way about last names, I want to keep my own last names going, where as Traver and McCarthy are from the game, and oh goodness do I have LOADS of them! But Grimsley? nope. Millett? yes, but only after we went for Simon. Russo? nope. what-do-ya-do? (in my case try for more babies rofl).

  9. Awww... RIP Charlton. This poor family suffered too much this round, didn't they?

  10. Maisie, Royce-Nihill sounds so posh. I really love it.

    How funny the way your surnames have worked out! None of my townie surnames have proliferated quite like that. I am overrun with Novaks though, with Moretti coming a close second! I'm resisting the urge to just try for more babies to keep my surnames going but it's tempting. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about Kirby - it's endangered but of all my surnames in the game, that's the one which is most important for me to keep going. I guess one of the girls will keep their own name when they marry but I don't know which. I prefer to have the woman take the man's name, just because it's more realistic to me. I've never come across a man taking the woman's name in real life - only hyphenation and the woman keeping her own name.

    Lunar, hopefully, it'll be a better round for them next time! The family has been through enough, so it's time they caught a break.